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8 Best Bow Hunting Gloves of 2022

bow hunting gloves with scent block

The best bow hunting gloves will give you an advantage when hunting large game. They give you better control while shooting and they remain quiet due to the type of materials they’re made from. Most are made from polyester fabric with a thin, but warm lining so you don’t make a sound when drawing your bow. 

Bow hunting gloves are usually treated with scent control to mask your natural scent. You don’t want anything smelling you while you’re on the treestand or in the ground blind. Most gloves even feature specialized fingertips that allow you to use touch screen devices and other electronics. You never know when you’ll need to access your phone while hunting and now you don’t have to remove your gloves. 

Many bow hunters rank bow hunting gloves as one of the most important items you can bring with you on a hunt. They’re versatile, warm, quiet and help you get a better grip on your bow. We highly recommend them to any bow hunter that needs a great fitting glove that will improve their hunt. 

This is Why You Should Own a Pair of Bowhunting Gloves:

  1. Bowhunting gloves give you an advantage when shooting your bow.
  2. They help you grip better while drawing your bow.
  3. They’re thin, but still keep you warm.
  4. Bowhunting gloves are made from quiet materials so you don’t make a sound.
  5. Many of them allow you to use touchscreen devices such as a smartphone so you don’t have to remove your gloves.

Here are our favorite bow hunting gloves on the market:

ScentLok Bow Release Hunting Gloves

The ScentLok bow hunting gloves are in a category all their own. These gloves are super quiet and give you an incredible grip on your bow and other hunting tools. The material is moisture-wicking so your hands won’t get wet when you sweat. They can be used all season as they have a micro-fleece inner fabric that provides some warmth. 

The ScentLok gloves for bow hunting feature scent control technology that will neutralize your natural scent and keep you hidden. You can use your touch screen devices thanks to the Touch Tech fingertips. We like these bow hunting gloves because they’re comfortable, quiet and hide your scent. 

You can choose between 5 different camo patterns such as: Realtree Edge, Mossy Oak Terra Gila, Realtree Escape, Mossy Oak Country DNA and True Timber Strata. 

Mossy Oak Bow Hunting Gloves

The Mossy Oak bow hunting gloves are a great pair of gloves that will last a long time. They’re made with a blend of polyester and spandex that fits perfectly. The extended cuff lets you cover more skin and the rubber palm helps you keep a better grip on your bow while hunting. These gloves are super comfortable and allow you a high level of dexterity when shooting your bow. 

We like these bow hunting gloves because they’re thin, breathable and extremely durable. You will get many years of bow hunting from these gloves. Due to the thinness of these bow hunting gloves, you can use them year-round and even in warm weather. These gloves come in multiple camo patterns and are perfect for bow hunting. 

Sitka Fanatic Whitetail Optifade Elevated II Bow Hunting Gloves

Sitka makes great hunting products and these gloves are some of the best bow hunting gloves on the market. They’re made from 4-way stretch-woven polyester that keeps you warm and allows you to easily use your tools and hunting gear. The half-finger design is perfect for bow hunting because it gives you increased dexterity and accuracy. It’s also easier to use your touch screen electronics with these gloves. 

You won’t have to worry about these bow hunting gloves getting wet because they have a water repellant finish that will keep your gloves from getting soaked. The camo is Gore Optifade Concealment Elevated II pattern which excels at confusing deer, especially when you’re in a deer stand. These gloves are easy to put on and take off in a hurry thanks to the leather pull. 

We like the Sitka bow hunting gloves because they’re versatile, great camo, fingerless feature and water repellant. 

Manzella Bow Ranger Gloves

The Manzella Bow Ranger gloves are designed for bow hunters. Made from a mixture of polyester and spandex, these gloves can handle a multitude of tasks. They’re warm, comfortable and allow you to maintain maximum dexterity to use your bow and hunting tools. It features a bow release collar so you can use your best bow release while your hands stay warm and protected from the elements. 

The 4-way stretch material creates a snug fit that still allows you plenty of movement in cold weather. They’re also quite durable and long lasting. We like the Manzella Bow Ranger hunting gloves because they fit great and are extremely comfortable on a cool morning on the deer stand. 

Sitka Gear Downpour GTX Articulated Bow Hunting Gloves

The Sitka Gear Downpour GTX gloves are designed to keep your hands comfortable and dry while bow hunting. They are 100% waterproof and utilize a Gore-Tex membrane that’s breathable and creates a non-slip surface that’s perfect for handling your bow and hunting gear. This particular hunting glove by Sitka Gear features Primaloft Gold Insulation that’s specifically designed for hunters and their unique needs. 

We like these gloves for bow hunting because they have grippy leather palms, articulated fingers so you can shoot your weapons easier and lightweight fabric that’s also waterproof. These gloves give you everything you need for a great bow hunting experience. 

North Mountain Gear Fingerless Bow Hunting Gloves

The North Mountain Gear fingerless gloves are perfect for bow hunting. You can get them in full finger or fingerless options depending on your preference. The fingerless option allows you better feedback while bow hunting. They have Sure Grip textured palms which gives you a stronger grip on your tools and bow. 

These bow hunting gloves were designed for early bow season and will keep your hands warm without sacrificing dexterity. The combo of polyester and spandex makes these a great fit that’s comfortable enough to wear all day. You won’t lose any feedback when shooting your bow. 

Spika Camouflage Hunting Gloves

The Spika hunting gloves are perfect for bow hunting during cold weather. They are available in full finger or half-finger options and you can get multiple types of camo configurations. These bow hunting gloves are insulated to keep your hands warm on cold hunts and they feature an insulated layer to help your hands retain warmth. They’re also waterproof and will keep your hands dry. 

The additional palm protection gives you a sturdy grip on your bow and hunting tools. You can use your touch screen devices with these gloves. The neoprene storm guard has a Velcro wrist strap that locks in warmth and keeps out the elements. 

Under Armour Early Season Bow Hunting Gloves

The Under Armour hunting gloves are perfect for bow hunting because they’re lightweight enough for early season and they will keep your hands warm. They also dry quickly in case you get them soaked. These gloves are breathable and prevent your hands from sweating if you hunt in a warm climate. 

The convertible trigger finger gives you a high level of dexterity when shooting your bow and you can still use touch screen devices without removing your gloves The outer palms are covered with silicone and give you grip and the extended cuff keeps your hands warm by trapping heat. 

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