The Best Trail Cameras of 2022

best trail camera

Trail cameras are a great way to capture images of deer or other game you wish to track. You can see exactly what crosses through certain spots and allows you to find game trails so you know where to place your food plot or deer stand. 

You can also use trail cameras to capture activity on your property or in the woods. They use infrared night vision so you can take images without spooking animals and they’re easy to hide so no one will know where you set them up. Not only do trail cameras take amazing photos of wildlife, they’re rugged and tough enough to survive in any climate until you come back to retrieve the footage. 

Setting up your trail camera is easy and you can download the images to your computer to show your friends and keep a record of game activity on your property. Many trail cameras also support video and take great videos so you know where to scout for tracks to find more game. 

You can use trail cameras for wildlife monitoring, hunting, property monitoring and home security. Many burglaries have been solved with the help of trail cameras that caught perpetrators leaving the scene of the crime. 

Here’s How You Can Benefit From Having Trail Cameras:

  1. They help you keep track of deer or game on your property or hunting lease.
  2. You can set them up anywhere including your home. 
  3. They can be used as security cameras to capture images of thieves to be used in court. 

Game cameras or trail cameras have multiple uses and can be used in a variety of activities. There are thousands of brands and types of trail cameras to choose from, so we narrowed it down to the best trail cameras for your money. 

Vikeri 1520P 20MP Trail Camera

If you’re looking for super high resolution with a fast trigger speed – this is the trail camera to check out. It’s one of the best selling trail cameras on Amazon. It has 1520P HD and 20MP resolution for photos that you can view on the 2.4” LCD color screen. The video quality is high-quality and audible. You can even capture great images at night. 

This rugged trail camera is waterproof and made from heavy-duty IP66 materials that not only protect the lens inside, but will also survive even the roughest storms or weather. It’s also drop-proof in case it gets knocked down and dust-proof in the event you place it in a dry environment. It could even survive a desert due to the design and materials used. 

We like how the trigger speed is lighting fast at 0.2 seconds. You’ve probably seen hundreds of game photos that were blurry or missed the animal completely because it didn’t snap fast enough. This trail camera has a trigger speed that can capture anything once movement is detected. It also gives you 1 – 3 shots so you can see what you’re looking at. The wide angle lens gives you a wide view and the no glow infrared LEDs keeps your camera stealthy and doesn’t scare away game. 

This trail camera is one of the best on the market and one of our favorites. 

Campark Trail Camera 

The Campark has been upgraded in 2021 and is a top seller in hunting and trail cameras. You can choose from different types of camo and it has a ton of new features that make it a great hunting camera. It has the ability to capture 20 megapixel images as well as full HD 1080P videos so you can get a better idea of what’s lurking in the woods or on your property. The trigger speed is one of the fastest on the market at 0.3 seconds and will capture photos without delay. 

This trail camera has a trigger distance of 65 feet and makes a great scouting camera. It features 3 passive infrared sensors that detect movement even in total darkness. It’s equipped with upgraded LEDs that don’t use a bright flash to take pictures.

We like this trail camera because it’s tough, has a wide angle lens and a quick trigger. It’s also waterproof and can take abuse and continue taking pictures. 

Wosoda 16MP 1080P Trail Camera

The Wosoda trail camera is perfect for hunting, scouting game, monitoring wildlife and home security. It takes amazing photos and videos with color images during the day and black and white at night. Not just for hunting, this makes a great home surveillance camera to capture evidence of burglaries or trespassing. 

The trigger is fast on this trail camera and picks up on movement quickly. It also has multi-recording modes to give you more options. You can also take images of cold blooded animals and amphibians such as reptiles. It has a large screen that allows you to watch your footage on the screen or you can remove the SD card and watch them on your computer. This trail camera is a great choice for anyone that wants a high-quality hunting camera without spending a ton of money. They even give you a discount if you buy a 2-pack. 

GardePro A3 Trail Camera

This trail camera takes crystal clear images and has tons of features that makes it one of the best you can buy. It has a lightning fast trigger at 0.1 second with a 0.5 second recovery time to make it one of the fastest trail cameras on the market. It detects up to 82 feet which is plenty for tracking game and it’s easy to use. You get a TV remote style controller so you can use it with ease. 

The screen is 2.31” and high resolution so you can check your photos and video on the trail and reset it. The playback is easy and it uses up to 128GB SD cards to capture tons of footage. It has low light sensitivity, blur reduction and takes great pictures even at night. The night vision has a 100 foot flash range to capture everything in its path. 

Campark Mini Trail Camera

This mini trail camera makes a great scouting camera. It’s tiny and easy to carry. You have more location choices due to its size and it’s easier to hide. The LCD color monitor is 2” and the perfect size to view your captured images on the trail. It takes high-quality photos and features full HD 1080P videos so you can see exactly what’s in the woods or around your home. 

The wide angle lens features 120 degrees and a long-range day and night vision distance. It can reach out and take images of animals or people without them knowing it. This trail camera uses infrared LEDs for night shots. It has a fast trigger and waterproof capabilities and is one of the best hunting cameras you will find for the price. 

Kufa Mini Trail camera 

The Kufa mini trail camera is compact and easy to conceal in the woods or around your property. You don’t want animals or people to find your trail camera and this one is perfect for hiding. It fits in the palm of your hand, but don’t let that fool you, it takes amazing pictures and videos. It has full HD 1080P and 16MP for taking some of the best pictures and videos. The infrared sensor gives you a wide field of view at 120 degrees. 

The motion detector on this trail camera is super fast at 0.2 seconds up to 65 feet which is the perfect distance to capture images of game or someone prowling on your property. The non glow infrared LEDs won’t spook animals and can take pictures at night. Set this trail camera up in your field, woods or around you home to monitor activity. 

Are Trail Cameras Worth It?

Trail cameras are absolutely worth purchasing! You can use trail cameras for hunting, home security and other applications. You may be wondering if trail cameras can help you become a better hunter. 

Trail cameras allow you to monitor multiple hunting sites at the same time. Basically, you don’t have to be in each area all the time to see what type of animal is crossing your camera. Trail cameras allow you to see if you need to bait more or stop wasting time on a particular hunting spot. You can also see what’s eating your corn and at what time. This allows you to plan your hunting trips in a more strategic manner. 

How Many Trail Cameras Do I Need?

Most experts say that you need one trail camera for every 100 acres. Depending on the size of your property or hunting club, you may need a host of trail cameras to adequately survey your area. Most hunters use more than one trail camera to ensure they’re getting the big picture as to what is on their property. 

Should I Check Trail Cameras During Off Season?

You definitely should continue to monitor your property with trail cameras even during the off season. This gives you an overview of how to plan your next year of hunting. You can use your cameras to track deer herds and to record patterns. You can use the offseason to track data and to continue your efforts to improve year after year. 

Do Trail Cameras Make Good Security Cameras?

Many people use trail cameras for home security. Trail cameras cost substantially less than other home security cameras and make a great option for those who don’t want to spend extra money on more cameras. They’re a great choice because they have motion sensors to take photos and video, plus they time stamp the image. This gives you everything you need to determine when someone entered your property and can give police officers something they can use to arrest.

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