Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife

best survival knife for backpacking

If you routinely find yourself in tough environments, rugged terrain and places where you don’t get cell phone service – you need to invest in a survival knife. You never know what you will encounter on your travels, so it’s best to be as prepared as you can be. You probably already carry a pocket knife – it’s time to level up your everyday carry game.

Keep in mind – a survival knife isn’t meant as a cure-all, you still have to develop your skillsets and be prepared, but they do get you a step closer and can be used for numerous functions.

The Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife is a step beyond your regular knife. It comes equipped with features that will assist you through your day-to-day activities, camp duties and even survival situations. 

Sharp Blade for Survival, Backpacking, Adventure and Wilderness Exploration

Featuring a 4.75” half-serrated drop-point blade – this knife is versatile and provides the perfect amount of blade. You don’t want to get a survival knife much larger than this one or it will be hard to perform tasks that require dexterity or intricate work. The fact that half of the blade is serrated is a big win for this knife. The serrated portion is perfect for cutting rope. Chances are you will be doing a lot of different types of cuts and it’s good to have a serrated blade just in case.

Survival Knife

You have to be able to handle your survival tools without slippage or dropping in order for them to be effective. This knife comes equipped with a super comfort grip that’s rubberized and textured so it won’t slip even in wet conditions. If you ever find yourself in a survival situation in inclement weather – you will be more than happy with this handle! The Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife went a step further and added two holes on the handle that allow you to secure it to a stick to use as a spear for self defense or fishing. Talk about a time saver!

You can also use the handle for as a stainless-steel pommel for hammering. Think you won’t ever use a blade for a hammer? I used a tomahawk to hammer in stakes for the garden today. You never know what tools you will need or where you will need them. It also comes with a lanyard cord so you won’t lose the knife and an emergency whistle should you ever need someone to find you in the woods or need emergency assistance.


The Ultimate Survival Knife has an overall length of 10 inches and a blade length of 4.75 inches. Full tang blade for ultimate durability and strength. It only weighs 11.2 ounces for just the knife and 14.72 ounces with the sheath. It’s the perfect size for a survival knife. Not too big and not too small.

Fire Starter

One of the coolest features is the fire starter. You may never need it, but it’s there just in case. Ferrocerium rod locks into the sheath and the striker notch is on the back of the knife. Pretty nice setup and it works! You can throw hot sparks in no time and start a fire in a pinch. You never know when your lighter is going to quit on you or your matches could get wet. You can always start a fire with a fire starter, a little prep work and some knowledge. It takes practice to start a fire with a fire starter, so I would practice in the back yard before you expect to depend on your ability.

Nylon Sheath

The sheath is where a survival knife earns it’s keep. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but the sheath needs to be tough and hold your survival knife secure. The Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife has a sheath that exceeds expectations. It houses a diamond sharpener to keep a razor-sharp blade on your knife and this is where the fire starter is stored. Water-tight and comes with a “Priority of Survival” guide hidden in a protective pocket of the knife sheath. Pretty handy!

What Comes in the Box

  1. Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife
  2. Nylon Sheath
  3. Fire Starter
  4. Diamond Knife Sharpener
  5. Priorities of Survival pocket guide

Our Recommendation

Is this the best survival knife on the market? No, but you won’t find much better at this price range. Sure, you could spend more money and get a better survival knife – but this is a great knife for camping, backpacking, hunting, skinning game, survival, daily chores and camp duty. It’s also great for everyday carry. There’s not a lot that you can’t do with this knife. You should know there is a “Pro” model of this knife that is slightly better. However, it does cost more. If you’re looking for a survival knife that can handle daily tasks, this is a great knife to consider.

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