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The 15 Best Tactical Gloves to Protect Your Hands

best tactical gloves with knuckle protection

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By: Rome / Last Updated August 21, 2022

Tactical gloves do a great job at protecting your hands. You use your hands more than any other part of your body – you need to protect them as best you can with the best tactical gloves on the market. An injury in the field could be devastating; a small cut could lead to infection and hamper your performance when you need it most.

Tactical Gloves Protect Your Hands and Knuckles

Do you really need tactical gloves or combat gloves? Gloves are designed based on use – you have those ill-fitting work gloves for yard work, leather gloves for long distance driving and warm, puffy gloves for cold weather that are so large you can barely use your fingers and tactical gloves for precision and hand protection.

Here’s Why You Need Tactical Gloves:

  1. They protect your hands while working.
  2. They improve grip while using tools and firearms.
  3. You retain a large amount of dexterity while wearing them.
  4. You can shoot firearms while wearing them

Best Overall Tactical Gloves

Mechanix Wear M-Pact Coyote Tactical Gloves: Best Military Gloves

If you’re looking for a glove that’s a little tougher than most – Mechanix Wear M-Pact is a great place to start. It’s hard to have a conversation about tactical gloves without mentioning Mechanix Wear. These military gloves will stand up to more abuse than most in its class. We’re a huge fan of the coyote brown color – they go with military uniforms as well as civilian clothes.

The finger and knuckle guards on these are split and allows you to move your fingers. You have more dexterity with these hard knuckle tactical gloves than other brands. 

They offer great protection to your fingers and knuckles without the bulk other gloves have which means they are one of the best gloves for dexterity, as well as knuckle protection. The palms and fingers have rubber that increase your grip and your tools won’t slip. There’s nothing worse than constantly having to readjust your grip because your gloves slip. That can easily create hot-spots and blisters.

The palm padding is great for absorbing high-impact hits such as chopping wood or digging. You get additional durability due to the dual layer fingertips. You can do a lot with these tactical gloves! Not a bad price either for the type of quality you get. These are some of the best combat gloves money can buy.

We recommend these hard knuckles tactical gloves to anyone that needs a little extra protection across the back of the hand as well. 

Best Shooting Tactical Gloves

PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Alpha Gloves

These are the high dexterity tactical gloves you’re looking for. If you want a special operation proven tactical glove – this is it. The best military gloves usually have a few key features in common: increased dexterity, hand protection and superior fit.

The PIG Alpha Gloves have been used extensively by the US Special Ops soldiers. They require the best on the market with no questions asked. Maintain maximum dexterity for those important tasks such as shooting and using a knife – these will give you the closest things to shooting barehanded that you can find.

These tactical shooting gloves don’t have the hard knuckle protections other gloves have, but they make up for it in other categories. The design places just one layer of the thinnest material on your trigger finger to give you maximum sensitivity for when you need it most. Quickly move from task to task without getting snagged. Not only are these great for shooting, they are also the best tactical gloves for hot weather due to their lightweight and thin design.

Touch screen compatible – you can operate your cell phone easily with your trigger finger and thumb without losing the much-needed protection the gloves provide. Most tactical or combat gloves don’t give you nearly as much dexterity as these do. You can shoot and reload fast and dive into your pockets if need be with these shooting gloves. One of the reasons this design doesn’t have the thick armored knuckles other gloves have – they can sometimes get in the way. Keep in mind, these tactical gloves aren’t warm – your hands will be cold if it’s cold outside, they are mainly for shooting and other activities that require a high level of dexterity.

These are some of the best tactical gloves for shooting in this price range. You can also use tools with ease due with these tactical gloves without having to remove them such as knives, multi-tools and more. Pig Tactical Gloves are known around the world as the best tactical gloves for shooting.

Best Cold Weather Tactical Gloves

Mechanix Wear MG-95-010 Original Insulated Winter Tactical Gloves

The Mechanix Wear insulated tactical gloves are a great choice if you’re looking for something that will keep your hands warm and protected. While most tactical gloves aren’t great in the winter, Mechanix Wear fills that need with a warmer pair of gloves. If you’re looking for the best tactical gloves for cold weather, these are a great pair to try. 

These are touch screen capable tactical gloves designed from carbon-infused material that’s conductive and can be used on any touchscreen devices such as cell phones, computers, smart watches and tablets. 

Mechanix Wear tactical gloves always have a good grip and these winter military style gloves are no different. The synthetic leather palm is perfect for gripping things and it proves abrasion resistance so you can hold items even when it’s cold and wet. These gloves use C40 3M Thinsulate to keep your hands warm as well as micro-fleece lining to keep hot air inside to keep your fingers toasty and warm while working in cold weather. These gloves not only fit great, but they’re easy to clean. Simply put them in the washing machine and you’re good to go. 

Overall, we like these gloves if you’re looking for the best insulated tactical gloves that are great for working outdoors. While tactical gloves won’t always keep your hands warm, the insulation in these is just enough to keep your hands from freezing while working in cold temperatures.

Best Touchscreen Capable Gloves

WTACTFUL Touch Screen Tactical Gloves

Use these on your motorcycle, hunting, hiking, horseback riding, climbing or any other outdoor activity that requires hand protection and dexterity. These tactical gloves come equipped with reinforced palm and heavy-duty double stitching to make them last longer than regular gloves. Designed with a comfortable fit in mind, you can do heavy work and won’t experience as much hand abrasion as regular work gloves.

Looking for a sturdy pair of tactical gloves that you can use your cell phone with? You can do that with the WTACTFUL Tactical Gloves. It’s easy to work up a sweat while working, these are designed with lightweight and breathable materials so your hands won’t sweat as much. Wet hands can cause problems while out in the field including blisters and hampered performance.

Many people say these are better than military-issued tactical gloves – you will have to be the judge of that. If you’re looking for armored tactical gloves that will get the job done – this is a good place to start your search.

Hard knuckle plate to protect your knuckles from knocks, cuts and scrapes – you won’t have any trouble doing mechanical work, cutting wood or even firing a weapon. These attributes make the WTACTFUL one of the best tactical gloves with touch screen capabilities.

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Best EDC Tactical Gloves

Mechanix Wear – M-Pact 3 Covert Tactical Gloves

Available in black or coyote – you can’t go wrong with the Mechanix Wear M-Pact 3 Tactical Gloves. The thermoplastic rubber enclosure makes this a snug fit that won’t move when you don’t want it to.

Extra padding helps reduce impact to the thumb and fingers which helps alleviate fatigue. Ever notice how your forearms gets tired when chopping wood? A good pair of gloves can help reduce shock absorption in your hands and lets you work harder and longer.

Anyone can benefit from having tactical gloves with knuckle protection in the field. Abrasion resistance, durable leather palm and touchscreen technology – you can do anything you want with these tactical gloves including using an EDC pocket knife for intricate tasks.

If you’re looking for the best tactical gloves on the market, all you have to do is read a few reviews of the Mechanix Wear Tactical Gloves and you will be adding these to your cart. These are some of the best fitting hard knuckle tactical gloves on the market. 

Best High-Dexterity Tactical Gloves

PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Delta Utility Gloves

Welcome to the thinnest gloves this company designs. You will have maximum dexterity in these bad boys. While they won’t keep you warm, you will have excellent feel to perform extensive tasks. The best combat gloves serve many functions and make a great addition to your bugout bag.

These tactical shooting gloves offer a snug fit and a material that gives you next to skin feeling and precision. Breathable with mesh material around the sides. You won’t sweat as much in these tactical gloves. These have touch screen capability, so you can use your cell phone while using these tactical gloves.

The main difference between the PIG alpha, bravo and delta tactical gloves are that these are the thinnest in the PIG lineup which is a huge factor for many users that want that “gloveless” feel when doing tactical duties. You don’t always need tactical gloves with hard knuckles, sometimes a task requires more dexterity.

While the PIG tactical shooting gloves may not be quite as durable as other tactical and combat gloves, they offer the highest level of dexterity you can achieve with a glove. If you’re looking for the top tactical gloves that allow you to move your hands freely – this is where you start your search. These are some of the best combat gloves on the market and are known as the best tactical shooting gloves you can own. These awesome tactical gloves pair well with a black-out G-Shock – check out our article right HERE.

Best Flame Resistant Tactical Gloves

Mechanix Wear Tactical Specialty Tempest Flame Resistant Gloves

The Mechanix Wear Tactical Specialty Tempest Flame Resistant Gloves are a great pair of gloves to own. Designed with Fr Nomex to give your tactical gloves critical flame resistance for those unexpected hot spots. You never know when you’ll encounter fire, so it’s good to be prepared. These also have 3-dimensional patterns that form around your hand for the perfect fit. They use goatskin leather for the palms to give extra flame resistance to protect your hands from unnecessary burns.

You need high-dexterity tactical gloves to use weapons, tools and guns. The Mechanix flame resistant gloves are also fitted with an internal layer of FR cotton to give you a little extra flame resistance because every little bit helps. Not only are these tactical gloves fire resistant, but they’re also touchscreen capable and you won’t have to remove them to use your phone. 

These flame-resistant tactical gloves are designed tough enough to protect SWAT teams and military all over the world and they will work for you as well. 

FREETOO Tactical Gloves

Reinforced palm and extra stitching in areas where gloves normally split; these tactical gloves are a great deal for the price. Low cost and dependable – the FREETOO tactical gloves give you a strong grip with breathability. Your hands won’t sweat as much due to the type of material these are made from. Leather palm adds to your grip while protecting from abrasions at the same time. They’re tough and give you full dexterity. They’re also less bulky than some of the competition. You will be able to reach into your bag without much issue. A little extra protection on the knuckles makes these combat gloves a worthy purchase. FREETOO makes some of the best tactical gloves in this price range.

5.11 Tactical Screen Ops Tactical Glove

You can’t have tactical product list without including at least a few entries from 5.11. You see 5.11 tactical pants all year long, they also make an incredible line of tactical and combat gloves. Touch screen capable and 100% leather makes these gloves a great choice for anyone. The palm is made from seamless goatskin which makes for a great fit and durable design. Perfect for everyday use as well as more intricate work, 5.11 hit a home run with their tactical gloves.

Mechanix Covert Tactical Gloves

Designed with your needs in mind – the seamless single layer palm gives your dexterity a boost. You will feel like you’re barely wearing gloves. Thin enough that you can easily reload magazines, tough enough for medium duty. You won’t want to use these for gardening or brick-laying, but they are great for utility tasks. The fit on these is snug, but that’s what you want for tactical gloves. You need to be able to use your firearm and knife with precision. You can’t do that with ill-fitting gloves. Mechanix tactical gloves are well known for quality, craftsmanship and for being some of the best tactical gloves on the market. 

The Mechanix Covert Tactical gloves also make some of the best duty gloves for police officers, military and other professions. 

5.11 High Abrasion Tactical Gloves

You won’t find bulky armored knuckles on this design, but they will get you through the most demanding situations. High abrasion synthetic suede material on the palms makes darn near any task easier. You will have a better grip and protection from the elements. You still have knuckle protection with the internal padding. It’s not armor, but will still help. You will be able to retrieve gear easier without the added bulk. Stuff these in your back pocket and you’re ready to go!

Glove Station: The Combat Military Police Tactical Gloves

You may not be as familiar with this brand as you are with others on the list, but Glove Station makes a quality tactical glove that is worthy of your attention. Reinforced knuckles for those tough jobs and to prevent scraping. Double-stitch seams to give ultimate durability and leather palms for added grip strength – these combat gloves have the basics covered. They also come equipped with padded mesh and vents on the back of the glove to keep your hands cooler and to prevent sweating. You can move your fingers exceedingly well in these gloves. These are touch screen capable. While they may be designed to keep your hands warm in sub-zero weather, they are perfectly capable tactical gloves. These make great tactical gloves for shooting.

We recommend these for users that want a good pair of high-quality touchscreen tactical gloves. 

Seibertron S.O.L.A.G. Tactical Gloves

Simple, yet effective design – these gloves do what they’re supposed to do. Not for heavy duty work or freezing cold weather, but they will handle tactical work. They are quite form fitting and snug and have been known to run small in size, so be sure to get the correct size or they will be too tight. Great for the shooting range, these come in youth sizes as well and are great for airsoft.

Mechanix Wear MultiCam Tactical Gloves

Mechanix Wear has been making quality gloves for some time and these are no exception. Maximum dexterity provided by a seamless single layer palm – you probably won’t find a more comfortable fit than these.

Keep your hands cool with the form-fitting TrekDry material. While they may not keep you toasty in cold weather – they are great for shooting, camping, hunting and tactical applications.

The MultiCam Camouflage helps keep your camo pattern working and doesn’t create a stark contrast as other gloves tend to. The dexterity factor in these gloves is off the chart. These are probably the best tactical gloves for fighting due to the extra knuckle protection and high level of dexterity these gloves possess. 

The synthetic leather palm allows you to move freely and gives a new level of durability to gloves and puts these in the running for the best military gloves you can own. It’s hard to find the perfect glove that blends durability and dexterity – these do a great job at balancing what’s important to you. The dexterity is so great on these gloves, you can effectively use a fire starter in an emergency situation if you had to. Many users consider these to be the best tactical gloves in this price range. 

Mechanix Wear Multicam are some of the best warm tactical gloves that still allow you to move your fingers freely. We highly recommend these to anyone in the field. 

TitanOPS Full Finger Tactical Gloves

A good tactical glove for the price, the TitanOPS offers durable finger and knuckle protection from abrasions, cuts and other types of injuries that can hinder your performance. They have a reinforced palm for added durability and are fairly comfortable. You can adjust the wrist strap for a better fit. While they may not rate the highest for dexterity and durability; these are still a great pair of tactical gloves that will cover most duties you will encounter. I wouldn’t use them for heavy duty tasks, these are more for light to medium duty. These provide a good grip so you can hang on to your gear without issue. These are some of the best tactical gloves military-style on a budget. 

5.11 Tactical Station Grip Glove

Designed for the most challenging tasks – anything made by 5.11 is built to last. The 5.11 Tactical Station Grip Glove is tough, dependable and provides a strong grip such as you will need with an active lifestyle. They dry fast and have the ability to retain their shape through rough use. Padded knuckle protection without the bulk makes these tactical gloves a winner. Made from heavy duty nylon and leather – these are a little different from the competition. While they may not have the same level of dexterity as shooting gloves, they are great for medium to light duty tasks. The fingers are designed with extra thickness to protect you while you do your work. These aren’t recommended as shooting gloves or for heavy-duty work. Anything else is fair game.

Mechanix Recon Black Tactical Gloves

The Recon is a high-performance tactical glove made from leather that are used by many law enforcement agencies. They’re versatile and the stretch spandex provides a snug and comfortable fit which allows you to use full range of motion. The goatskin thumb lends extra durability and dexterity. You can use your touchscreen cell phone with these tactical gloves. You won’t have material overlap due to the pinched trigger finger design – this is extremely important if you plan to use these for shooting. You don’t want fabric bunching up around your trigger finger. You get solid value and durability for a fair price. It can be argued that the Mechanix Recon are one of the best tactical shooting gloves for the price. 

Tactical gloves are designed to protect your hands and allow you to use weapons and tools at the same time. The Mechanix Recon could very well be the best tactical combat gloves in this price range because they have everything you need. Keep in mind they don’t have knuckle protection, so if that’s important you may want to check out a pair of hard knuckle tactical gloves. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Tactical Gloves Buying Guide

What are Tactical Gloves?

Tactical gloves are designed and fitted for not only combat and survival situations but multiple uses that require dexterity and full range of motion for fingers. They fit better and allow you to use tools at a much higher rate of accuracy than your everyday glove. Most designs also give extra protection on the knuckles. Not just for punching out car windows and people, your knuckles get scraped up a lot and you need to protect them as best you can.

There are numerous types and brands of tactical gloves to choose from and each has its own pros and cons. You may need cold weather tactical gloves to keep your hands warm or a great pair of tactical gloves for shooting.

Shooting Gloves

Shooting gloves are designed to fit a little tighter than regular gloves to give you a higher level of dexterity while handling firearms or other weapons. A great pair of shooting gloves will give you protection and can keep your hands warm to an extent. They’re not necessarily designed to protect you from cold weather, but can help to a degree. Shooting gloves are made to fit well and to give you a greater ability to feel parts of your gun while wearing them.

Tactical Gloves for Shooting

Tactical gloves for shooting are designed with a snug fit and are made tougher than regular gloves. They allow you to feel what you’re touching and help you manipulate your weapons while providing protection to your hands and palms. Big, bulky gloves make it hard to hold weapons or intricate tools and limit your ability to use them effectively. 

Best Tactical Gloves for Shooting

If you’re looking for the best tactical gloves for shooting, you will want a pair of shooting gloves that are made from thin materials. The PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Alpha Gloves are an amazing pair of tactical gloves for shooting because they’re thin enough to increase your dexterity while still providing a good level of protection to your hands. 
Tactical Plate Carrier

Best Shooting Gloves for Cold Weather

While most shooting gloves won’t keep you warm, they do make shooting gloves for cold weather that will keep you a little more comfortable. While they won’t keep your hands warm in freezing weather, they do a great job at keeping blood flow in your fingertips for shooting. The last thing you want is your fingers to freeze up while hunting or during shooting practice. 

Military Gloves

You’ve probably seen gloves called military gloves or tactical gloves. They’re basically the same thing, just a different way to describe them. Tactical gloves are used by the military, law enforcement, hunters and anyone who needs additional protection for their hands and fingers. Military gloves are designed to be rugged, and tough and provide maximum protection. Many military gloves have armor to protect you even more. 

Hard Knuckle Gloves

Hard knuckle gloves are tactical gloves that have hard armor over the knuckles to protect your knuckles. Knuckles are easy to scrape while working or hunting and hard knuckle gloves have thick materials that will prevent injury. They’re also great for punching and give you a little more power since you don’t have to worry about protecting your knuckles. Tactical gloves with hard knuckles are a great piece of gear to keep in your bag.

Law Enforcement Gloves

Law enforcement gloves are designed to give the user protection against germs, injury and some gloves are lined with Kevlar and are cut-resistant. Law enforcement officers use their hands daily in their jobs and often come into contact with dangerous substances. Law enforcement gloves give you the much-needed protection against bodily fluids such as blood or saliva and you can buy a pair that can protect you against accidental pokes and cuts. Law enforcement officers routinely get stuck with needles and sharp objects while conducting searches and law enforcement gloves can provide the protection you need.

Can You Use a Cell Phone with Tactical Gloves?

Many designs have thinner padding in the trigger finger and thumb which allow you to use a cell phone while wearing them. Not all gloves have this feature. Read the descriptions of each product to make sure.

How Long Do Tactical Gloves Last?

Depending on the usage, tactical gloves normally last a long time. Most are not designed for heavy duty work, but instead, light to medium work and anything tactical related. They’re great for shooting guns and using a knife or anything that requires dexterity – but there are better options if you’re looking solely for work gloves. For example, you wouldn’t necessarily want to garden in your tactical gloves. Although you can, you will wear them out much faster this way.

How Much Do Tactical Gloves Cost?

They range in price from about $15 for a decent pair all the way up to in the $50 and $60 range. It depends on the brand and what they are made from. You will likely have to do some shopping to find the perfect tactical glove in the price range you are willing to spend.

Do Tactical Gloves Help in Combat Simulations/Situations?

Yes. Tactical gloves improve your grip and allow you a high level of dexterity. You can shoot guns, use a knife and anything else tactical related. They protect your hands from abrasions and scrapes and many designs have armored knuckle guards that protect as well. Protecting your hands gives you a definite tactical advantage.

Are Tactical Gloves Warm?

Tactical gloves aren’t really designed to keep your hands and fingers warm in extremely cold weather. They will provide a small amount of warmth, but probably not enough for sub zero weather. They will help a little, but they aren’t necessarily designed for maximum warmth. You may want to purchase a warm pair of gloves to wear when you’re not doing heavy duty work with your tactical gloves. Tactical gloves are usually thin to maximize dexterity and your ability to use tools while wearing them. It’s hard to really use your hands while wearing warm gloves. 

What are The Most Important features to Look for in Tactical Gloves?

Comfort, fit, material, knuckle armor, design and price – just to name a few. Tactical gloves are designed to be snug and fit close to your hands and fingers. This gives you maximum dexterity and allow you to shoot guns and do intricate work with your hands – that is the whole purpose of tactical gloves. Most gloves are made from similar material, but you will want to read the product features to make sure you get a material you like. Most materials are chosen because they are thin and still provide protection. Knuckle armor or padded knuckles are on the majority of tactical gloves in some form or fashion. Some have a sleek design and only provide minimal knuckle protection in the way of an extra layer of material, while others sport hard rubber raised knuckles that give you maximum knuckle protection. The choice is yours and depends on how you plan to use your tactical gloves.

Which Hobbies and Professions are Necessary for Tactical Gloves?

Military, airsoft, gun enthusiasts and anyone that enjoys an extra level of protection! Anyone can use them and you have to admit; tactical gloves feel amazing when you put them on!

What are the Best Tactical Gloves?

We get asked this a lot and there isn’t a definite answer. It depends on the features you want and the price you are willing to spend. There are a multitude of quality gloves in the mid-range price that would cover most, if not all of your needs. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get quality tactical gloves.

Do I Need Tactical Gloves?

If you do any type of work outside or mechanic work – you could use a pair of tactical gloves. They’re not just for military or those who shoot guns on a regular basis. Anyone that wants extra hand protection while still maintaining dexterity will have a use for them.

Can You Provide a List of Tactical Gloves that are touchscreen compatible?

Sure. This list isn’t exhaustive, but includes tactical gloves you can use a cell phone with:

Are All Tactical Gloves Cut-Resistant or Cut-Proof?

Not all tactical gloves are cut-resistant. You have to locate a pair that specifically states they are cut-resistant. Many gloves make with Kevlar interiors are cut-resistant and may protect you from accidental blade cuts or needle pricks while on duty. Keep in mind that no glove is completely cut-proof and you can still get injured while handling sharp and dangerous items. The best cut-resistant tactical gloves are often used by police officers and military personnel that make routine searches. You never know what an individual has in their pockets while conducting a search. 

What Gloves do the Navy SEALs Use?

Most military uses some type of tactical glove on their missions. They know how important it is to protect your hands during tough missions as you never truly know what you’re going to encounter. Your hands do the majority of work and you can’t have them cut up or damaged. However, if you are using a gun, you must make sure the gloves you wear don’t obstruct or hinder your ability to properly use your trigger finger. Many Navy SEALs wear Mechanix M-Pact Covert Gloves as they are well suited for shooting and for hot climate use. They’re made from thermoplastic rubber for a secure fit and they’re breathable plus they have touchscreen technology.

What Kind of Gloves does the Military Use?

Most soldiers wear some type of tactical glove, but have many choices to pick from. Many US soldiers are using Mechanix tactical gloves, Oakley combat gloves or CamelBak Impact Gloves or something of similar quality. It depends on the job and the person as to which tactical gloves they prefer.

Best Tactical Gloves for Hot Weather?

If you’re like me and work in high temperatures often, you will want to choose a tactical glove for hot weather. There are tons of great gloves on the market made from breathable materials that have impact protection for shooting. Your hands may still sweat, but at least your sweat won’t be quite as bad if your tactical gloves are made from the right material for hot climates. You will want to look at the materials and base your choice on that. While there are many tactical gloves that perform well in hot weather, we like the Mechanix Wear Covert, the 5.11 Tactical Station Grip and the Hatch Specialist for light-duty work.

Best Tactical Gloves for Cold Weather?

While tactical gloves aren’t really designed to keep your hands super warm in cold weather, they can help. The main purpose of tactical gloves is to protect your hands from cuts, scrapes and knocks; but they can help keep you warm to an extent. Some of the best tactical gloves for cold climates include the Mechanix Wear Coyote Gloves, FREETOO Knuckle Tactical Gloves and TitanOPS Hard Knuckle Gloves.  

How Long Will a Pair of Tactical Gloves Last?

It all depends on how you use your tactical gloves. If the ones you choose are rated for light to medium duty work and you chop trees with them – they won’t last long because they’re not made for that type of work. If you use them on weekends and at the shooting range once a week, you can easily get roughly two to three years of use from them. If you use them ten hours a day and shoot all day, you could expect a year out of them. It’s hard to say as it depends on the type of work you do and how often you use your gloves.

Do Tactical Gloves Provide Protection?

They do, but you still have to protect your hands and pay attention to what you’re doing. Tactical gloves are designed to protect your hands from scrapes, bumps and cuts, but they can’t be expected to protect you from everything. Tactical gloves are made from rubber and other materials that give you a little extra protection as well as impact protection when shooting. They’re worth getting as you never know what you’re going to encounter.

Are Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves Legal?

Tactical gloves that have knuckle protection are not legal in most areas, however, you may want to check with your State laws to be sure. Most tactical gloves with knuckles are just additional protection for scrapes and cuts across your fists. There are a type of glove with weighted or loaded knuckles that are illegal in many areas. Check your local laws or consult with an attorney as this website does not intend to give legal advice.

Are Tactical Gloves Good for Fighting?

Tactical gloves are basically an extra piece of armor that can add more power to your punch and give you a better grip. You can tussle with an opponent without damaging your hands. They also protect against bites and scrapes that can limit your hand movements. 

While the extra knuckle armor won’t do all the work for you, it does help protect your hands when punching. You have to make sure your gloves are the right fit and stay in place while you use them. 

Are Tactical Gloves Good for Punching? 

A great pair of tactical gloves with armor knuckles can help with punching, but you still have to know what you’re doing. They’re suitable for combat scenarios and shield your hands from injury. Punching can cause serious damage to your hands and knuckles if done incorrectly, so it’s important that you learn how to punch properly before relying on tactical gloves to help.

The Best Cut-Resistant Police Duty Gloves

Looking for kevlar infused, cut-resistant gloves? Our recent guide on the best police duty search gloves is full of info on where to find the best cut-resistant tactical gloves that are perfect for police duty work. 

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