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The Best Cut Resistant Police Duty Gloves

best leather police duty gloves with Kevlar

Police officers have a tough job. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. They put themselves in harm’s way to protect others. This is why police officers need the best safety gear on the market to ensure they are protecting themselves in the line of duty.  

Police officers use their hands to pat down suspects for dangerous weapons such as guns, knives and even needles. It’s easy to get cut with a hidden blade or used needle that someone has concealed on their body. With the number of infectious diseases these days, it’s important to protect your hands at all times.  

Cut-resistant police duty gloves have been around for years and are getting better. Many of them are made with leather and Kevlar to prevent cuts, needle sticks and slashes. While they may not be able to stop every single cut, they can minimize damage taken to your hands.  

It’s important to note that “cut-resistant” does not mean cut-proof. Gloves won’t make you knife-proof no matter how well they are designed or what materials used. There is always a chance that you may be injured in the line of duty. Cut-resistant gloves are tested in a controlled setting. 

We’ve researched the best cut-resistant police duty gloves on the market and have compiled a list of gloves that we would trust to use ourselves. Here are the absolute best police gloves of 2021. 

Our Pick

Hatch RFK 300 Cut-Resistant Police Duty Gloves

The Hatch RFK 300 All Leather Cut-Resistant Police Duty Gloves with Kevlar exceeded our expectations. These gloves are perfect for police officers that routinely perform pat downs and searches and desire extra protection. You never know what you’ll encounter when making a stop because no stop is “routine.” These leather gloves are puncture resistant and cut resistant which makes them great police search gloves.  

The Hatch RFK300 police duty gloves are made with premium goatskin leather that’s comfortable and tough. The inner-liner is Kevlar to increase cut resistance and to protect your hands while performing your duties. The cuff is designed to fit better than other gloves and has a thin band of elastic that won’t get in the way of your watch or coat sleeve. These gloves are easy to clean and disinfect after a long day at work. You can simply wipe them down with a strong disinfectant to keep yourself healthy after using them which is extremely important for police gloves. 

If you’re looking for a great pair of patrol duty search gloves to protect your hands, the Hatch RFK300 leather gloves probably offer the greatest amount of protection against accidental needle sticks, slashes and pokes. They’re great for rubbing your hands across sharp surfaces while performing searches and they’re quite comfortable for those long shifts. 

Runner Up

Mechanix Wear Tactical Specialty Pursuit D5 Cut Resistant Covert Work Gloves 

Mechanix Wear makes great gloves for all professions, but the Pursuit D5 cut-resistant gloves are perfect for law enforcement professionals. These gloves are designed to protect police officers in the field and are extremely comfortable. They not only provide blade-cut resistance in the field, but they’re also touchscreen capable which is a great function for police gloves to have. The carbon-infused synthetic leather is lined with Armortex cut-resistance and still allows you to access your phone while wearing them. That’s hard to beat!  

The Mechanix Pursuit D5 is made with breathable TrekDry to keep your hands cool and is a good material if you’re prone to sweating. It also has a thermoplastic rubber closure to secure the glove to your wrist and to provide a snug fit. You can hang them up after a long day in the field with the carrier loops. These tactical cut-resistant gloves are perfect for law enforcement officers in the field, military personnel that handles sharp objects and you can use your guns easily with these gloves. You still maintain a great deal of dexterity due to the materials of this glove and the way they fit your hands.  

Another Great Choice

Hatch FM2000 Friskmaster Police Duty Glove 

The Hatch FM2000 Friskmaster is made from premium leather which makes it a durable police search glove that can be used in all seasons including hot summers, snowy winters and heavy rain. They dry quickly from sweat and moisture after a long day in the field and you can clean them with heavy-duty cleaning products. If you handle hazardous material or overall use your hands to touch nasty items, you will want to clean them often. They also have an elasticized cuff with a short band so you can put them on easily and they won’t interfere with your watch or shirtsleeve.  

The Honeywell Spectra inner-liner of the Hatch Friskmaster glove adds extra cut-resistance to the glove and makes a comfortable fit. You use your hands a lot when working in the field, so it makes sense to not only protect them, but to have a certain level of comfort while you perform your job. You can use tools and firearm while wearing these due to the ergo-cut floating thumb design. A police duty search glove should not only protect you from accidental cuts, but should allow you to access your weapon if needed without having to remove your gloves.  

Best Cold Weather Tactical Gloves

Mechanix Wear MG-95-010 – Original Insulated Winter Gloves

If you live in a cold climate, you may be more interested in a pair of gloves that not only protects your hands, but also keeps them warm The Mechanix Wear insulated winter tactical gloves provides just enough insulation to keep you warm, but not too much to be bulky. You can use your weapon and tools while wearing these police gloves with no issues. 

Mechanix Wear insulated tactical gloves are warmer than other gloves and give you all of the features you need while working outdoors in the cold. These not only give you a great grip, but they also fit amazing. They have a synthetic leather palm that makes using tools easier due to the abrasion resistance. You won’t lose your grip even in wet climates or icy conditions. Stuffed with C40 3M Thinsulate to keep your hands warm. 

We like the fact that these gloves have all of the features of tactical gloves, but go a little further by proving you with a warm pair of gloves. Not all of us work in warm climates and need something warmer. 

Top Contenders

Tac9er Kevlar Lined Tactical Gloves 

The Tac9er Kevlar police duty gloves were a top contender in our review due to the armored knuckle protection, durable materials, touch screen capabilities and Kevlar lining. You can handle sharp objects due to the Kevlar and reinforced palm grips. While they may not save you from a stab, they are cut-resistant so they do offer some protection for your hands. Made from warm, yet breathable neoprene, the Tac9er police duty gloves are anti-slip so you can handle tools and weapons while wearing them.  

Check the size carefully as one of the main complains of users was the fit. It’s hard to find the perfect fit on a glove, so do your homework and use the chart to find your proper size. You may have to measure to ensure a good fit. The Tac9er Kevlar lined tactical glove isn’t just for police officers, they’re also great for military, heavy construction, airsoft, woodworking, yard work, camping, mountaineering and more.  

What we liked: the touchscreen finger feature is a nice addition to Kevlar lined gloves. We don’t like taking our gloves off to use our phones. We also liked the reinforced palm grip that makes using tools easier and protects your palm from cuts and scrapes. The hard knuckles are great to prevent scrapes and we appreciate them when using heavy tools. The neoprene wrist band ensures a proper fit as well.  

What we didn’t like: While not a deal-breaker, the glove seems to run a tad small in size. You just have to order the right size and you should be fine.  

First Tactical Slash/Flash Patrol Glove 

The First Tactical Patrol gloves have a pistol grip that gives you better control over your firearm and the U-shaped gusset between the thumb and index finger give you a great deal of dexterity. It’s easier to use your firearm and other tools with this type of fit. These patrol gloves have a tightly woven Kevlar lined palm that provides Level 2 cut protection to assist in pat downs or searches. While they may not protect you 100% from a direct stab wound, they can brush off accidental pokes, cuts and slashes. The Kevlar isn’t just in the palm, but extends throughout all fingers with the exception of the index finger. Most people use their index finger to access functions on their phone and this pair of gloves has a touchscreen capable index finger.  

The material covering the backhand is actually flame resistant to give you some additional hand protection. You never know what you will encounter when you suit up and every stitch of protection is helpful. If you wear a duty watch, you’ll appreciate the bezel cuff cutout that won’t interfere with your timepiece. These police search gloves also have protective knuckle support to prevent dangerous scrapes that can break the skin and cause injury. You get a lot of features with the First Tactical Slash/Flash Patrol Glove and we are able to recommend them for field use.  

We like the fact that these tactical gloves are slash/flash proof to protect your hands from cuts and heat. They’re also a great fit and the index finger smartphone capability is a good feature to have.  

Damascus DFK300 Frisker K Leather Gloves 

Leather is a great material for cut-resistant gloves and this pair by Damascus is made from a blend of 65% leather and 35% Aramid fibers. The interior liner is 100% Kevlar to ensure you get cut-resistant protection. The leather is a high-quality aniline finished cowhide that is sturdy and will last. The gathered cuff wrist band completes the fit and makes these gloves easy to remove and put on.  

The Kevlar interior makes the Damascus Frisker a great pair of patrol duty search gloves. They’re a pretty good fit also as long as you order the correct size.  

What we like: the leather blend is nice and the gathered short cuff wrist band makes them fit nicely. The Kevlar is thin, but still provides some extra protection for police duty gloves.  

What we didn’t like: They don’t have a ton of grip in the palm like some police duty gloves do. This isn’t a huge issue, but we prefer a grippy material or at least a leather palm that has some traction. Other than that, the Damascus DFK300 Frisker K is a great pair of police search gloves.  

Hatch SGK100 Street Guard Police Duty Glove 

If you like Hatch Police Duty Gloves, but prefer synthetic material over leather, this is your glove. The SGK100 Street Guard is made from breathable and grippy synthetic leather. It has nonslip patches in the cradle area to improve your dexterity when using your firearm or tools. Made with neoprene and nylon spandex gives your hands the ultimate breathability and circulation. You’re really here for the Kevlar knit liner that gives you extra protection against sharp objects such as knives, needles, broken glass and tools. This is a nice pair of police search gloves that fit snug, have grippy material and allow you to use your firearm easily.  

Some cut-resistant gloves are only good for cool weather, but this glove is perfect for all seasons. Your hands won’t sweat as much in the summer and they offer some warmth during the winter months. Overall, the Hatch Street Guard is a good choice when it comes to the best police search gloves or police duty gloves.  

HexArmor PointGuard Ultra 4045 Police Search Gloves with Needle and Puncture Resistance 

The HexArmor Pointguard police duty gloves are made with breathable neoprene and other form-fitting materials that ensure a proper fit. The silicone pattern gives these gloves an amazing grip which is important while in the field. The interior layer is made from SuperFabric which is one tough fabric and gives these gloves a level A7 level (out of 9 levels) cut-resistance on the palm and a level 3 (out of 5 levels) needle protection on the palm and fingers. Keep in mind that needle-resistance is not the same as needle-proof. You still need to exercise caution when handling dangerous materials.  

The hard knuckle padding protects you from scrapes and cuts on the back of your hand. These gloves are highly recommended for police search procedures.  

Buyer's Guide + FAQ

Do You Really Need Cut-Resistant Police Duty Gloves? 

You use your hands to manipulate tools, fire your weapon and pat down suspects while looking for weapons and contraband. It makes sense to protect your hands as much as possible. An injury can limit your effectiveness at work and in the field. Many of the items you come into contact with can cause infections if you get stuck or poked such as needles, broken glass and knives. Cut-resistant police duty gloves don’t completely eliminate the threat of getting cut with a dirty blade, but they increase your chances of brushing it off without injury.  

Kevlar lined gloves have the ability to prevent many scrapes, cuts, pokes and slashes and we think it’s worth investing in a great pair of gloves to protect your most used asset – your hands.  

How to Choose the Best Police Duty Gloves? 

When choosing the best cut-resistant police gloves, you have a few things to consider. There are many types of materials used to design gloves, but the main two are leather and neoprene and other form-fitting materials. There’s pros and cons to each such as leather may be thicker and tougher, but the neoprene is breathable and you may be able to feel more when doing pat downs. You have to think about what type of glove you want and what materials you prefer.  

Next, you will need to look at fit. Some gloves fit close to your skin, while others give a little breathing room. You have to choose a pair that allows you to still use tools such as a flashlight or firearm without getting in the way or slowing you down. Most police duty gloves take this into consideration and design their gloves so that you can still use your firearm while wearing the gloves.  

What are the Best Cut-Resistant Gloves on the market? 

We like the Hatch RFK300, Mechanix Tactical Specialty Pursuit D5 and the Hatch FM2000 Friskmaster due to their design, materials used, comfort, reviews and pricing. They have tons of features that make them some of the best cut-resistant police duty gloves you can buy. You can’t go wrong with either design, it just depends on whether you prefer an all-leather glove or one that uses other materials. The Mechanix Tactical Specialty Pursuit D5 is a different style from the Hatch gloves, so it all depends on what you’re looking for in a police duty glove.  

Are Cut-Resistant Gloves Cut-Proof? 

Cut-resistant does not equal cut-proof. It’s likely impossible to design a glove that’s absolutely cut-proof. If you could, it would probably be too thick to use as a duty glove and would be stiff. Protective gloves must be flexible for you to get any substantial use out of them. You need to be able to use tools and your firearm while wearing gloves. This means your gloves need to be made from a material that can be moved easily and is malleable. No glove will completely stop a knife blade, but they may help deflect it in the case of accidental exposure.  

Cut-resistant gloves do a great job at reducing the chance of being cut while working, but you can still sustain injuries if you aren’t careful. Cut-resistant gloves can help reduce the seriousness of a cut or slash.  

Are Cut-Resistant gloves Puncture Resistant? 

Most cut-resistant gloves have a Kevlar interior that helps reduce the chance of cuts, scrapes and needle punctures. Cut-resistant and puncture resistant are two totally different terms that mean different things. While most gloves can be made cut-resistant with a layer of Kevlar, they would need to have another layer of a puncture-resistant material on top such as leather or a coating over the palm for added protection.  

A puncture resistant glove won’t protect against all punctures. They may stop them at a glancing blow, but nothing will stop a straight stab. Keep in mind that cut-resistant gloves won’t make you bullet-proof; they just add a few layers of extra protection.  

Are Cut-Resistant Gloves Only for Police Officers?

Anyone can benefit from a pair of cut-resistant gloves. Many jobs require you to handle sharp objects that can injure your hands or cause infections by breaking the skin. Cut-resistant gloves protect your hands from all sorts of items and should be used by anyone who handles dangerous objects regularly. Most cut-resistant gloves are great tactical gloves and have the benefit of being laced with Kevlar for added protection. 

We recommend anyone that has a hazardous job or routinely does manual labor to invest in a few pairs of cut-resistant gloves to make your job or hobby safer and easier. 

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