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Bastion Bolt Action EDC Pen Review

Bastion titanium edc pen

Everyone needs a pen whether you work in an office, at a construction site, run your own business, or make sales calls while on the road, you need a dependable pen. You never know when you will need to jot down an important phone number or sign a document during the business day. As with every single product on the market, not all pens are made equal. A good writing pen is more than just a pen, it’s a handy tool that you should always have with you. 

Bastion Bolt Action Pen

The Bastion line of EDC (everyday carry) pens took things a step further by creating some of the toughest pens on the market. In fact, Bastion pens can be used as an emergency tool or a self-defense item that won’t raise any eyebrows.

4 Metals to Choose From

Bastion bolt action pens are made with rugged metal and you can choose from a variety of finishes such as 100% stainless steel, titanium, copper, and brass, each with its own personality and style. 

Bastion copper edc bolt action pen

The Bastion Copper Bolt Action Pen is classy, elegant and built like a tank.

What Are Bolt Action Pens?

A bolt action pen is usually made of a type of metal such as copper, titanium, stainless steel, or aluminum. They’re far more rugged than regular pens and can last forever if you take care of them. Bolt action pens have become extremely popular due to their functionality as an emergency tool as well as a superb writing instrument. Not only are they easier to use than cheap plastic pens, but they’re fun to click when you’re bored. Bolt action pens make a great fashion statement and show that you’re serious about your work. Here are a few reasons to own a bolt action pen:

  1. They’re substantially tougher than regular pens
  2. You can choose your metal
  3. Fun to play with 
  4. Heavy and reliable
  5. Can be used as a tool or emergency item

If you’re like me and wear a pen everywhere you go, then you can appreciate the practicality of a metal bolt action pen. They can be attached to your pocket, leather binder, or even worn around your neck on a lanyard. 

Bolt Action Pens and EDC

It’s a good idea to plan what you carry in your pocket on a daily basis to make sure you have what you need for the day. EDC or everyday carry is the concept of keeping the tools you need on you at all times. Metal bolt action pens make a great addition to your EDC because they can be used for self-defense or as a tool for various situations. You never know when you will need a piece of metal and bolt action pens can serve multiple daily functions. 

Hefty Metal Pen

Simply holding a Bastion pen in your hand gives you satisfaction while contemplating your next word to write. The weight, finish and style gives you a great first impression when handing it to someone and they’re great conversation starters. The bolt action function is sturdy and quite frankly addictive to click while thinking. The clip is extremely tough and tight and can be used to attach your Bastion pen to your shirt pocket or pants. I personally never leave home without a pen attached to my shirt even if I’m in a muscle shirt because I never know when I’ll get a business call or meet someone whose number I need to jot down. 

Emergency Use and Self Defense Applications

Beyond the pleasing aesthetics of Bastion pens are the functionality they possess. The first time you hold a Bastion pen you can tell immediately that this pen can be used to knock out a window or attacker due to the design and weight. It packs a mean punch and can literally be used as a tool to get you out of a sticky situation. One testing of a Bastion pen will have you purchasing Bastion pen refills and ditching your regular pens. 

Bastion metal edc pen

The Bastion Brass EDC Pen makes a great addition to any office.

Personalized Your Pen

A feature I absolutely love about my Basion pen is that you can have it engraved. Nothing personalizes a pen better than a nice engraving and they make amazing gifts and can be handed out as a groomsmen gift. I wouldn’t normally engrave a pen but Bastion pens feature a premium machined CNC precision design that’s fine-tuned and will last a lifetime. You can purchase a few of these and can simply refill them once they run out of ink. 

Rugged Metal Pens Last Forever

One properly balanced pen that features a heavy-duty build is worth more than a thousand cheap pens. Metal pens also make a great impression when signing business documents or meeting with clients. They present a confident and appealing impression that clients remember. You don’t have to worry about your bolt action EDC pen leaking or spilling ink all over your important documents thank to the reinforced cartridge that keeps ink secure and prevents spillage. Ink cartridges are inexpensive and easy to replace so you can keep a few backups in your office just in case you run out during an important business meeting. 

Bastion titanium edc pen

Titanium is stronger than steel and the Bastion Titanium Pen is one of the best and is rugged, yet refined enough for any job. 

I’m currently using the 100% stainless steel Bastion pen and absolutely love it! It feels nice in your hand and writes perfectly. It fits my style and works well with my business suits. I’m already looking at getting the Bastion copper pen as it has an attractive finish with a classy look that will look great in my office. The brass option is not coated, but is made with genuine brass that creates a nice patina with use over time. It will look aged and vintage to give it personality the more you use it. Bastion also makes the 100% Titanium pen that features a TC4 hardness and is actually tougher than steel and will last forever. 

Here are a few of my favorite features of Bastion Bolt Action Pens: 

  1. Built like a tank
  2. Easy to grip
  3. Flawless machining
  4. Bolt action makes the perfect fidget toy during meetings
  5. Perfectly weighted
  6. Low profile pocket clip
  7. Extremely durable
  8. Can break a window
  9. Ergonomic
  10. Suitable for any work environment
  11. Refillable ink
  12. Reduced writing fatigue
  13. Responsive
  14. Plenty of heft

Bastion pens can hold at extreme temperatures and fight against corrosion while providing you with the best writing pen you’ve ever used. I highly recommend them to anyone that wants a pen that can last a lifetime through heavy-duty use. 

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