7 Best Waterproof Hunting Boots of 2022

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By: Rome / Last Updated August 7, 2022

You never know what types of terrains and weather you will encounter while hunting. You may find yourself crossing a creek or stuck in a storm while tracking the perfect game. The last thing you want to happen is to get your feet wet. It may sound like a minor inconvenience, but it can actually ruin your hunting trip. 

Wet socks mean blisters and loss of body temperature that can end your hunting trip early. Every hunter and outdoorsman should have a great pair of waterproof hunting boots. They don’t cost a fortune and can significantly improve your hunting trip. 

There are a few characteristics that make up the best waterproof boots for hunting such as: 

  1. Comfort
  2. Warmth
  3. Soft and Flexible
  4. Breathable
  5. Great Camo to Blend
  6. Affordable 

Here’s Why You Should Own a Pair of Waterproof Hunting Boots:

  1. A good pair of waterproof hunting boots will keep you warm while you hunt.
  2. They keep your feet dry and allow you to cross creeks without freezing or getting soaked.
  3. Waterproof hunting boots are perfect when the weather is unpredictable. 

There are literally hundreds of types of hunting boots, brands and styles. This list is our favorite waterproof hunting boots on the market. 

TideWe Rubber Hunting Boots with Insulation 

The TideWe waterproof insulated hunting boots feature Realtree & Mossy Oak Camo which blends into your environment and will easily match your camo patterns. They have 6mm neoprene which makes them tough and rugged while protecting your feet from water. 

These waterproof and insulated hunting boots have 800 gram insulation that will keep your feet warm in freezing temperatures. They also trap heat and prevent heat from leaving to maximize warmth. Stay warm and comfortable from -50°F/-45°C to 40°F/4°C. 

Not only do these hunting boots keep your feet warm and dry, but also provide shock absorption and lightweight cushioning. I don’t know about you, but miles of trekking through the woods takes a toll on my body – that’s why you need a little cushioning. 

Overall, we love these waterproof hunting boots and recommend checking them out. 

Huntshield Insulated Waterproof Hunting Boots

Huntshield makes one of the best waterproof hunting boots you will find at this price. Made with 4mm neoprene insulation, they keep your feet nice and warm during cold hunts. The lining is scent free so you don’t have to worry. The cuff is elastic and snugs your calves to create a seal that keeps in warm air, while keeping out cold air at the same time. It creates a comfortable environment for your feet while trekking through wet and snowy conditions. 

These are 100% waterproof hunting boots that feature a contoured midsole for extra comfort and support. You won’t get blisters while wearing these boots as you may have in the past with other brands. The rubber outsole is rugged for tough terrain and grip and the toe cap is reinforced to give you extra protection. 

We like this waterproof and insulated hunting boot due to the design, materials used and craftsmanship. Plus, they’re extremely comfortable. 

Hisea Apollo Pro 800G Insulated/Waterproof Hunting Boots

This is a great pair of waterproof boots that are also insulated. The air-mesh lining keeps a flow of air through your boots so you don’t get too hot and the 5mm neoprene provides a great deal of flexibility. These are the waterproof hunting boots that are easy to put on and off thanks to the handy buckle. The EVA mid-soles are a nice addition and provide a level of comfort while hiking through the woods. 

The outer shell features reinforced rubber for additional heel and toe protection and these boots locks your heel in place so they fit better. We only have great things to say about the waterproof hunting boots by Hisea. 

Muck Boots Woody Arctic Ice Extreme Conditions Hunting Boot

This is the hunting boots to get if you want protection in extreme conditions. They feature fleece lining that keeps your feet warm no matter the outdoor conditions. They’re also waterproof and provide a great deal of shock absorption for those longer treks. These insulated hunting boots also adjust to fit the contour of your feet and can prevent blisters. Retaining heat is the name of the game and these boots do it well. 

The topline of these hunting boots blocks moisture and traps heat for one of the most comfortable waterproof hunting boots you will find. We particularly like the outsole on these boots! The Vibram Arctic Grip outsole pods help you maintain your grip even on wet/dry ice! Overall, the Muck Boots are a great pair of insulated/waterproof hunting boots that will last for years. 

LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro 18” Waterproof Hunting Boots

LaCrosse makes some of the best-fitting waterproof hunting boots. The Alphaburly is 100% rubber and features premium rubber over a 3.5mm neoprene core that provides ultimate comfort and doesn’t have a scent. You have to be cautious when using rubber boots for hunting because some brands have a scent that animals can detect. The multilayer rubber covers spots where needed such as heels and toes and the outsole is perfect for any season. 

These waterproof hunting boots are suitable for cold weather as long as it’s not freezing outside. They have great traction and are perfect for scouting and hunting. 

Muck Boot Arctic Pro Snow Boot

This is Muck Boot’s warmest pair of waterproof hunting boots. The 8mm neoprene gives you tons of flexibility and additional comfort where you need it most. They retain heat and feature 2mm thermal foam under your feet for even more warmth. These are the waterproof hunting boots you want when hunting in freezing conditions. They’re comfort rated from -60°F to 30°F. The Stretch-fit Comfort Topline traps in warm air by fitting to your calves. 

The Bob-Tracker molded outsole gives you ultimate grip and traction no matter the conditions. You can keep your balance on snow, ice and in mud. The exterior rubber is rugged and will last through many hunts. 

Danner Vital 800g Waterproof Hunting Boots

If you prefer a more lightweight style of waterproof hunting boots, the Danner 8” boots are a great choice. They’re lightweight, waterproof and warm. Made from abrasion resistant leather and textile to provide a comfortable boot that you can put some miles in. They feature a mesh liner layered that locks in warm temperature and keeps out cold. These are extremely comfortable and can handle tough terrain. You get amazing ankle support in these hunting boots and the lace-up design gives you additional comfort. 

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