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The Best Bow Cases of 2022

best hard case for compound bows

Archery bows are expensive. It’s not a cheap hobby by any means. You spend your hard earned money on archery supplies and you need to protect your investment. Archery bow cases have come a long way over the years. You can get hard cases with pluckable foam to custom fit your bow and archery supplies. 

Archery bow cases are routinely made from rugged and shockproof materials such as stainless steel and heavy-duty plastics. Many are waterproof, floatable and come with interlocking components that allow you to stack multiple cases safely. There’s no point in buying expensive bows if you aren’t going to take care of them. 

It’s easy to damage your bow while hunting or practicing and that’s exactly why you need a carry-case that can handle the elements. A tight O-Ring seal can waterproof your case and keep out moisture, rain water, dirt and dust that can harm your bow. 

We like the fact that most hard bow cases can float just in case you knock them off the boat!

Here are 3 Reasons to Buy a Bow Case:

  1. The best bow cases are made from tough and shockproof materials that will protect your bow and archery supplies no matter what.
  2. They’re waterproof and many can float.
  3. High-quality bow cases protect your bow and arrows from the elements such as dirt, dust, water, snow and rain. 

These are the toughest and most reliable bow cases on the market. 

Pelican 1745 AIR CASE Bow

You already know that Pelican makes amazing tough boxes that can protect your gear no matter what. The Pelican 1745 AIR CASE is perfect for your bow and accessories. It has neat dividers that help you organize your gear and is made from extremely hard and durable material that will protect your bow and arrows from pretty much anything you can encounter. It’s perfect for travel and transporting expensive gear and will keep you organized and ready to hunt. 

You can take this bow case on an airplane due to the design. It has wheels for easy transportation, robust handles that can hold plenty of weight and strong latches that keep everything in place. This Pelican bow case is the type of protective carrier that can handle years of heavy-duty use without issue.

Plano Mil-Spec Fieldlocker Compound Bow Case

Plano makes some of the best cases for guns and bows. They’re nearly indestructible and will protect your gear from everything. The Plano Mil-Spec is a hard bow case that has a customizable pluck foam interior so you can create the perfect fit. It not only protects your bow, but keeps it secure while traveling or carrying it. 

Speaking of protection; it’s designed with a heavy-duty Dri-Loc gasket that will protect your bow and accessories from the elements. Bad weather can spring up on you in an instant and you have to be prepared for anything when in the woods. 

You can easily secure your bow plus plenty of arrows and archery accessories. This hard bow case is designed to fit Military specifications and is durable enough for any mission or everyday use. The inline wheels make it super easy to transport your heavy gear to the campsite or stand. Plano used the Easy-glide enclosed ball-bearing wheels for easier transportation. 

You can padlock this case to keep unauthorized users from accessing your bow and archery accessories. Plus, it comes equipped with a pressure release valve that enables air pressure equalization that you may experience from abrupt temperature changes or an increase in altitude. 

The Plano bow case is MADE IN THE USA with the highest quality materials you will find. We recommend this hard bow case for anyone looking for the toughest case around. 

Cedar Mill Firearms Triple 3 Hard Bow Case

Cedar Mills Firearms is another company that makes rugged protective cases for bows and archery accessories. The Triple 3 Rifle/Bow case can handle multiple guns or a bow and protects them like nobody’s business. It’s made from shockproof SD3Tek with stainless steel latches. It not only protects your bow from blunt force, but also water, dirt, grime and dust. 

The O-Ring seal keeps out moisture and water and the waterproof IP67 rating makes this the perfect hard case for your bow and archery accessories. It also floats in the unfortunate event you knock it in the water. Egg crate foam is probably the best material to keep your bow and accessories safe and secure while you knock around in the woods.

Measuring a large 44.1 x 18.3 x 7.1, you can fit a bow and archery gear, a shotgun or up to 3 rifles in this protective hard case. It’s also TSA compliant in the event you need to take it on a plane. 

This is one of the largest hard bow cases with foam that you can buy. It has an interlocking system so you can stack multiple cases on top of each other and they won’t fall or slide while transporting. It also has top, bottom and side carry handles to give plenty of options. The Cedar Mill Fine Firearms hard case for bows is hard to beat and we highly recommend this product to protect your expensive hunting gear. 

SKB Cases iSeries 3614 Hard Case for Bow or Crossbow

The SKB 3614 has a custom foam insert that secures parallel limb bows and protects them from damage. It’s waterproof, dust-proof and has a molded-in hinge to give this bow case a little extra protection. If that wasn’t enough, it’s also resistant to UV, fungus and corrosion that can damage your bow and archery accessories. You can also carry a crossbow in this case. 

The MIL-STD-648C ambient pressure equalization valve and molded-in hinge gives you even more protection for your gear and makes this one of the best hard cases for bows on the market. You can even retrofit the trigger release latches with key locking latches that are accepted by TSA to stay compliant. 

Legend Everest Hybrid Roller Bow Case

The Legend Everest bow case is built on a steel metal frame and has thick padding and PE board to protect your bow and archery accessories. While this case isn’t made from hard plastic materials, it has features that make it a great choice to protect your bow from the elements while traveling.

The Legend Everest can store your gear with inside mesh pockets, 2 movable zippered pockets, 3 large front pockets and a mat that gives extra protection. The 1680D nylon is tough and buckled straps do a great job at securing your bow and accessories. 

The case itself only weighs 15lbs and is light enough to carry anywhere. The TSA lock and heavy-duty wheels make it a great travel companion when you want to bring your bow with you. 

Case Club Waterproof Parallel Limb Compound Bow Case

The Case Club bow case can secure a bow up to 40” long and 13.75” wide. It also has space for up to 12 arrows in a secure holder to keep them from getting damaged. You can safely transport everything you need, but keep in mind that not all bows fit this case. You will need to compare measurements to your bow to be sure. 

The Case Club is pre-cut for a better fit and is made from heavy-duty materials that are waterproof and will protect throughout all climates. It’s also air-tight for extra protection and has wheels for easy transport. The silica gel canister is hydro absorbent and will help prevent rust which can cause damage to your bow. 

This hard bow case is approved for airline use so you will be able to travel safely. It’s also built tough enough to allow you to ship the case. You can padlock the built-in holes so no one can break into it. This hard bow case with foam is a great way to protect and secure your bow and archery supplies. 

Flambeau Outdoors Safe Shot Bow Case

The Flambeau Outdoors Safe Shot is one of the best selling archery bow cases on the market. It’s simple, easy-to-use and provides protection for your bow and archery supplies. It has a tough plastic hard shell that’s crush and impact resistant. It has interior foam that’s thick enough to keep your compound bow and arrows safe and secure. 

This bow case has a 12 arrow rubber racking system that keeps your arrows in place and easy to grab. You can attach locks to the lock holes to keep people out and the comfortable handle makes it easy to carry this bow case anywhere you go.

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