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The 8 Best Night Vision Binoculars and Monoculars of 2022

Creative XP night vision binoculars goggles

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By: Rome / Last Updated August 10, 2022

Night vision goggles are versatile pieces of gear that are great to have on hand. No longer just for military applications; night vision goggles are useful for hunting, night shooting, scoping out new areas at night and survival applications. 

There are multiple variations and brands of night vision goggles that you will need to be aware of before making a buying purchase. Here’s a quick list of different types of night-vision:

  1. Night vision goggles
  2. Night vision binoculars
  3. Night vision monocular
  4. Night vision scope
  5. Night vision telescope
  6. Night vision binoculars with camera
  7. Infrared goggles

The most popular types you will see are night vision binoculars and night vision monoculars. Also, there are different levels of night vision goggles that you will want to research when choosing the best goggles for your needs. 

Here’s Why You Need Night Vision Goggles:

  1. They help you see at night and can be useful for multiple applications.
  2. You can use them for locating new areas at night.
  3. They’re easy to store and make a great addition to your gear.

We won’t bore you with all the details, so here are the best night vision goggles on Amazon. 

Bushnell Night vision Equinox Z2 Monocular

You get a lot for your money with the Bushnell Equinox Z2 Monocular. It magnifies your target up to 6x with a 50mm objective lens and features a built-in infrared illuminator that creates a clear view at night and low-light conditions during the day. You can live stream your videos to your cell phone or tablet and snap some of the highest quality photos during the day or night. 

The Bushnell night vision monocular gives you the power to control features such as zoom, image capture, IR brightness and video recording all from your phone. We like the technology that supports these night vision goggles. You get the night vision monocular and a carry case. 

Sionyx Aurora I Full-Color Infrared Night Vision Monocular

The Sionyx Aurora I is a full-color digital night vision monocular with tons of options. Designed with ultra low-light infrared sensor technology with a rugged build. The Sionyx Aurora I is perfect for hunting, boating and tactical applications. These night vision goggles are military grade and weapon rated for serious missions. They’re also great for airsoft play. 

The long-range infrared capabilities in monochrome or color allow you to see far away objects at night. Use the infrared illuminator for pitch black lighting. These are water resistant for unpredictable weather patterns and features a GPS, compass and accelerometer. Sync this monocular to your mobile device for wireless video streaming. 

We like these night vision monocular because you can use them as a camera, rifle mounted night vision or for boat navigation. It’s also tough and can be submerged in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. 

Creative XP Night Vision Binoculars

If you’re looking for an inexpensive pair of night vision binoculars, these are worth researching. The Creative XP night vision binoculars allow you to see clearly in pitch-black darkness. These feature a No-Glow infrared illuminator and give you the ability to watch animals for hours without a light source. You can even snap photos of what you’re seeing with ease. Simply save the images to a memory card and download them to your computer. 

The viewing screen is ample and measures 2.31” so you can view your target easily with crystal-clear viewing thanks to the 25mm multi-coated objective. It also has 4x digital zoom so you can see up to 1000 feet away. You get a ton of extras with these night vision binoculars such as a protective case, USB cable, 32GB SD card, neck strap for easy carry, phone card reader, cleaning cloth and a manual. If you’re looking for night vision goggles that are affordable, check these out as many users say they’re the best infrared binoculars for under $200.

Vabsce Digital Night Vision Binoculars

The Vabsce digital night vision binoculars allow you to see in complete darkness. It has a No-Glow infrared illuminator that gives it an advantage over other night vision binoculars. You can see animals, plants and other structures clearly even in 100% darkness.

These digital night vision binoculars has 3 modes depending on your needs: video recording, camera and playback so you can see what you recorded. You never know when you will need to capture high-quality images and video at night or in dark areas. 

You get 3X digital zoom with these night vision binoculars so you can see far away and illuminate objects from a distance. The viewing screen is an LCD widescreen that measures 3.6” and is easy to see. The 5W built-in infrared LED allows you to see objects up to 980 feet away while in complete darkness and even further with an external power supply. 

We like the Vabsce digital night vision binoculars because they’re powerful, easy to use and allow you to see a long distance in complete darkness.

Stilnend Night Vision Goggles

Stilnend makes some of the best-selling night vision binoculars and goggles on the market. They provide super high-quality optical clarity and 4x digital zoom so you can get a clear image of your target. The 24mm objective aperture gives you a full range of vision and it has a large wide screen so you can see clearly. 

You can see up to 1300ft in total darkness with these long range night vision binoculars and you have infrared adjustment that you can customize depending on your environment. Not only are these binoculars powerful, but they also give you up to 8 hours of nonstop use with the IR illuminator and 17 hours without IR. This is all powered with 6 AA batteries, so you can carry extras if you need more runtime. 

This is a complete night vision package and comes with the night vision binoculars, neck strap, data cable, backpack, 32G SD card, cleaning cloth and the user manual. 

JStoon Night Vision Goggles 

The JStoon night vision goggles are high-quality and get the job done. You can choose from two colors: black and green camouflage. These night vision binoculars have a 2.31” TFT view screen that’s easy to view and can be converted to a 3” viewing screen. The JStoon night vision binoculars allow you to capture crystal clear images and video in pitch-black darkness. 

These night vision binoculars feature 3x magnification during day and night for those times when you can’t get close to your target. Videos are easy to watch on the LCD screen display and you can connect these to your computer via USB. They feature a long viewing distance of up to 984 feet and a long continuous runtime for up to 6 hours non-stop. 

We like the JStoon night vision binoculars because they produce great images and videos with long runtime.

TKKOK D80 Night Vision Binoculars

The TKKOK night vision binoculars are great for long-distance viewing and have a built-in 5W infrared LED that allows you to see in complete darkness. The 850nm illuminator has a range of up to 1640ft and you can use it as a telescope with infrared on or off. The screen is larger than most at 3” and you can convert it to a 4”’ viewing screen. It has 20x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom so you can pinpoint an object to focus on. The 30mm objective aperture gives you a full view and you can capture amazing images. 

We like the Tkkok night vision binoculars because they’re easy to use, powerful and has long distance viewing with zooming options. You can use the USB cable and transfer your photos to your computer so you will always have them. 

Fairfield Nightfall Night Vision Monocular

The Fairfield is a great choice for a dependable night vision monocular. It’s professional-grade and can enhance images in total darkness by amplifying available light by using an electro-optical operating system. It drastically enhances visibility at night and doesn’t require an artificial light source. The housing is rugged and water-resistant so you can take it anywhere in the field. 

The Fairfield Nightfall monocular allows you to see approximately 100yds and you can adjust the eyepiece to fit your needs. This is one of the best night vision monocular for the price. 

Night Vision Goggles FAQ

Night Vision Goggle Buyer’s Guide

Night vision goggles are devices that allow you to see in complete darkness. You can work hands-free and operate firearms or other tools versus having to hold them in place. A great pair of night vision goggles can make your job or task 100% easier and more efficient. Expect to pay thousands of dollars for high-quality night vision goggles such as those used by military and law enforcement. 

Night vision goggles stay on your head and move with you. The only downside is they usually don’t magnify and what you see is basically what you would be able to see in the daytime with your own eyes. While night vision goggles are routinely used by law enforcement and the military, they are less popular than consumer night vision binoculars and monoculars. You may find you really only need a great pair of night vision binoculars or monoculars for hunting or checking out your property. 

Night Vision Binoculars

Night vision binoculars do a great job at allowing you to see better at night. They combine digital and analog to give you the best picture possible. They’re easy to use and an affordable night vision device that you can use for various tasks. Night vision binoculars excel at magnifying from a long distance while standing in place. You can use these to see across fields with a great amount of magnification. Many night vision binoculars are perfect for long-distance viewing but not so easy to use for items close up due to the fact that they’re usually zoomed or magnified. 

Night Vision Monocular

A night vision monocular works in a similar manner as night vision binoculars but they are lighter and take up less space in your bag. Monoculars don’t magnify and you can view through them with one eye. They’re extremely compact and lightweight and you can mount them onto your headgear or weapon. A dependable pair of night vision monoculars can outdo many other types of night vision devices due to their versatility, compact size and number of functions. 

Best Night Vision Monocular

The best night vision monocular depends on how much you want to pay and other features such as size, weight and power. You can find a great civilian use night vision monoculars without breaking the bank. It’s important to read reviews and see how other users enjoyed using them to find the best night vision monocular for your needs. 

Night Vision Scopes

Night vision scopes attach directly to your rifle and allow you to see at night. There are basically two different types of night vision scopes: one fits on your rifle exactly like a rifle scope and the other fits in front of your existing rifle scope and are easy to remove when you want to use your original scope. Night vision scopes usually outperform the type that goes in front of your existing scope and are more widely used. 

Affordable Night Vision

Night vision can range from relatively cheap to thousands and thousands of dollars. It depends on the type of tasks you wish to accomplish with your night vision devices. Most civilians use night vision is affordable as long as you shop around to find the best prices.

Monoculars Vs. Binoculars

You may be thinking binoculars are better than monoculars, but keep in mind that monoculars have their place too. They’re lightweight and sometimes easier to use than binoculars. Night vision monoculars are also easier to store when not using due to their size. Many users report that binoculars are the more comfortable out of the two, but it all depends on your personal preference.

What is the Best Brand of Night Vision Goggles?

The best brand of night vision goggles depends on which features are the most important to you and the amount of money you’re willing to spend. Some night vision goggles are thousands of dollars and are military-grade, while others only cost a few hundred dollars and are used for hunting. You have to consider the pros and cons of the more expensive goggles and go from there. 

What Night Vision do Navy Seals Use?

Seal Team Six wore an amazing set of four-tube night vision goggles during a world famous raid. Each soldier was issued a staggering 465,000 pair of night vision goggles that had four tubes for the ultimate field of vision. These night vision goggles are far superior to the usual two-tube goggles because you’re able to see much more with a field of vision of 120 degrees. Most people will never need a pair of goggles like the Seal Team Six wore and would be just fine using a much cheaper pair. 

Are Night Vision Goggles Illegal to Own in the US? 

Night vision binoculars, goggles and monoculars are legal to own in the U.S. However, you may want to check your local laws as this website does not give legal advice. This is especially true if you live in California as they have laws affecting sniper scopes. 

Can Civilians Buy Night Vision Goggles?

You don’t have to be military to purchase night vision goggles. Civilians have the right to own night vision image intensifiers for personal use. There are currently no government restrictions on night vision gear, especially those that you can purchase on Amazon, Walmart and Cabelas. 

Do Night Vision Goggles Work in Total Darkness?

Yes, you can see in total darkness with night vision goggles. They use natural light to create an image even on a moonless night. You don’t always realize that there’s some light even when it’s nearly completely dark outside. Night vision goggles are able to pull from natural sources of light, but may not work as well when there isn’t a strong source of light.

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