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Leather Journals for the Outdoorsman

best refillable leather journals

Adventurer, wanderer, outdoorsman, writer, entrepreneur – if any of those words describes you, then you need something more substantial to jot your ideas on. A regular piece of paper just won’t cut it. While your everyday carry collection is tailored based on your precise needs, there’s nothing wrong with splurging every once in a while.

You escape the hustle of the corporate world by stepping into nature, why not take your ideas with you? Inspiration comes in many forms and for you it could be off the beaten path.

Jot down ideas for that new screenplay in a leather-bound notebook that will last ages. Outlining a new book? There is a custom journal that will help you track those pesky storylines and keep everything in proper order. Business only? They have options for those with entrepreneurial spirit as well.

Custom made leather is one of the few things that look better with age. Like a fine wine, age suits it. Already designed with that vintage look in mind, these leather notebooks stay soft due to natural oils applied to its surface. You can draw, sketch, outline, conduct business and write in these durable and outdoorsy leather notebooks.

Here Are the Best Leather Journals We Found:

Murdy No. 1 Leather Binder

The Murdy Leather Journals keeps your work in one place and safe from the elements. Easy to refill by inserting a new notebook, you will be able to use it forever. When you finish a notebook, place it somewhere safe and insert a new one. It also doubles as a leather book cover for those who like to bring their books with them.

Albero Refillable Genuine Leather Journal with Spiral Bound Lined Notebook

Handmade genuine leather cover made to be tough with a vintage look that only improves with use. Removable notebook that allows you to switch out writing projects on a whim. However, it is also great for business planning and keeping up with your appointments. Not just for writers, this leather-bound journal looks great at business meetings and sales pitches. Plenty of extra room for an attachable pen holder, business cards and inside pockets makes this journal perfect for business.

Aaron Leather Journal Refillable Writing Notebook-Traveler’s Notebook

Made from top grain Buffalo Leather, this leather notebook has a soft exterior that you will be able to use for a lifetime. Take it anywhere- hiking, backpacking, office or coffee shop. Lightweight and built to last through many adventures. Looking for a leather journal with a natural distressed look? This is the journal for you.

Handmade Leather Journal Antique Deckle Edge Paper

For those that like the antique look, this handmade leather journal contains 240 pages of Antique Paper that looks like it is literally hundreds of years old. Use any type of pen to write your story. The Nomad Leather Journal is made from full grain, high-quality leather that has a unique feel to it. There’s no denying the authenticity of real leather. Each Leather Journal is handcrafted by artisans and the color will vary. This makes a great gift for the writer in your family.

The Compass Rose Real Leather Journal

High quality and durable are two words to describe this journal. Real leather and easy to refill. It comes with an A5 sized replaceable notebook that is easily changed by sliding the used one out and inserting a new notebook. This is the best way to carry multiple projects. Small size for easy everyday carry, this leather journal measures 6” x 9” and has a convenient pen holder. The compass on the front cover adds a little something extra. Perfect for travelers or anyone that likes to show their love for quality leather items.

Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

Why take a regular pen on your journal when you can do so much more? Speaking of everyday carry, a tactical pen can help complete your survival gear. Remember, the most important item you can carry is the one that you have in your hand. What better way to stay prepared when writing than to write with a weapon? Break through windows, defend against attack and write that award-winning screenplay with a tactical pen.  

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