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CiTree Portable Cigar Humidor Review

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CiTree makes great cigar smoking products. If you do a quick Google search to find the best travel cigar humidors, CiTree humidors will likely be peppered througout your searches. They’ve been extensively tested and enjoyed by tons of smokers all over the world. If you’re looking for a premium cigar travel humidor that won’t break the bank, you’ll want to check out the CiTree humidors.  

CiTree uses high-quality materials in the construction of their travel cigar humidors. Leather on the exterior and cedar for the interior. This cigar travel humidor holds enough cigars for an extended weekend or a night out with some cigar smoking friends. -CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON 

Take 4 Cigars With You Anywhere 

The CiTree travel humidor holds up to 4 cigars with a maximum measurement of 7” and a ring gauge of 56. You could possibly fit more cigars if they’re smaller. The cedar tray is molded to hold your cigars and protect them from outside forces such as drops, bumps and bruises that could damge your favorite cigars and make them harder to smoke. This travel cigar humidor is the perfect size to keep at your office or at home for the off-the-cuff smoking sessions.  

Easy to Use Travel Humidor 

The CiTree is super easy to use and you do not have to have any experience to figure it out. Just add distilled water to the humidifier and drop it in your case. You can also use humidor solution that you can find at most cigar shops or online. This will keep your cigars from drying out and becoming harder to smoke. A good humidor system like this will keep your cigars fresh and ready to smoke at a moment’s notice.  

Perfect for Travel 

These cigar cases are great for those who like to travel and take their cigars with them. Just throw it in your suitcase and you’re ready to go. They’re perfect for vacations where you may not be able to find your favorite cigars. Not all small towns have premium cigar shops and may only have gas stations that sell the cheap “cigars.” We all know those can’t even come close to comparing to a nice cigar and they’re usually made with unnatural ingredients or trash tobacco. Your best bet is to bring your own cigars with you when you travel.  

Great Cigar Case for Camping and Road Trips 

You never know when you’ll get the urge to go camping or take a day-long road trip so it’s best to have the gear you need ahead of time. A quality cigar case will serve you through many road trips and are good to have for impromptu camping trips.  

Comes with Cigar Cutter and Cigar Lighter 

A cigar travel humidor set wouldn’t be complete without the proper cigar smoking accessories. The CiTree cigar humidor comes equipped with a stainless-steel cigar cutter and a double jet flame lighter that you can refill and use over and over. Cigar cutters and lighters are essential to enjoying a good cigar and this cigar smoking kit gives you some great items to get started. Keep in mind that the cigar lighter comes without butane due to shipping regulations so you will have to fill it yourself. This is a great kit even if you already have cigar lighters and cutters because they’re easy to lose and anyone can benefit from extra cigar supplies. 

We recommend this portable cigar humidor not only because of the high level of craftsmanship, but also because you get the accessories you need to get started. If you already have a good cigar cutter and cigar lighter, it’s always good to collect extras.

Soft Leather Exterior/ Cedar Wood Interior 

The best cigar travel humidors are usually made with high-quality leather on the outside and Spanish cedar interiors. This makes them last a long time and the Spanish cedar gives your cigar case a nice aroma. The CiTree uses soft leather that feels nice in your hands and looks great. It’s shiny, classy and is perfect for any setting, professional or casual. The interior is lined with cedar to give your cigars a nice smell and helps keep them fresh.  

Equipped with a Humidifier 

You need a good portable cigar humidor if you smoke cigars regularly. Good cigars need a little special care, especially if you don’t smoke them immediately after purchasing them. The cigar shop kept them in a walk-in humidor, so you need a case that will keep your cigars fresh at home. The CiTree humidifier keep the humidity levels at the perfect level to keep your cigars from drying out. There’s nothing worse than a dried-out cigar when you really want to smoke. It won’t taste good and can give you a terrible headache. Some cigars become completely impossible to smoke once they dry out. You can easily avoid this by putting your cigars in a cigar humidor.  

What You Get

The CiTree cigar humidor comes with everything you need to start smoking cigars. This includes: 

  1. Travel leather cigar humidor 
  2. U shaped cedar wood tray 
  3. Cigar travel humidor 
  4. Dual flame cigar lighter 
  5. Stainless-steel cigar cutter 

The cigar cutter and lighter fit nicely in the interior pockets of the cigar case. Remember, the cigar lighter does not come with butane and you will need to purchase it separately if this is a gift. The zipper is sturdy and won’t get stuck. CiTree took great care in choosing the best zippers for their cigar cases. 

Our Take 

If you smoke cigars often, you need the best cigar travel humidor you can find. We believe the CiTree travel humidor to be one of the best on the market in this price range. It has everything you need and comes with a cigar lighter and cigar cutter. It’s a great kit for beginner cigar smokers and long-time smokers. It also makes the perfect gift for the cigar smoker on your Christmas list. The leather is high-quality and the interior is lined with cedar to give it a nice aroma and to make your cigar case smell better. The humidifier works well and keeps your cigars ready to go and the case itself is the perfect size for an extended weekend, vacation, camping trip or anywhere outside the house. If you smoke on the road a lot, you need a good cigar travel humidor and CiTree is a great choice.  

This is one of our top choices for those looking for gifts for cigar smokers as it comes with everything you need to get started smoking your favorite cigars. 

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