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Best Crossbow Cases of 2022

best crossbow hard case

There’s not many things as satisfying as firing a crossbow. It takes practice, patience and knowledge of your crossbow to get a successful shot. While shooting a crossbow can be fun, it’s also an expensive hobby. Crossbows are a great hunting tool or target practice, but you need a good case for them. 

Carrying any weapon in the woods or when traveling is tricky – you need a tough case to not only protect it from the elements, but also to make it easier to carry. The best crossbow cases will protect your crossbow and accessories and make it easier to transport. 

You can get a hard crossbow case or one made from softer materials. It’s important to find a crossbow case that fits your specific crossbow model. You don’t want one that has too much extra space or too small. Each crossbow case will specify which crossbows will fit and some cases are designed to fit all major crossbow brands.

Most crossbow hard cases have high-density foam padding to give extra protection and quiver storage so you can carry your accessories together. 

Here are 3 Reasons to Buy a Crossbow Case:

  1. They do an amazing job protecting your crossbow and accessories.
  2. You can find crossbow cases made specifically for your crossbow.
  3. Crossbow cases make it easier to travel with your crossbow.

Here are the best crossbow cases you can buy. 

Plano Spire Crossbow Case

Plano makes rugged hard cases for guns, bows and crossbows. The Spire crossbow case is a great choice for those looking for maximum protection. It’s not just for looks; this case protects your crossbow and accessories from just about anything. Check the measurements to be sure it fits your particular crossbow, but this case will fit most modern crossbow brands. 

The three heavy duty latches will keep your crossbow secure and safe from accidental drops or knocks. The handles are balanced for easy carry and you can stand the case on its side for storage purposes. You can put a padlock on it to keep unauthorized users from accessing your crossbow and it has a quiver storage in the base of the case. 

We like the way the Plano Spire crossbow case looks and the way it protects your valuable assets. It’s balanced for easy carry and provides protection with interior foam padding. 

TenPoint Stag Hard Crossbow Case

The TenPoint Stag is a tough and compact hard crossbow case that’s made to protect your crossbow at all costs. It’s water-resistant with an extremely durable outer shell that will keep your crossbow and accessories dry and protected. The velvet interior cradles your crossbow and provides maximum support. 

Easily transport your crossbow with the easy carry handle. You can also purchase TSA approved locks for travel. The two hook and loop straps on the interior of this case will keep your crossbow in place while traveling and you also get quiver storage with straps. 

You definitely want a crossbow case that can travel because you never know when you will get the opportunity for a world-class hunt in another part of the country. We like this hard crossbow case because it’s water-resistant, easy to carry and the shell can take some damage and keep protecting your expensive crossbows. 

Titan Copperhead Crossbow Case

The Titan Copperhead is a nice choice for those who own narrow crossbows and want to protect them. This case can hold crossbows with 15” or less un-cocked limb width. It fits like a glove and has padded panels to give your crossbow the best protection possible. 

You get 5 outside pockets for tools and extra gear. The comfort grip handle makes it easy to carry your crossbow to practice or the hunting camp. You can even adjust the internal quiver pocket to fit your needs. Keep in mind this crossbow case is for narrow limb crossbows such as: Tenpoint Shadow NXT, Ravin Crossbows, Titan M1, Tenpoint Turbo M1, Centerpoint CP 400, Mission Sub-1 and Killer Instincts Furious 9.5. If you are unsure if your crossbow will fit this case, be sure to check the listing for more information. 

Flambeau Outdoors Stingray Crossbow Case

The Stingray is a hard crossbow case that has a tough and rugged shell with an internal lid that you can adjust. The case itself is impact and crush resistant due to the base column supports. We like the fact that you can fit just about any make and model crossbow with the scope still attached. This is good for those who have multiple crossbows and want a one-size-fits-all hard case. It even has built-in broadhead wrench sockets that you can move for various limb and string configurations. 

The thick layer of convoluted foam is a great addition for maximum crossbow protection. Plus, you also get hook and loop tiedown straps that hold your crossbow in place and prevents bumps and scrapes while transporting. If security is important to you; this hard crossbow case features 7 latches and 4 lock hasps so no one can simply open your case. This is especially important if you have small children in the home. 

Overall, we like the Flambeau Stingray crossbow hard case because it features everything we look for in a case. 

SKB 2SKB-8010 Hard Crossbow Case with Foam

AKA – the King of Crossbow Cases. SKB makes tough crossbow cases and this is one of their best of class. Heavy-duty, large and highly durable composite plastic to give you the best protection for your money. The clasps are metal and use pressure twist instead of basic latches. It would be hard to find another hard crossbow case that can measure up to this one by SKB. 

The high density interior foam inserts gives your crossbow extra protection and the oversized molded-in bumpers create a barrier that protects your valuables from hard impacts. You never know what you will encounter while transporting your crossbow, so it’s best to have as much protection as possible. 

This hard case fits most crossbows such as Ten Point, Horton, Diamond Stryker, Barnett, Darton and many more. The Lifetime warranty is there in case you need it, but we doubt you will. We like everything about this hard crossbow case and highly recommend it if you have the extra cash. 

Plano Bow Max Hard Crossbow Case

This is the crushproof, water-resistant, hard-shelled crossbow case you need to consider if you want maximum protection for your crossbow and bolts. It has a Pillarlock system that gives the case extra crushproof resistance and you can secure your crossbow with the interior tiedown system of straps. You want your crossbow to stay in one place, especially if you transport it in the back of your pickup truck. 

You get a special interior compartment for an extra Plano 3500 utility box (not included) that allows you to carry extra gear on your trips. It has a handy storage area in the lid for extra bolts. This case holds more models of crossbows than nearly any other hard crossbow case on the market. 

SKB iSeries 3613-12 Military Grade Crossbow Case

The SKB iSeries is considered military grade quality and will protect your crossbow against the harshest climates. It fits a wide variety of crossbow models and has a custom foam insert that can mold to parallel limb bows. You get a ton of functionality with this hard crossbow case and can use it for numerous bows and crossbows. 

This case may look cumbersome, but it has in-line skate wheels that roll with little effort. The 3 cushion grip handles provide easy lifting and allow you to carry this case over long distances. TSA approved so you can travel with this case and it has padlock holes so you can lock it up. 

Waterproof, UV resistant, ambient pressure equalization valve and dust-tight casing provide the most protection you will ever find in a hard crossbow case. We like this case because it’s versatile, can fit a multitude of bows and crossbows and it is resistant to nearly everything. 

Guide Gear Deluxe Universal Soft Crossbow Case

This is a tough little crossbow case that provides a decent amount of protection for a soft crossbow case. It’s perfect for transporting or storing your crossbow and protects from bumps, drops and other outside forces. It keeps out dust, some rain and weather due to the durable exterior material. 

It comes with a strap that’s great for carrying your crossbow. You get plenty of interior room with this soft crossbow case and you don’t have to remove your scope. The fitted shape of the case ensures it won’t take up more space than necessary. We like this soft crossbow case for anyone that wants a lightweight case that won’t break the bank. 

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