The 4 Best RV GPS Navigation Systems of 2022

best large RV GPS navigator

RV GPS units are a necessity in today’s world. Driving an RV or pulling a trailer requires your full attention and a GPS can help you get to your destination safer and quicker. GPS units designed for RVs take into account the additional size and weight of your rig and will help locate the best and easiest route to take. 

It can be tough to navigate small streets with an RV or while pulling a large trailer. One wrong turn and you may find yourself on a dead-end street with no way to turn your rig around. An RV GPS can alleviate that problem by finding the best possible route for you to take. 

Most RV GPS units are preloaded with tons of helpful information such as PlanRV, directories of RV parks in your area, TripAdvisor and more. You can even pair your RV GPS with your phone for even more extras such as hands-free calling and voice-activated navigation. 

What Is an RV GPS? 

An RV GPS is a GPS system specifically designed for the unique needs of RVs. The screens are usually larger than a regular GPS and you can mount them on your dashboard so you can see it easier. They provide you with preloaded content such as an RV park directory, campground information and the best routes possible for your RV. 

Are RV GPS Units Better than Car GPS?

One of the main differences between the two is that an RV GPS will alert you to upcoming hazardous road conditions. You’ll get more advance warnings for road conditions that affect RVs more than cars. A warning that there’s a low overpass or narrow road is the type of information an RV owner needs to know ahead of time in order to change their path if needed. They also alert you of steep grades that may be difficult for an RV.

Is an RV GPS Worth it? 

An RV GPS pays for itself the first time you use it. They make your drive much easier and efficient. This is especially true if you use your RV to travel often. They give you tons of helpful features that you simply don’t get from a regular GPS unit. You can put the weight and measurements of your RV to get an even better experience. It will help you avoid bridges, hazardous roads, narrow roads and tunnels that aren’t suitable for your RV. 

While they may cost a little more, you can’t put a price tag on you and your family’s safety.

Here’s 4 Reasons Why You Need an RV GPS:

  1. You won’t have to worry about looking at a map.
  2. RV GPS units give you more options than a car GPS. 
  3. They help avoid road hazards that can slow you down. 
  4. They’re specifically designed for the size of your RV. 

There are plenty of RV GPS units out there to choose from. Here are the best: 

Garmin RV 1090 GPS

The Garmin 1090 RV GPS is specially designed for RVs or other large trailers. The screen measures 10.1” and is one of the largest on the market. The high-resolution display is easy to see while driving and you can choose from portrait and landscape mode. The screen is an edge-to-edge touchscreen that allows you to see more information with a quick glance. You don’t want to have to search for your GPS while driving an RV or pulling a large trailer. 

The RV 1090 GPS unit gives you up-to-date routes that are customized to the size and weight of your rig. You can even save multiple profiles for different vehicles and trailers that you may own. This unit also gives you road warnings so you can plan ahead. It alerts you of potentially dangerous road conditions, steep grades, approaching weight limits and sharp curves that you may need to bypass. 

The voice assistant is crucial to driving your RV safely. You can simply ask it for directions and it will help you navigate. It even comes loaded with a directory of RV parks that you otherwise wouldn’t have found. 

We like the Garmin RV 1090 due to the extremely large screen, voice assistant, uploaded information and the dependability of this unit. 

Garmin RV 785 RV GPS with Built-in Dash Cam

Garmin is known all over the world for making some of the best GPS units on the market. Their RV GPS is a perfect choice for drivers who want a high-quality GPS that’s designed for RV use. It gives you the best route possible by taking into account your RV’s weight and size. It keeps you informed of upcoming dangers, tough curves and steep grades that can be hard on your RV. 

You get tons of preloaded content on the Garmin RV GPS such as a list of RV parks in every area you may travel. It even has TripAdvisor, PlanRV and other information that will make your RV trip better. You can even pair this GPS unit to your phone for voice-activated navigation so you can focus on driving and have less distractions. This RV GPS supports hands-free calling so you can keep both hands on the wheel. 

We like this RV GPS because it’s dependable and has loads of free information and services that make driving an RV easy and safe. 

Garmin RV 770 Advanced Navigation for RVs and Trailers

The Garmin 770 RV GPS features a large screen that measures 6.95” with edge-to-edge display so you can easily glance at it and see everything you need to know. It’s a high-resolution screen that’s easy on the eyes and is incredibly helpful on those long RV trips. It customizes the perfect route for your particular RV or trailer and ensures that you take the best route possible. 

This RV GPS not only provides you with the best route, but also gives you live traffic updates so you know what’s ahead. It also lets you know important weather updates in your area. You can perform hands-free talk and you can navigate with your voice. Sync it to your smartphone for even more options. This RV GPS even notifies you of attractions on your route that you may have never even heard of or seen. 

We like the Garmin 770 NA LMT-S RV GPS because the screen is large with high-quality resolution and you get a ton of extras to make your RV trip even more fun. 

Garmin RV 890 GPS Navigator for RVs

The Garmin RV 890 is one of the top-selling RV GPS units on the market. It features an 8” high-resolution touchscreen display that’s easy to use. You can view this RV GPS in landscape or portrait modes depending on your preference. It provides you with a custom route that’s best for your type of vehicle that takes into account the size and weight of your rig. It even gives you road hazard updates and alerts you to potentially steep upgrades, weight limits and sharp turns so you can prepare. 

The preloaded information is handy for a long RV ride. It gives you access to TripAdvisor, preloaded directories of RV parks depending on your area and tons of extra content. It allows you to control it simply by using your voice. You can even free up your hands with hands-free calling by using Bluetooth on your smartphone. 

We like the Garmin RV 890 because it gives you everything you need to safely navigate your RV or travel trailer to your destination. The uploaded directories and apps are a great addition to any trip and the road hazard notification can save you and your family a lot of headaches.

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