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Best Underwater Drones of 2022

Underwater drones are a great way to see the world beneath you. You can explore waterways and record what most people never get to see. Underwater drone cameras can capture pictures and video with high-definition cameras. They’re also great for underwater real-time observation for fishing, exploration, underwater photography and more. 

You can live stream with an underwater drone with a camera and experience a new world. Most underwater drones have the ability to connect to floating Wi Fi buoys so you can stream live video underwater. You can even connect to your phone and stream to your social media accounts. 

Underwater drones are a cool hobby and are perfect for fishing, diving, practicing underwater photography and more. Most can dive fairly deep in the water to shoot video and they have headlights so you can see in dark corners.

Underwater drone video has drastically improved over the years and now you can get super high-definition underwater photography and videos.

These are great for travel due to their compact size and make a fun addition to your underwater gear. Our underwater drone reviews compared leading underwater drone companies to determine the best in each category. 

Here are the best underwater drones with cameras: 

CHASING Dory Underwater Drone 1080p Full HD

The Chasing Dory underwater drone is one of the best on the market. It takes amazing underwater photography with the 1080p full HD camera. It can dive up to 49 feet to give you more control and options when exploring. It gives you real-time footage and has two powerful 250-lumen headlights that allow you to see in dark underwater spaces. 

Your photos and videos will show their true colors no matter the underwater conditions due DORY’S restoration algorithm. You won’t have to worry about the color being off or distorted with the built-in true color feature. An underwater drone camera is a great way to capture images that you can keep. 

The DORY underwater drone with camera is super small and easy to transport. It only weighs 2.5 pounds. The 4800 mAh battery is powerful and will last roughly 1 hour. We like the fact that you can live-stream and share to your social media accounts. Simply set up the Wi-Fi buoy to connect your devices up to 50 feet away so you can control it live. The 50 foot tether comes in handy when connecting the Buoy to the camera. It gives you a green light to let you know it’s ready to go underwater. 

You may be concerned about underwater drone price, but this model isn’t too expensive for what you get. 

Chasing Dory is a great underwater drone that has all the features you need to have a great time playing in the water and recording your footage. You can find this underwater drone on Amazon. 

Gladius MINI Underwater Drone with 4k Camera

The Gladius MINI has a 4k ultra-high definition underwater drone with a camera that allows you to take amazing underwater photography. It has two 1200-lumen headlights that will power through dark spots and the battery will last 2 hours in most conditions. It has 5 thrusters and Intelligent Control algorithms that help you take breathtaking photographs from up to 330-feet deep. 

One helpful feature that other underwater drones may not have is Depth-Lock Mode that keeps the device hovering at a depth that you set. It allows you to stay in certain areas and take the photos you want. This underwater drone can move in all directions up to 4 knots. You can live stream with underwater VR equipment that allows you to share your experience on 3 wireless devices. 

Weighing only 5.5 pounds and measuring 8.9” and 15” makes this an extremely portable underwater drone with a camera. Not only can it dive up to 330 feet, but it has a 100 m tether and game control maneuverability. You can expertly control your drone with a remote controller and move it up, down, lock the depth, adjust the powerful headlights and increase or decrease speed. You can’t go wrong with the Gladius MINI underwater drone.

QYSEA FIFISH V6 Underwater Drone with 4K UHD Camera

The QYSEA FIFISH boasts the world’s 1st Omnidirectional ROV with 4K UHD camera that’s compact size. The motion sensor headset allows full rotation of your underwater drone with seamless movements. It gives you a real-time view so you can immerse yourself underwater. The UHD display is one of the best in the business and ensures you see everything as it was meant to see with true colors. The VR headset has a head tracking feature that puts you in the driver’s seat and gives you a first person view that allows you to control movements by just turning your head. 

You can film underwater life for amateur underwater photography, but it’s also powerful enough for commercial uses. Even if you’re not using this underwater drone to make an income, you can still record and share your adventures on social media instantly. 

The Fifish V6 underwater drone camera has numerous professional applications that allows aquaculture farmers to keep an eye on their facility. It also comes in handy for commercial divers as it allows them to minimize dangers. Police and Coastguard even have uses for this underwater drone as it assists them with underwater operations and inspections. 

You can dive 100 meters for up to 4 hours of dive time with the V6 Fifish. We won’t go into all the technical details of this awesome underwater drone, but know that we are more than impressed with the technical aspects and highly recommend checking this one out.

CellBee Underwater Sea Scooter with Camera

The CellBee underwater drone is fun for water sports, diving and even children can learn to operate and take underwater photos. The CellBee can be used with most underwater sports cameras. It has a powerful motor that can dive to a maximum depth of 98 feet or 30 meters. It reaches a top speed of 2.7mph and has a button that lets you control the speed. Simply press a button for high speed and low speed use. The battery will last roughly 45 minutes if you operate in low-speed mode and about 20 minutes of use in high-speed. 

We like the fact that the CellBee underwater drone has a paren mode, which allows you to control the speed, depth and other attributes so you children can have fun while staying safe. It’s lightweight and relatively small, which is perfect for small children to use at the beach. 

Chasing F1 Fishing Finder Underwater Drone

The Chasing F1 is an underwater drone for fishing or observing underwater life. It can detect up to 28 meters and gives users the ability to know how deep the water is and the temperature. You can also view the topography of the bottom of the lake or other water source. This helps you locate fish and determine their habitat. This is important information to know when choosing a fishing location. 

The Chasing F1 Fishing Finder has an Ultra 1080HD camera that is capable of night view and allows you to see clearly underwater. The infrared camera function gives you great images at night so you will know where to fish. This underwater drone fishing can move horizontally and omni-directionally with the app and has wireless control. You can even set an automatic cruise to go between fishing points. You can even hit one key to have it return back so you don’t lose your fishing equipment underwater. 

Underwater drone fishing is a fun hobby that’s perfect for vacation or just a day at the lake. Made by one of the best underwater drone companies around and it comes at a great price.

We like the long lasting battery that can work continuously for up to 6 hours. You can also replace the battery for even longer use. This is one of the best underwater drones for fishing in the daytime or at night. 

Nemo Underwater Drone with 4K UHD Camera

The Nemo underwater drone is portable and has a balance stabilizing feature that allows you to get super high-quality photos. You can also use wifi to live-stream your videos on your smartphone. The camera shoots up to 4K UHD 30fps video and takes amazing underwater photography with the 16MP megapixel camera. 

This underwater drone can dive up to 328 feet/100 meters with a cable attached so you won’t lose your drone. It boasts a 6.6 foot per second diving speed which gets you to the maximum depth fast so you can explore the underwater world. 

We like the detachable battery design. The Nemo has a powerful C-hyper helix rechargeable battery that can last 3 hours. You can bring multiple batteries for backup on a long trip so you don’t miss anything. There’s nothing worse than to have your kids get excited about using an underwater drone and the batteries go dead. You can buy 3 or 4 batteries and use it all day long. 

These underwater drones are great as a fun activity for both adults and children, but it also has professional capabilities. You can use this drone for scuba diving, underwater exploration, professional film recording, mapping underwater topography, studying marine habitats and more. 

What are Underwater Drones Called?

Underwater drones are also referred to as UUVs or Unmanned Underwater Vehicles. They do not require a human occupant to operate underwater. There are multiple classes of underwater drones that do a multitude of various jobs underwater. 

What Can Underwater Drones Be Used For?

Underwater drones can be used for numerous tasks such as military applications, aquaculture, oil and gas, shipping, search and rescue missions and much more. They can even be used for simply the pure fun of viewing underwater life. 

How Deep Can an Underwater Drone Go?

There are multiple levels of underwater drones that each have varying depths. Commercial underwater drones and those used for military search and rescue missions will be able to go much further than underwater drones you will find for recreational purposes.

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