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15 Best Soft Rifle Cases of 2022

Savior Equipment American Classic double rifle soft rifle case

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By: Rome / Last Updated August 9, 2022

You spend a lot of money on your firearms and you need to take precautions to protect them so you will enjoy them for years. It’s easy to bump, scrape or even drop a firearm, even if you’re exercising caution. We’ve all taken our guns on hunting trips that required a hike or a camping trip where your gear gets thrown around. The best soft rifle cases on the market give you a little extra security when transporting your guns without weighing you down as a hard case would. 

You want to make sure you purchase a soft rifle case that has plenty of storage compartments for your weapon lights, flashlights, additional ammo and other important items. 

There are literally hundreds of soft rifle cases on the market, so it’s easy to see how it would be difficult to choose the best one without research and experience. Thankfully, you have us to help you make a decision and choose the best soft rifle case you can buy and that has the accessories you’re looking for. 

Soft Gun Case

A dependable soft gun case will do a great job at protecting your firearms, ammo and extra shooting supplies. You can get a soft gun case for pistols, rifles, shotguns or a mix of all three. Soft gun cases have pros and cons versus hard gun cases such as they’re less expensive, lightweight, easy to fold when not used and they come in a wide variety of sizes. You can get a soft gun case to fit any firearm. 

Here’s Why You Need a Soft Rifle Case:

  1. They protect your rifles and shotguns from damage.
  2. They make it easier to transport your firearms. 
  3. They provide a discreet way to travel with your firearms. 
  4. You can secure rifles, shotguns and pistols.
  5. Soft gun cases are lighter than hard cases and easier to maneuver while traveling. 

Our Top Soft Soft Rifle Case Picks:

Best Overall Soft Rifle Case:

1. Savior Equipment American Classic Double Rifle Bag

Savior Equipment American Classic Double Rifle Bag

The Savior Equipment American Classic rifle bag has been a best-seller for quite a while. It’s ultra durable and made with super heavy-duty industrial 600D PVC nylon that will last a very long time even through rough usage. It has tons of space and easily holds 2 rifles, 2 pistols and plenty of ammo and other gear. You can lock the zipper sliders on the gun compartments to keep unwanted guests out of your gun bag. The Molle grid is helpful to customize your gun bag and add to it and it comes with backpack straps so you can carry it like a backpack. 

This double rifle case literally has everything you could possibly want in a soft rifle case and it has an unquestioned lifetime warranty. If you have any issues with it, the company will take care of it for you. 

We highly recommend this product as it’s one of the best rifle transportation cases on the market. Click the button to learn more about the Savior Equipment rifle case and to purchase.

Best Spacious Soft Rifle Case: 

2. 3V Gear Ranger 

3V Gear Ranger Padded Double Gun Case – 42”

You get a lot for your money with the 3V Gear Ranger padded double gun case. It measures 42” and can easily secure guns, ammo and additional gear. It features thick shoulder straps that are surprisingly comfortable and allow you to carry your soft gun case like a backpack to free up your arms. You can also carry it with one hand with the grab handles if you prefer. This soft gun case has plenty of interior and exterior pockets for additional supplies such as ammunition and gear for the range. 

The two padded pistol pockets allow you to carry pistols with your rifles and it secures them with interior Velcro straps. Overall, the 3V Gear Ranger double gun case is a great choice for those who demand better protection for their firearms.

Best Overall Soft Rifle Case Alternative: 

3. Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Rifle Bag

Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Rifle Bag

If you’ve done any research into soft rifle cases, you’ve heard of Savior Equipment. They make high-quality rifle bags that will last for years. Made from extremely high-quality materials with a heavy-duty build, the Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Rifle Bag is one of our top choices for soft rifle cases. 

This rifle bag is extremely comfortable for a soft rifle bag and comes fully equipped with a shoulder strap as well as backpack straps. You can even adjust and customize the backpack strap to fit your body better. This makes for a comfortable fit when you’re transporting your guns. 

Stitching and zippers are always an issue with bags, but they took great care to ensure you get the best stitching and super heavy-duty zippers to prevent tearing, ripping or broken zippers. You can take this soft rifle case anywhere and it will hold up. It has just the right amount of pockets for accessories and extra gear such as electronic ear protection, ammo, extra tools and handguns. It’s good to have a soft rifle case that can carry other essential items while protecting your firearm. 

The Urban Warfare tactical rifle bag by Savior Equipment can hold 2 rifles and 2 pistols and has multiple pockets to store extra gear. It’s one of the best double rifle cases on the market. It comes in 36”, 42”, 46”, 51” and 55” to fit your needs and to give you choices when it comes to length. Many people search for a 36-inch soft rifle case but have a hard time finding one. You also get a lifetime warranty in case you have any issues with your soft rifle bag. 

We recommend the Savior Equipment Urban Warfare soft rifle case because it’s tough, rugged and has just the right amount of pockets for your ammo and accessories. It can hold two rifles and handguns and is probably the best-scoped rifle soft case in this price range.

It comes at a great price and has an unquestioned lifetime warranty should you have any concerns. It will last for a very long time and you can carry this bag through any terrain. These are also great for camping trips where your equipment may get shuffled around. 

Best Budget Soft Rifle Case:

4. Dulce Dom Double Rifle Case

Dulce Dom Double Rifle Case

The Dulce Dom double rifle case is a soft gun carry case that can transport multiple firearms including AR 15 rifles, handguns, shotguns and other rifles. You can also carry extra magazines, ammunition, gun range safety gear, electronic earmuffs and more. 

You can literally take this double rifle gun case anywhere because it’s water-resistant and dustproof and does an amazing job at keeping your firearms safe and secure while you travel. This double rifle case is padded and can be used as a rifle backpack as well. It’s comfortable and easy to carry. You can even use it as a padded workstation by laying it flat and opening it up. 

The Dulce Dom double rifle soft case features 3 large front pockets that are perfect for ammo and gear you need to access quickly. It also has Velcro straps and pads that keep your firearms in place. We like the fact that you can carry this soft gun case as a backpack or carry it by the handles.

Best 3 Rifle Soft Case: 

5. Explorer 3 Rifle Soft Gun Case

Explorer 3 Rifle Soft Case

If you routinely transport multiple rifles and pistols, the Explorer Rifle Soft Case is one you want to see. This soft rifle case can carry 3 rifles or shotguns and up to 4 pistols. You can transport an entire arsenal or just enough guns for you and your friends on a hunting trip. The interior is padded and will protect your firearms while you transport them and the exterior is designed rugged and tough. 

The Explorer rifle case has high-quality zippers that exceed military and law enforcement standards. You won’t snag them or get them stuck halfway through unzipping your gun case. There are 3 ways to carry this gun bag: shoulder strap, center handle and shoulder harness. The padded insert doubles as a handy shooting mat. 

We highly recommend the Explorer as one of the best soft rifle cases for users who wish to carry 3 rifles and multiple pistols. 

Best Backpack Soft Rifle Case:

6. Savior Equipment Specialist Series

Savior Equipment Specialist Series Covert SBR Rifle Bag

The Savior Equipment Covert Rifle Bag is a great way to carry your firearms discreetly. You don’t always want people to know you’re carrying and this rifle backpack is a great way to accomplish that goal. It’s made with a 600D PVC shell that’s rugged and will last through years of rough use. The interior lining helps secure your firearms and it even has a quick draw front hidden pocket that’s perfect for a handgun. 

The zippers are lockable so you can keep people from rummaging through your bag while you carry it. This rifle bag makes a great bug-out bag to keep you and your family ready for anything! It has backpack straps that allow you to carry it backpack style and makes it easier to transport. It even has padded drag handles.

We highly recommend this concealed rifle bag for anyone who wants to keep their rifles and handguns concealed while transporting. 

Osage River Tactical Double Rifle Case with Pistol Case 

The Osage River tactical double rifle case is the perfect case for those who want to carry 2 rifles or shotguns and up to 2 handguns. The main storage compartment can hold 2 rifles/shotguns and features a padded divider that protects your firearms and can be removed if you don’t need it. The hook-and-loop straps keep your firearms safe and secure while transporting them. 

While the main compartment is for your rifles or shotguns, the two sidearm pockets are perfect for handguns and magazines. You can store additional ammo in the double mesh pockets so you always know where they are. It has a MOLLE grid for even more customization and backpack straps so you can distribute the weight while you carry it. 

You can carry this double rifle soft gun case multiple ways: by using the padded handle or the adjustable backpack straps for longer excursions. The straps distribute the weight so you can carry more gear without hurting your back. The Osage River is one of the best rifle cases you can buy. 

The zippers are lockable to protect your firearms from unauthorized users and each zipper features a paracord pull so you can grab them easier. Soft gun cases don’t get any tougher than the Osage River tactical double rifle case as it’s made from 600D nylon with special reinforced stitched seams to give extra strength where needed. We like this soft double rifle case because it has everything you need and more.

Luxhmox Double Soft Rifle Case 

The Luxhmox is known as the perfect range bag. It secures your rifles with ease and has plenty of hidden compartments for gear and pockets for ammo and tools. You can load this soft rifle bag up with goodies and it will support the weight with it’s first-rate design and materials. 

You need a tough rifle case to support your essential gear when going to the gun range, hunting trip or campsite and the Luxhmox Rifle Bag is a great choice. Made from super heavy-duty industrial PVC nylon, this bag excels at getting you through extreme conditions. It won’t fray, tear, or unravel. Your guns need protection while in transport and this rifle bag has padded dividers and hook and look straps to keep your rifles in place. 

You can carry 2 rifles, carbines or shotguns as well as 2 pistols in this elite-level soft rifle case and it has a fully padded interior for maximum support. The 2 way zippers allow you to lay your soft rifle case flat on a table or floor to access your gear and it has a removable padded shooting mat to give your rifle more stability when shooting. You can stuff a lot of gear in the auxiliary compartments such as electronic shooting ear muffs, goggles, extra ammo, magazines, 2 pistols and other necessary gear and tools. 

We like the 4 rows of Molle straps on the front that allow you customize your rifle bag to suit your needs. You can attach extra pouches or other useful items so you can quickly grab what you need without searching in pockets or unzipping your bag. 

Overall, we recommend the Luxhmox and recognize it as one of the best double rifle cases on the market. It fits the budget and is made with high-quality materials and is customizable. 

Tacticon Double Rifle Bag

The Tacticon double rifle bag can hold 2 rifles, 2 pistols and plenty of shooting gear such as ammo, electronic hearing protection, shooting glasses and more. This double rifle case is great for anyone that wants an easier way to transport multiple rifles and pistols. It’s made from super-tough 600D PVC nylon and will last a long time. 

You can carry this soft rifle case by hand or as a backpack to free up your arms for other tasks. It even has a removable shooting pad so you don’t have to lay on the bare ground while shooting. 

The company is combat veteran-owned and they stand behind their products. In fact, they offer a lifetime warranty on every rifle case. It comes in two sizes: 36” and 42” depending on the size you need. The lockable zippers keep unauthorized users out of your rifle case and this bag is water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about your firearms getting wet. It even has 6 AR/AK magazine holsters sewn directly into the bag to give you more options. 

We like this double rifle case by Tacticon because it’s incredibly sturdy, holds multiple firearms and the company is owned by a combat veteran that knows what you need in a soft rifle case.

Feastoria Double Long Soft Rifle Case

Feastoria makes an impressive tactical rifle case that gives you everything you need in a soft rifle case. The interior has adequate padding to keep your guns secure and to keep them from sliding around inside. The exterior is made from 900D heavy-duty industrial PVC nylon which is a tough material that can take abuse and will keep your firearms protected while you transport them. You get plenty of pockets for additional gear and ammo and tons of compartments that easily accommodate handguns, mags, electronic earmuffs and more. 

This soft rifle case comes with 2 adjustable shoulder straps for easy backpack carry and a strong handle if you prefer to carry in the middle. If you’re looking for an AR-15 soft case that can carry dual-rifles, this is a case to check out. You can store 2 pistols in the front compartment for fast grab and you get 4 row molle straps that allow you to customize to your liking. 

We highly recommend this AR-15 soft case because it exceeds military and law enforcement standards and doesn’t cost a fortune. 

ArmyCamo Double Rifle Bag

ArmyCamo makes a great soft rifle bag that’s durable, water and dust resistant and has plenty of compartments to store extra gear. It’s made from rugged material that will protect your firearms and ammo from the elements and will last for years. Designed with a double-rifle main compartment with plenty of integrated padded dividers, this rifle bag will secure your guns in place with a hook & loop system that will keep them safe while transporting. 

Not only does the ArmyCamo double rifle case hold 2 rifles, it also has a 26” compartment in the front of the bag that holds 2 pistols, goggles, hearing protection, extra ammo and anything else you want quick access to. You also get 3 exterior pouches that can hold a substantial amount of gear and magazines. The zippers are top-notch and won’t fail, the adjustable straps allow more ways to carry and the zippered tool compartment is a nice touch. 

The 5 rows of Molle straps on each end of the front of the bag give you the option to customize and add your own essential gear to an easy to reach location. This bag has plenty of pockets, compartments, Molle webbing and velcro to transport everything you need for your next adventure. 

Overall, the ArmyCamo double rifle case received stellar reviews and the majority of users rave about this product. 

Guawin Double Rifle Soft Case

The Guawin double rifle bag has all the bells and whistles, but costs less than others in its class. Made from an incredibly durable industrial 600D nylon that will stand the test of time, this soft rifle bag is perfect for hunting trips, outdoor travel, camping and more. Not only is this rifle bag waterproof and dustproof, but it also has double stitching to increase durability and it doubles as an outdoor traveling bag when not carrying rifles. It’s versatile, tough and perfect for most people who simply want to transport their firearms safely and secure. 

You can secure up to 2 rifles, carbines or shotguns in this rifle bag as well as 2 pistols. You get plenty of extra pockets for more gear and a removable padded shooting mat. Utilizing a hook & loop system to keep your bags secure so you won’t have to worry about your guns sliding around inside your bag. 

We like the fact that each rifle gets 3 straps to hold them in place and the waterproof zipper is lockable and will keep out excess water and moisture. You neve know what type of environmental factors you will encounter when you carry your guns, so it’s good to have a bag that will adequately protect them from harm. You can choose between a 36” and 46” double rifle case. 

Bow-Tac Double Rifle Soft Gun Case

The Bow-Tac soft rifle case holds 2 rifles, 2 pistols and comes in 36”, 42, and 46” depending on what type of rifles you have. While it may look plain, this is a well designed rifle bag that will secure and protect your guns. Designed from heavy-duty 600×600 durable and enhanced tensile strength fabric that will hold up for years of hard use. 

The Bow-Tac makes the perfect for the range, camping, hunting, storing firearms, paintball and you can even use it for airsoft. You get plenty of storage space in the form of pockets and large compartments to store gear. You can even store fishing gear in this rifle bag. The interior is robust and has plenty of padding. It also has handy webbing and Molle to secure even more gear for your trips. The Bow-Tac is perfect as an AR-15 soft case that can handle a large scope and scope stand. 

Overall, the Bow-Tec soft rifle case impressed us and we can recommend it as a heavy-duty gun bag that will last forever. 

Greencity Double Rifle Case

The Greencity soft rifle case is a great choice due to sturdy construction, price and quality. It’s water and dust resistant which comes in handy when trekking through the woods or at the campsite. The main compartment is adequately padded and can hold 2 rifles. You have an extra 26” front compartment that’s spacious enough for tons of gear and you can store up to 2 pistols. The Molle webbing is great for adding more gear and tools and the zippered tool compartment ensures you won’t lose anything should you drop the bag or rough it up. 

This soft rifle case by GreenCity is perfect for hunting, camping, traveling and other outdoor activities. This is also a great rifle case for airsoft games. 

Overall, the GreenCity double rifle case is a great choice for those who want a dependable gun bag that doesn’t cost a small fortune. 

WolfWarriorX Long Rifle Soft Case

The WolfWarrior X is a well made rifle case that can hold 2 rifles and individual bullets in the middle to give you quick access to what you need. If you have 2 rifles that you carry often, this is a great bag to get. You can also carry 2 handguns inside and the outer pouches can store up to 3 AR-15 magazines. Carry as a backpack or use the sturdy carry handle to safely transport your firearms while keeping them secure. 

You get a ton of room to customize your rifle bag the way you want it. The interior and exterior pockets make it easy to store and transport everything you need for your firearms including extra ammo. There are 5 rows of Molle straps on each side which is more than other brands and you get a detachable shooting mat included. 

You can’t go wrong with the WolfWarriorX Long Rifle Case! Click the “Shop Now” button below to learn more. 

Soft Rifle Cases

Soft rifle cases or soft gun cases are a great way to protect your firearms. They’re made from heavy-duty materials that are tough and last for years. The stitching is made to last and the zippers are high-quality and don’t snag. 

A soft gun case is easier to maneuver than hard cases and they still protect your firearms in any environment. Soft rifle cases come in various sizes to fit any rifle or shotgun and you can secure pistols and extra ammo as well. 

Many soft rifle cases have multiple compartments to keep your shooting gear organized and ready to go. They’re padded and do a great job at protecting your guns while traveling or hunting. 

It’s easy to find a soft gun case with MOLLE grids to help you secure even more gear without taking up extra space. You can also get a soft gun case with adjustable backpack straps to give you more options to carry it. 

TSA-Approved Soft Gun Case

You can easily find soft gun cases that are TSA-approved in case you travel by plane and want to bring your case with you. It’s always good to check each soft rifle case to ensure the one you’re looking at is TSA-approved just in case. Most brands will display that fact in their descriptions. 

Are Soft Gun Cases Worth It? 

Soft cases are tough, lightweight and do a great job at protecting your firearms. While they may provide less protection versus a hard rifle case, they’re perfect for most gun owners. They’re tough enough and quiet for hunters and are perfect for hunting trips. 

Most soft gun cases are made from nylon fabrics that have incredible durability and will last a long time with heavy-duty use. You can even get a backpack soft rifle case that distributes the weight over your body and keeps your hands free. 

Soft rifle cases can be waterproofed and will float just in case you use them close to water or on the boat. Many users prefer soft rifle cases because they’re easier to maneuver than hard rifle cases and they’re easier to store.

How to Choose Between Hard Gun Cases and Soft Gun Cases

You may be wondering which type of gun case would benefit you the most. The fact that you’re researching means you’re on the right track. You’ve probably read plenty of product descriptions and reviews and are still wondering if you need a hard or soft gun case to protect your guns. It’s a tough decision, but we’re here to help. 

Soft Rifle Cases VS. Hard Rifle Cases

Soft rifle cases are made from lightweight materials that are designed to protect your guns without weighing a ton. They may not be as thick and sturdy as their hard shelled counterparts, but that doesn’t mean they won’t protect your firearms. Soft rifle cases have soft padding on the inside that keep your rifles, shotguns and pistols from moving around. They also absorb shock and keep your guns safe. 

Hard gun cases are made with thick outer shells that are tough and protect your firearms from bumps or drops. They also have multiple layers of foam that you can customize to fit your gear and also to provide an additional layer of protection to your firearms. 

Pros and Cons of Each Type of Gun Case

Hard Rifle Case Pros and Cons

Pros – Hard rifle cases are made with thick shells and multi-layered foam to provide the best possible protection for your firearms. They’re airtight, watertight and will protect your guns from environmental factors on a higher level than soft rifle cases. Hard rifle cases are also crush-proof and many models have integrated wheels to assist with transportation. 

Cons – Hard rifle cases are heavier than their soft counterparts. They’re also bulkier and more difficult to transport and store. They make more noise when moving and are more difficult to carry. You can’t carry them like a backpack as you can soft rifle cases. Hard rifle cases are more expensive than soft rifle cases. In some cases, this is a substantial amount of money. 

Pros and Cons of Soft Rifle Cases

Pros – Soft rifle cases are substantially easier to carry. They’re lighter and most come with a backpack carry option so you can throw them over your shoulders and still have both arms free. Many soft gun cases are designed to float and are perfect for duck hunters and you can use them as cushions when you’re not storing your firearms in them. Soft rifle cases also have tons of compartments to store extra gear, ammo and pistols. 

Cons – Soft rifle cases aren’t as rugged or shock-resistant as hard rifle cases. They can’t weather as much as hard cases either and your firearms may shift easier than they would inside a hard case. 

Overall, both soft and hard rifle cases have pros and cons and you have to decide which type would fit your needs the best.

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