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5 Best Electric Bikes of 2022

best electric bike for adults

Electric bikes are a great way to exercise and explore your area. There’s nothing better than going outside and getting sunlight while riding an electric bike. They’re easy to ride and the electric assistance adds substantial power that helps you speed up or conquer hills. Electric bikes don’t take over, but enhance your own movement. They allow you to pick up speed quickly and keep it. 

Traveling long distances on a bike used to be tough, but electric bikes have made it substantially easier to cover more ground. You can still get an amazing workout by turning off the e-motor, then turn it back on when you need some extra assistance. Electric bikes are perfect for streets, dirt roads, trails or commuting back and forth to work. 

There are hundreds of electric bikes or e-bikes on the market so it can be hard to choose one. Here are the best electric bikes for commuting to work, riding trails and daily biking. 

Metakoo Cybertrack 100 Electric Bike

The Metakoo Cybertrack 100 has a powerful ebike motor that gets you where you want to go. It charges super fast and you can have a fully charged battery in 3 hours. The company gives users lifelong technical support to ensure you fully enjoy every option this ebike offers. 

The Bafang motor can take you uphills with ease. It has a built-in thermal protection that can prevent the motor from overheating when pushed to the limit such as climbing a tough hill. The battery has a long life and is efficient at powering your bike. This 21-speed ebike is a great choice for anyone looking for quality and dependability. The dual disc brakes and shock absorbent suspension fork gives you a safe and comfortable ride. 

A single charge will take you approximately 37 miles without needing a recharge.That’s more than enough for your daily commute to work or school.   You can travel 30 miles in full electric mode and 30 – 37 miles in electric assist mode. You can use the electric assist less if you want to preserve your battery for when you need it. Simply engage the throttle if you don’t want to pedal or use the pedal assist mode if you just want some assistant. It’s hard to calculate exactly how fast you can travel on this ebike, but most users can reach an average speed of 15 mph depending on body weight and outdoor conditions. 

We like this electric bike due to the features and options that make your ride more enjoyable. There’s a reason the Metakoo Cybertrack 100 is the best selling adult electric bike currently on the market. 

Speedrid Fat Tire Electric Bike

The first thing you notice about the Speedrid electric bike are the thick tires. It’s built rugged and designed with a solid construction. It has tons of power that can shuttle you up steep hills with no pedaling. Simply put it in throttle mode and it will take up inclines with ease. You can hit top speed straight out of the box and don’t have to worry about making adjustments to your ebike. It has a 48V 500W motor that’s powerful and gives you maximum power for tough rides. 

The Speedrid e-bike can go up to 22 miles on a single charge and reach 22-23 mph. You can take it up a mountain, use it for your work commute or just play on the trails. It has double layered aluminum alloy wheel rims and impressive shock absorption for an easier ride. The LCD display shows you everything you need such as your speed, remaining battery, miles traveled and 5 speed display. You get a lot for your money with this rugged electric bike. 

We like the pedal assist levels. You have levels 1 – 5 to make your ride easy or hard depending on your mood and it has 3 working modes: all electric, pedal assistance and basic riding. The pedal assistance allows for approximately 6 – 8 hours of travel. 

Ecotric Electric Bicycle

The Ecotric electric bike is designed with fat tires that work in all terrains. The 26” alloy frame is rugged and great for adult riders. This e-bike maxes out at 20 mph and has a pure electric power mileage of more than 19 miles. This means you can rely on the bike to do all the work for nearly 20 miles. 

The brushless rear motor provides energy to your bike to help you get through tough spots or when your legs need a break from pedaling. The fat tires give extra cushion and make it easier to get around obstacles when compared with thin tires. You can pedal over steep inclines with the extra power and it can hold up to 260 pounds. This electric bike can accommodate larger individuals with ease. The bike itself weighs 58 pounds, but moves like it’s much smaller. 

MacWheel 16” Folding Electric Bike

The MacWheel is a fun e-bike and one of our favorite folding electric bikes. It has 3 modes: pedal assist, all electric and transitional mode. It’s easy to switch between modes on the fly. Simply set your gear to 1 – 5 and start pedaling to set pedal assist mode or press the black starter button and roll the throttle to begin electric mode. You can also pedal the MacWheel as a traditional human powered bike. 

The MacWheel eBike has a quick folding mechanism for easy storage and the adjustable seat makes this a great electric bike for adults or children. The handy LCD display allows you to gather intel with a quick glance and the super bright headlight is there for safety. It has a top speed of 15.5 mph with a 5-Speed gear shift power assist. 

The MacWheel eBike is a proficient electric commuter bike that has tons of useful features to make your ride more enjoyable. It gets you where you need to go fast and makes a great workout bike when you don’t use the electric assist mode. 

Gyroor C3 Electric Bike 

The Gyroor is an electric bike that has the advantage of speed and long range. The 450W high-speed brushless motor is powerful and gets you where you want to go. It has a maximum speed of 18.6 mph and can travel approximately 28-38 miles on a single charge. The Gyroor is a beefy electric bike that can carry up to 265 pounds. 

You will appreciate the dual disc brake system that allows you to use your brakes even in inclement weather. It comes equipped with 3 riding modes such as; pedal assist, pure eBike and traditional bike. You simply push the power button to go faster using battery power. The handy LCD control panel allows you to monitor your battery levels. 

This is a great folding eBike that has tons of applications and is easy to ride. It’s the perfect commuter electric bike for those who prefer to bike to work. Electric bikes are environmentally friendly and don’t produce air pollution. 

Overall, the Gyroor C3 is a great electric bike that has an impressive top speed and long range use.

What is the Best Electric Bike?

The best electric bike depends on what you expect from your bike. Do you want a lightweight foldable electric bike that you can store anywhere or one that maximizes your speed and distance? It depends on what you plan to use your electric bike for when choosing the best electric bike. You may want to find one that’s purely for commuting back and forth to work or you may prefer a bike that is easy to stash in the back of your car. 

The MacWheel folding electric bike is perfect for those who just want to have fun on an e-bike and enjoy the fact that you can easily fold it up for storage. On the other hand, the Metakoo Cybertrack 100 e-bike comes equipped with a powerful motor that features super fast charging and can take you nearly 40 miles before needing to charge.

Can Electric Bikes Go Up Hills?

Electric bikes give you extra power while traveling. Most ebikes can reach speeds of 15mph to 25mph without you having to pedal hard due to the pedal-assist. Going up hills on an electric bike is a breeze! 

What are the Benefits of Using an Electric Bike?

Electric bikes allow riders to ride bikes to places they normally would have to struggle to get to. They’re perfect for commuting back and forth to work and give you extra power to reach your destination quicker and with less effort. They help you save energy while still getting the benefits of riding a bike. Ebikes provide an eco-friendly way to commute and see different areas. 

Overall, electric bikes can be a replacement for cars if you live close enough to work. They also make it easy to hop on and travel without breaking a sweat. 

Is Using an Electric Bike Considered Exercise

Absolutely! You still have to put in some effort to get from point A to point B, just with less effort on your part. E-bikes allow you to travel faster and get around town, but you still get the health benefits of riding a bike. They’re also great for your mental health as you get to travel at a faster rate and don’t get bogged down wondering if you can pedal to your destination. 

Here are Some Tips to Extend Your Electric Bike’s Battery

Your electric bike’s battery is one of the most important components of your bike and one of the most expensive. In fact, an electric bike battery accounts for nearly ⅓ of the total cost of the bike. It’s important to take care of it so you can get more life from your electric bike. 

Most electric bikes utilize lithium-based batteries and there are a few things you can do to extend your battery’s life. 

1. Don’t Discharge Your Battery to 0%

Discharging your battery all the way down can hurt your battery over a long period of time. Most e-bike users see the best results by not charging all the way and regularly charging before a ride. Riders who ride short distances sporadically can benefit from charging their e-bikes every few days whether they use it or not. 

2. Be Careful Where You Store Your Battery

Electric bikes are sensitive to their environment, much like other types of batteries. You don’t want to store them in excessively hot temperatures or cold temperatures that will rob your battery of life. You also want to keep them out of direct sunlight as this can damage your battery over time. The best place to store your battery is in cool temperatures and away from chemicals or other harmful substances. You can damage your e-bike’s battery even if you aren’t using it long-term. 

3. Routinely Charge Your Battery

You will want to set up a dedicated charging station that’s in a dry and safe place away from extreme temperatures or harmful substances. Get into a routine of charging your electric bike, but be mindful of overcharging. You can set an alarm so you don’t forget and overcharge your battery.

How Long Do Electric Bike Batteries Last?

Electric bikes or ebikes typically use LIthium Ion batteries. Most users will be able to get more than 1,000 charge cycles before you notice any difference in performance or range of your electric bike. Many people can get over 15,000 miles on their bikes without any decline or noticeable changes. This usually equals roughly 5 years. If your electric bike’s battery begins to decline significantly, you can easily replace the battery and get even more life from your bike. 

How Far Can an Electric Bike Go On One Charge?

Most ebikes can get 25 – 50 miles on a single charge. It all depends on the brand of bike and how you use it. You may be able to go further than average and even hit nearly 100 miles on a single charge. Your range will depend on factors such as the type of electric bike you use, weather and terrain such as hills and slopes. 

How Much Does an Electric Bike Battery Cost?

They’re actually somewhat expensive and range from $400 to nearly $1,000 depending on the type of battery and strength. 

Do Electric Bikes Charge When You Pedal?

Some electric bikes will generate extra energy while you pedal, but most ebikes will not. You need to look at the model you’re interested in and read more about it to see if it has this feature. 

Is it Worth Getting an Electric Bike?

Absolutely! Electric bikes are a great way to stay in shape as well as traveling. Many people use them for commuting back and forth to work, while others just want a little extra power when climbing hills. An electric bike is a great investment that you can use for years.

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