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The 7 Best Archery Bow Slings of 2022

bow sling for compound bow

Archery bow slings give you a unique and safe way to carry your bow while hunting. They protect your bow and allow you to move ‘hands-free’ so you can travel through the woods and climb hills easier. Bow slings also protect your bow’s cams, cables, strings and other delicate components. 

Your bow will stay safe and secure with security straps to ensure it stays put. The last thing you need while hunting is for your bow to become entangled and fall to the ground. This won’t happen with a high-quality bow sling.

If you prefer hiking to your hunting spot with both hands free to maneuver, a bow sling is a great way to do it. You can also slip your bow out of the bow sling quietly in the event you spot something while on your way to the stand or food plot. 

A good bow sling is worth the money because they keep your hands free while protecting your bow. You can even adjust them for a better fit if needed. Most bow slings feature padded materials for additional comfort. 

This is Why You Should Own a Bow Sling:

  1. Bow slings free your arms up so you can navigate better. 
  2. They make hiking to your hunting spot easier.
  3. They’re comfortable enough for long trips.
  4. Hunting bow slings keep your bow secured while you travel.

There are tons of companies that make archery bow slings and these are our favorites:

Primos Neoprene Bow Sling

Primos is a hunting brand that’s been around long enough to build a great reputation. The Primos neoprene bow sling is the perfect addition to any bow hunter’s hunting bag. It comes in multiple versions and features quick-snap buckles and security straps that will secure your bow in place. It holds it in place while you trek through the woods and can qualify as a locking system in some states. 

The neoprene is soft enough to protect the intricate parts of your bow such as the cables, strings, cams and more. Plus, it’s durable enough to last a long time. You can slip this archery bow sling on and off without making any noise. It’s good to be quiet the moment you get close to your hunting spot and these materials make your task easier. 

We like this archery bow sling because it’s made by a great company, doesn’t cost a fortune and has feature to secure your bow in place while you walk. Hunting ‘hands-free’ is a great benefit for those that have to walk to their stands or hunting plots. 

Slicker Alpine Innovations Bow Sling

The Slicker Alpine Innovations bow sling is a convenient way to carry your bow while hunting. It protects your bow, strings and cables from getting snagged while traversing through the woods. It secures your bow and is made from quiet materials that won’t make a sound. The limb loop system designed by Slicker Alpine Innovations secures your bow so you don’t have to worry about it falling out. This archery bow sling is designed in a way that stops friction and keeps it away from your bow strings. 

This archery bow sling features a custom fit and will fit a bow from 24” to 36” in total. The material is waterproof, lightweight and easy to use. It weighs less than 10 oz. so you don’t have to worry about it adding additional weight to your gear. The material is thick and will last for years and years of heavy-duty bow hunting. 

Sunya Neoprene Compound Bow Sling

The Sunya compound bow sling is a perfect transport sling for your bow. It’s made from neoprene which is durable and stretchy to give a great fit to your bow. You can carry this compound bow sling two different ways: storage mode and silent hunting mode to give you more options. The quick-snap buttons and buckles ensure that your bow stays in place and you won’t have to worry about it falling out. 

This bow sling fits a wide variety of bows measuring from 28” to 38” and will stretch to fit where needed. It keeps your bow safe while transporting and protects the components from the elements. It reduces friction and noise while moving so that you don’t make a noise to scare off game. This is one of the easiest bow slings to use and features high-quality materials and craftsmanship. 

Sitka Gear Bow Sling

The Sitka Gear bow sling is designed to fit compound bows and is made from heavy-duty material. It has self-tensioning padded cam covers for additional protection and protectors for your bow’s sight and arrow fletching. The four-way stretch polyester fits your bow nicely and adapts to accommodate. It comes in multiple types of camp such as subalpine, open country and elevated II to give you more options. 

Sitka makes some of the best hunting gear on the market and this archery bow sling is a high-quality item. 

Allen Company Compound Bow Carrying Sling

The Allen Company compound bow sling comes with tons of options to make your hunt even better. It’s fully adjustable and will fit most bows up to 35’ in total. The ends are padded to lend additional protection to your cams and the shoulder strap is removable and comes with pads. 

The Realtree AP camo conceals your bow and matches your camo. Plus, the fabric is waterproof and will give your bow extra protection while you trek through the woods. You can even use the D-ring to connect your compound bow sling to your treestand for extra convenience. 

TenPoint Neoprene Crossbow Sling

The TenPoint neoprene crossbow sling features a minimalist design, but gets the job done. It’s strong, sturdy and extremely comfortable. It makes carrying your bow to your hunting destination a piece of cake. The non-slip design keeps your bow in place and the heavy-duty strap is adjustable and will last a long time. 

You can use the thumb loop for more stability and to keep your hand on your bow sling. The strap is wide (1.25”) and provides an additional layer of comfort. The custom swivels make this bow sling super easy to connect to your bow. 

Easton Bow Sling

The Easton bow sling does a phenomenal job at keeping your strings and cam secure and protected. It prevents snags and will fit your compound bow up to 36” axle to axle. You can even use this product with parallel limbs. The neoprene is padded and quiet so you don’t make a sound while hunting. You can adjust the carry strap to fit your build. This is one of the best fitting archery bow slings on the market. 

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