Reapr Survival Spear Weapon Review

The spear has been regarded as the ultimate survival weapon since humans learned how to make them. They’ve been utilized as hunting tools and survival weapons ever since. Ask any martial arts practitioner and they will tell you the spear is the most versatile weapon ever conceived. In fact, people still use them all over the world. Now you can own your very own tactical spear without having to make it yourself.  

Designed with a robust blade and hefty staff – the Reapr Tactical Survival Spear it’s the ultimate tool for survival, hunting and outdoor adventure. Tactical spears are perfect for the field as they are designed with a multitude of tactical uses. Not just for looks, tactical spears make great weapons and can pierce, breach, pry or impale. There are countless tactical uses beyond the cool factor of owning a spear. -CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON 

2Cr13 Stainless Steel Precision Cast Head 

The Reapr Survival Spear comes equipped with a large blade that is perfect for cutting, prying, stabbing and breaching. It’s large and hefty enough for heavy-duty tasks. The blade is 8 inches and has a black-oxide finish that’s rust resistant and super easy to clean. The Reapr tactical spear comes to you with a razor-sharp blade straight from the box. You won’t have to customize the blade as it is the perfect survival spearhead that has tons of tactical uses.  

Rugged Spear Handle 

While the blade may be the first thing you notice about a spear, the handle or shaft must be sturdy enough to handle heavy impact or it will shatter. The Reaper 11003 survival spear has a comfortable and hefty handle that won’t buckle under pressure. The shaft of this spear is round and great for indexing the blade to different positions in your hand.The nylon-fiberglass handle is reinforced and designed for impacts and pressure from thrusting, stabbing and prying. Needless to say, it’s tough and rated for combat and tactical uses.  

Rubberized TPR Snap Sheath 

Tactical spears are deadly weapons and should be treated as such. The Reapr survival spear has safety features to keep you safe such as a rubberized sheath to secure the blade from accidental injuries. It’s quick to remove and keeps your spear ready for action.  

Throwable Tactical Spear 

Why buy a tactical spear if you can’t throw it? The Reapr spear can be thrown, however it may take some practice to get it right. Similar to throwing tomahawks or axes, you have to find your groove and practice. You won’t be able to spear a fish on your first attempt, but anything is possible with some practice.  

Makes a Great Conversation Piece 

You can hang these tactical spears on the wall in your man cave, workshop, home office or work office if you’re brave enough. They make great conversation pieces and show you’re the adventurous type. Many people hang these up in their workshops to throw when they have a spare minute.  

Extremely Durable Tactical Spear 

The Reapr survival spear will outperform other tactical spears in its class. You can throw it at hard trees, hunt and use as a survival tool and the Reapr spear will continue to impress. Tactical spears make some of the best survival tools you can buy due to their many uses as a weapon and tool.  

Perfect Defense Weapon 

Aside from carrying a firearm, tactical spears make great self-defense weapons. The staff by itself is enough to incapacitate someone and the knife blade adds to the Reapr’s effectiveness. You never know what or who you’ll encounter when walking in the woods and it’s great to be prepared. People have taken down small and large game with spears for centuries and tactical spears improve on the design. They’re perfect for keeping wild animals away while hiking or camping. 

Effective Hunting Spear 

Spears were designed by primitive humans as a means to put food on the table. If your spear was ineffective or broke, your family didn’t eat. Spears have come a long way due to technological advances and knowledge. One tactical spear will outlast hundreds of primitive spears and can be used to bring down game. Obviously, you must learn how to properly use a spear before even considering using it for hunting, but practice makes perfect.  

Great Addition to Your Knife Collection 

Tactical spears make a great addition to your knife collection. They’re versatile and have tons of survival applications. If you like blades, you’ll love handling a full-size tactical spear.  


The blade measures 8 inches and is double-edged for more cutting applications. The handle is 36 inches long and made from nylon-fiberglass with TPR hi-grip for additional strength and precision. The Reapr survival spear weighs 40.8 ounces and is well-balanced for ultimate precision and tactical uses. The entire Reapr survival spear measures 44 inches overall.  

  • 8” blade 
  • 36” handle 
  • 44” overall length 
  • 40.8 ounces total weight 

Get it Just Because 

Do you really need a tactical spear? Maybe, maybe not, but why deprive yourself of one of the coolest pieces of tactical gear you can find? It actually has tons of survival and tactical uses and can be used for hunting purposes. You can read reviews of people who have used them for years if you need an excuse to buy one. We always say that you can never have too much tactical gear and it’s better to be prepared than not. 

Our Take 

Tactical spears make a great addition to any survival, tactical, outdoor or hunting gear. They have tons of real-world applications and can take abuse. They make great hiking partners and can keep wild animals and snakes from getting too close. Spears have been used by humans since we first began making tools and tactical spears are one heck of an upgrade. The Reapr spear is large and sturdy enough for heavy-duty use. The blade is double-edged and can cut, stab, pierce and pry you to safety. The shaft is sturdy enough to use as a weapon and is reinforced for extra heft. If you’re looking for the ultimate addition to your knife collection, the Reapr Survival Spear is exactly what you’re looking for.  

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