The 6 Best ATV Storage Box (Front and Back) of 2022

Black Boar ATV cargo box

ATV storage boxes provide you with additional cargo space when you need it most. They’re easy to install and give you extra space for tools, hunting gear, drinks, food or anything else you may need for the day. Many of them featured a key entry to keep people out of your ATV cargo box and they give a passenger something to hold onto with handles. 

Many users add insulation to their ATV storage box so they can use it as a cooler on long rides. The large-capacity ATV storage/loungers feature up to 7 cubic feet of additional storage space. That’s a lot of room for supplies or gear. The best ATV storage boxes are made from extremely durable and impact-resistant rotomolded polyethylene material that can take a beating and continue working. These boxes come with everything you need to install them to your ATV with minimal tools. 

We recommend getting an ATV storage/lounger if you’re looking to add extra storage space to your ATV.

Here are 3 Reasons To Get an ATV Storage/Lounger:

  1. You can store tools that you use daily. 
  2. There’s plenty of room for emergency items.
  3. You can bring drinks, snacks and other items everywhere you go. 

Here are our favorites: 

Black Boar ATV Rear Storage Box and Lounger

The Black Boar ATV storage box and lounger is one of the best on the market. It features a cushioned seat and more than 7 cubic feet of storage space. You can fit a ton of extra gear and tools in this box. It’s made from a highly durable impact-resistant polyethylene material that is tough and will last for years through rough rides. You get everything you need to attach it to your ATV and it will fit most ATVs. 

The seat is comfortable for your passenger or riding along and the box can be locked with the included keys. You don’t want to worry about your items when you leave your ATV. The box itself is water-resistant and will keep out dirt, dust, snow or anything else you may encounter. The latches are adjustable for even more storage options. 

The Black Boar ATV rear storage box and lounger is designed for heavy-duty use or just casual riding. It’s tough enough for work and the components are stainless-steel and resistant to rust. The storage space measures a whopping 42” W x 26” D x 16” H and can fit enough gear for any trip. We like this model because it has everything you need, it’s incredibly tough and the cushion is comfortable enough for a long ride for your passenger. 

Rage Powersports Black Widow ATV Rear Rack Cargo Box

Rage Powersports makes great ATV gear and their rear cargo box is one of the best you will find. It features a comfortable padded backrest that’s comfortable for your passenger and it stores a lot of extra gear and supplies. It’s designed from impact-resistant polyethylene materials and the components are stainless-steel. You can lock this box to prevent theft or unauthorized users from accessing your contents with the included keys. 

This ATV storage box is designed for rough use and will survive even the toughest rides for years. It has rear reflectors to ensure you’re seen at night. The storage space is sealed tight and water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about your gear if you get caught in the rain. It only weighs 24.5 pounds and doesn’t add too much weight to your ATV. 

We like the Rage Powersports Black Widow ATV cargo box because it’s made tough, has plenty of storage space and a padded backrest for passengers. 

Quadboss Rear Wrap ATV Trunk

The Quadboss rear wrap ATV trunk is a great choice for riders looking to add more storage space to their ATVs. It features a 4.3 cubic foot capacity where you can store extra drinks, food, gear and tools for your trip. The trunk is lockable and comes with keys. The backrest is foam and gives support for your passenger. 

You can easily attach this box to your ATV by using the included hardware. It weighs 22 pounds and measures 36”W x 18”H x 22”D. This ATV storage cargo box is made for hunting and fishing on rough trails or simply mud riding. 

Kolpin Matrix Seat Bag with Mossy Oak Breakup

The Kolpin Matrix ATV seat bag is a great choice for users who want a softer gear bag for their ATV or UTV. It features a 3-piece design that allows you to remove gear bags to carry with you when you leave your ATV. The center bag is a cooler that can hold ice to chill food, snacks and drinks. In fact, it can hold up to a 12-pack of drinks and still have plenty of room. 

You get a total of 2.02 cubic feet of usable storage space with this ATV storage bag. The material is rugged and made from 600D nylon material that has a special UV coating to increase longevity and usage. The seat rest is padded for long trips and you get external cords to help secure other items to your ATV bag. 

This ATV storage bag gives you a total of 57 liters of storage, a padded backrest and extra bottle holders. This is one of the more useful ATV storage bags on the market because it gives you tons of storage options. Plus, it features Mossy Oak Breakup camo. 

Black Boar ATV Front Storage Box

The Black Boar ATV front storage box utilizes the front of your ATV to give you extra storage space. You would be surprised at how much extra gear and supplies you can load on the front of your rig. In fact, this front storage box gives you an additional 2.3 cubic feet of extra space. It’s water-resistant, dust-resistant and will keep particles away from your gear. 

This large-capacity ATV front storage box can be used with a rear storage box to turn your ATV into a workhorse. We like this product because it turns unused space on your ATV into a cargo area. 

Kemimoto Seat Bag for ATV

The Kemimoto ATV seat bag is made from a water-resistant material that will protect your gear from rain, water, dirt, dust, mud and snow. It has waterproof SBS hidden zippers that will last forever and will keep everything away from your gear and supplies. They added a layer of fabric to cover the zippers to make them even more effective at protecting your items. 

The straps are adjustable and allow you to customize how you carry your tools and gear on your ATV. You can even detach the bags and take them with you. We like this ATV storage bag because it has plenty of space for tools, gear and food and is made with high-quality craftsmanship. 

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