The 7 Best Ice Fishing Sleds for Fishing and Hunting 2022

Shappell ice fishing sled

Ice fishing is an amazing experience. Just because it’s freezing cold, doesn’t mean you can’t catch fish. Whether you’re fishing for fun or survival, there are a few pieces of gear you need to be successful. Carrying ice fishing gear across ice is extremely tough and exhausting. The best ice fishing sleds make your job easier and allow you to carry more gear across ice and snow to get to your fishing hole or camp. 

Ice fishing sleds these days are made from lightweight, yet rugged materials that make traveling over snow and ice much easier. Sleds are designed to carry more than just fishing gear, you can also transport your portable shelter, heater, buckets, decoys, firewood, traps and more. Most ice fishing sleds are designed with a rotomolded polyethylene build that will slide right over rough terrain to help you travel faster and lighter. 

Ice sleds can also double to carry hunting gear when you have to travel through snow and ice with heavy gear. Simply load up what you need and your ice fishing sled will help get you there faster with less energy expenditure. 

Here are 3 Reasons Why You Need an Ice Sled:

  1. They help you transport heavy gear
  2. They’re great for hunting and fishing
  3. An ice sled can save your back from carrying supplies and gear over ice and snow

There are plenty of ice fishing sleds on the market, here are the best:

Shappell JSX Jet Sled XL

If you Google the “Best ice fishing sleds,” you’re sure to hear the name Shappell. They make durable and easy to use ice fishing sleds that can handle rough terrain with ease. This sled is constructed of rugged polyethylene materials that are strong and durable enough for heavy-duty use. It features molded runners and has plenty of room for essential gear. 

This ice fishing sled is super easy to pull and has great maneuverability through ice and snow. You can purchase a cargo net to keep your gear more secure. Many hunters use this model for hunting gear such as hunting blinds, gear bags, decoys and other items. It can be pulled behind a 4-wheeler or side-by-side. 

Pelican Trek Sled

The Pelican Trek Sled is the perfect multi-purpose utility sled that can be used for ice fishing, hunting and transporting heavy equipment over snow and ice. You have two sizes to choose from Trek 45 and Trek 60. The Trek 45 has a maximum capacity of 130lb with 71L of total volume. It can carry plenty of gear to your hunting or fishing spot. The Pelican Trek 60 Ice Sled has a maximum weight capacity of 260lb with 152L of total volume. 

This ice-fishing sled by Pelican is designed with high-density polyethylene materials that are rugged, yet lightweight. It features built-in indentations that allow you to pull your sled by hand when you need to go off-trail. They even have a handy indicator for your runners – they change color when it’s time to replace them. 

This ice-fishing sled is a great choice for hunting, fishing, camping and those who need to transport heavy gear across rough terrain. 

Pelican Nomad 40 Multi-Purpose Utility Sled 

This multi-purpose sled is the perfect choice for your winter needs. It’s made from super heavy-duty polyethylene and can handle tough weather conditions. The high walls allow you to transport more gear and it can hold up to 90lbs. This large capacity snow sled also has molded tracking rails and has a side rope for an extra cargo attachment.

This toboggan friendly sled is perfect for pulling people or dragging essential supplies across snow or ice. You can pull groceries, fishing gear, hunting supplies or other items with ease. Many people purchase large amounts of food supplies and use this ice sled to transport it back to their campsite. 

Flexible Flyer Winter Trek Pull Sled

The Flexible Flyer winter sled excels at two things: downhill sledding and hauling gear. It’s durable and made from nearly unbreakable resin. You can pull adults and kids and use it for downhill sledding as well as hauling supplies. 

The molded grooves on the bottom of the sled give it additional strength and increased stability while traveling over icy conditions. It’s made to pull by hand or you can attach it to a skier or 4-wheeler. This is a great choice for someone looking for a fun sled that can be used as an ice fishing sled or for hauling downed deer, firewood, supplies and food. 

Shappell Camo Ice Fishing Jet Sled 1 with Cover

The Shappell camo ice fishing sled features a hard polyethylene construction with a cover made with 600-denier polyester. You get a tow rope to help pull your ice sled through snow, ice, slush and rain. The cover helps keep out rain and dirt while you transport your items. It has molded runners that help you glide right over rough terrain without straining your back. 

We like this ice sled because it’s sturdy and comes with a tow rope and cover. 

Shappell JSR Jet Sled Jr. 

The mini version of the full-size Shappell Jet Sled is perfect for those who may not need to haul as much gear, but still want a dependable ice sled. It’s affordable and easy to use. While it’s designed for ice fishing, you can do a whole lot more with it! Many people use this ice sled for hauling gardening supplies, pulling children and pets through the snow and other hauling applications. You can basically use it as you would a wheelbarrow to transport items through snowy or icy conditions. 

We like the Shappell JSR Jet Sled Jr. because it’s compact, sturdy and inexpensive. 

Shappell Kodiak 1 Sled

The Kodiak Series by Shappell is the heavy-duty version of the jet sleds. It features additional height for more gear and extra thickness all over for a robust ice sled that can handle anything you need to transport. You can use this ice sled in extreme weather and tough situations that normal ice sleds can’t handle. It’s designed with high walls, deep and thick materials that will get you through the harshest conditions imaginable. It’s perfect for hauling fishing equipment, ice fishing, firewood, duck decoys, downed deer or other game and more. 

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