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The 7 Best Archery Targets of 2022

full rut 3D buck archery target

Archery targets are a great way to keep your skill level high for bow hunting or target practice. The best archery targets are designed to take plenty of abuse and simulate the experience you would find in the field hunting game. 

There are many types of archery targets, but the 4 main types are: 

  1. 3D Archery Targets
  2. Bag Style Archery Targets
  3. Foam Block Archery Targets
  4. DIY Archery Targets

Each style of archery target has a place in your arsenal and you may have your own preference after trying each one of them.

Archery is the type of activity that requires patience and a lot of practice. The last thing you want to happen is to miss a shot at a trophy buck simply because you didn’t practice enough during the off-season. You will want to practice exactly how you will be hunting. This may mean wearing bow hunting gloves or practicing silence while you make your shot. 

It’s important to get the best archery target for your style of shooting. Archery targets can be expensive, so you want to make sure you get a great one that will last for as long as possible.

Here are 3 Reasons Why You Need an Archery Target:

  1. You must practice if you want to hit your target when hunting
  2. Archery targets can simulate real-world scenarios
  3. You can hone your skills during the off-season

Here are the best archery targets for bow hunting and target practice on the market:

SpyderWeb ST-14XL No Speed Limit Archery and Crossbow Target

The SpyderWeb is a true “No speed limit” archery target that can accomodate bows and crossbows. You can shoot arrows or bolts from the fastest bows or crossbows and the penetration will be approximately 6-8”. You can easily remove the arrows from this target even if you’re firing at speeds more than 500 FPS and the weatherproof design protects your target from environmental factors. This archery target can be left outside in the weather and it will last. 

This is the type of archery and crossbow target that will last and save you money in the long run. It has a super heavy-duty frame that will provide you with tons of target practice to prepare for the big hunt. We like the SpyderWeb ST-14XL high-density archery and crossbow target because it’s made with high-quality materials and is built tough. 

Rinehart 18-1 Broadhead Target 

The Rinehard 18-1 archery target gives you plenty of faces to shoot at to improve your accuracy. It features self-healing foam that will increase the life of your target. It can handle broadheads, expandables and broadheads and continue working. You can fire up to 500 FPS and the Rinehard archery target can handle it. 

This archery target isn’t large, but it gives you plenty of sides to practice with and will keep your target practice interesting. You can carry it anywhere as it is extremely portable. The self-healing foam can absorb crossbow speeds of over 500 FPS and will retain shape even with prolonged use. You can basically shoot this target all day and it will maintain its shape. 

We like the Rinehard 18-1 archery target because it’s rugged, lightweight and can take plenty of abuse. 

Morrell Outdoor Archery Bag Target

Morrell makes great archery targets that are built tough and will last through years of target practice. The archery bag target style is widely used by hunters and those who want to improve their aim. Archery bag targets are known for being simple, yet highly-effective targets for everyday use. 

The Morrell Outdoor archery target measures 29” long, 31” tall and 14” wide and has plenty of bullseyes to choose from. It has plenty of stopping power due to its multi-layered build. You can shoot both sides and it has over 50 shooting targets to alternate between. This archery bag target is rated for compound bows and crossbows. 

We like Morrell archery targets because they’re extremely durable, simple and long-lasting. 

GlenDel Full-Rut Buck 3D Archery Target

The GlenDel is a life-like buck archery target that measures a whopping 37” shoulder height and a 150” rack size. You will get incredibly realistic archery practice with this 3D archery target. It lasts a long time and features a 4-sided replaceable insert core that you can replace when needed. 

This 3D deer archery target will give you much more practice than other 3D deer targets because you get up to 5X the shooting surface. It stops all field tip and broadhead arrows. We like this buck 3D archery target because it’s probably the most realistic deer target on the market, it’s large and can take more punishment than other targets. 

Rhinehart Rhino Block XL Target

The Rhinehart Rhino block XL archery target is a great choice for those who like a “3-D” feel. It has a replaceable insert that features self-healing arrow pull foam that you can simply replace when it’s had enough abuse. The target itself is 3-D deer vitals that gives you a more realistic target practice. You get 40 target zones to keep your practice interesting and not boring. It even has 4 field point sides. 

This 3-D block archery target can be mounted for raised archery practice and the rope handle makes it easy to transport and take with you. We like the Rhinehart Rhino block because it has plenty of features to keep your archery target practice fun and somewhat realistic to the field. 

Real Wild 3D Big Buck Archery Target

The Real Wild 3D buck archery target is one of the best in class. It replicates a 200 lb whitetail deer for a more realistic archery target practice. You can easily remove high speed compound bows and crossbows up to 500 FPS and it features a weather resistant coating that will increase the life of this 3D archery target. 

You can use both field points and broadheads for practice on this target. The midsection is replaceable so you can simply replace it once it wears out. While you may spend some money on this target, it’s one of the best realistic deer archery targets out there. 

Field Logic Youth Block GenZ Archery Target

The Field Logic Youth block archery target is specifically designed for youth hunters with bows with a draw weight of 40 pounds or less. The arrows are easy to remove from this target and it’s a great way to teach your children or grandchildren how to shoot. Not only is it incredibly rugged, but it has a built-in handle so they can move it around themselves and learn responsibility. 

This youth archery block target can stop broadheads, expandables and field tips. We think this is one of the best youth archery targets you can buy because it’s easy for them to use and will give them plenty of archery practice over the years. 

Benefits of Using an Archery Target

Archery targets come in all shapes, sizes and configurations. They help you improve your aim so you don’t miss shots while hunting. Archery is an important skill set that can make you a successful hunter and allow you to put meat in the freezer. 

Practicing with an archery target is the best way to sharpen your skills. It ensures that you know how your equipment works before you take it into the field. Bowhunters have to check their bows periodically and use them to continue improving their aim. You want to make sure your hunting gear is properly calibrated so you don’t make mistakes while hunting. 

Practicing with an archery target is the best way to build your skills, improve your aim and build your confidence. A hunter that’s confident of their abilities will do far better in the field. 

Types of Archery Targets 

Foam Block

The archery target block is extremely popular with bowhunters. It’s shaped like a block or cube and made with high-quality foam that’s easy to use. Archery target blocks are lightweight and easy to carry and many come with a handle attached to the top. You can get a ton of use from an archery target block as they can take plenty of damage before wearing out. You can fire arrows or bolts at them from various angles to simulate a real hunt. 

Many archery target blocks have a 3D aspect to them and may display deer vital organs which can be replaced once it is overused. Archery target foam holds its shape for a long time and can take tons of shots. An archery target block is a great addition to your archery targets. 

Archery Target Bag 

The bag style archery target is widely used because they’re extremely durable and easy to use. In fact, archery target bags are probably the best target for compound bows and can take years of abuse and still work. Many of them have plenty of shooting space and multiple targets to shoot at various angles. It’s good to have a few archery target bags so you can alternate. 

3D Archery Target

Archery target 3D types are designed to resemble various animals. The archery target deer is huge among bowhunters because it simulates a real animal. Plus, you can usually change out the target area to continue using it for years to come. The most popular 3D archery target is the deer and hogs, but you can get them in other animals such as turkeys, skunks and more. 

While 3D archery targets may be more expensive than other types of bow targets, you get a lot of great practice from them and they come closer to imitating a real hunt than other types. 

Which Archery Targets are the Best?

There are tons of companies that make archery targets, but you will see a few brands at the top of any search for the “Best archery targets.” These brands include Rinehard Targets, Morrell, Field Logic, SpyderWeb and a few others. You usually can’t go wrong with the top archery target brands. It’s always a good idea to read as many reviews as you can before choosing your archery target. 

What Type of Archery Target is Best?

The best “type” of archery target depends on what you want to get out of your practice. For example, if you want the most realistic approach to bowhunting a buck, then you will probably want to check out the 3D archery targets. The GlenDel Full-Rut 3D archery target deer is probably the best on the market for what it accomplishes. It’s scaled to resemble various sizes of deer and has a replaceable insert so you can practice on it for years. 

The archery target block is great for daily practice if you simply want to improve your skills and keep your accuracy at a high level. The bag archery targets are also great for routine practice and will help you improve incrementally each time you use them. 

How Much Do Archery Targets Cost?

Archery targets range in price depending on the type you buy. While you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a dependable archery target, the better targets will cost some money. You can find a great block or bag target for a decent price, but you want to make sure it’s made from high-quality materials that can take plenty of shots. 

Many archery targets are designed with “self-healing” foam that will cause the hole to collapse when you pull your arrow or bolt out. Self-healing material will make your archery target last a super long time. You can easily wear out a target that doesn’t utilize self-healing material if you practice often. Self-healing archery targets will cost more, but they last longer. 

You will also spend a little more money if you’re looking for a ‘no speed limit’ archery target. This means you can basically shoot it with anything and it won’t destroy your target.

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