6 Best RV and Trailer Covers of 2022

RVs, travel trailers, Fifth wheels and camper trailers are a great way to escape your daily routine and enjoy some outdoor time. Owning an RV or travel trailer is a big responsibility and you must take proper precautions to protect your investment. RVs are expensive and require some work to keep them in working condition year after year. 

RV and trailer covers are a great way to get more out of your investment. They protect your RV from outside elements and make them last longer. RV covers are made from thick materials that are waterproof and protect your vehicle when you’re not using it. Most covers are also windproof, tear resistant, and ultraviolet proof to provide the most protection possible.

Thick RV and camper covers have the ability to help your RV keep its resale value as high as possible by slowing down premature aging due to weather and sunlight. 

There are many types and brands of RV and trailer covers, here are our favorites: 

King Bird Travel Trailer RV Cover

The King Bird travel trailer RV cover comes in various sizes to fit all types of rigs. It’s tough and provides plenty of coverage for all seasons. The fabric is thick, strong and features Rip-stop for a long-lasting cover. It has 5 layers for ultimate protection from the elements such as dirt, dust, rain, snow, bumps and bruises that will eventually happen. It’s also windproof and features special reinforced patches for even more protection. 

There’s plenty of ventilation with this RV cover. It has 6 air vents on each side that lower wind stress on your rig. The cool part is the rollable zippered doors that give you access to the engine and RV doors so you can enter without having to remove the entire RV cover. You get 2 sturdy straps that secure your cover and protect it from flying away during windy weather. 

We like the King Bird travel trailer RV cover because it provides stellar protection and has many helpful features. 

Leader Accessories Windproof Travel Trailer RV Cover

Leader Accessories makes great outdoor products and this RV/Camper cover is a great option. It comes in multiple sizes that will fit a broad range of trailers. It’s made from heavy-duty fabric that’s 4-ply and will protect your trailer from all types of environmental factors such as snow, rain, wind and more. It even protects against harmful UV rays that can prematurely age your RV. 

This RV cover comes with 2 extra long straps that keep everything safe from the wind. You can adjust the panels for a better fit depending on the type of RV or camper you have. It’s easy to install and has 3 panels that give you immediate access to the doors and engine so you can inspect them anytime. We like this RV cover because it’s easy to use and fits a large number of trailers. 

RVMasking Travel Trailer RV Cover

The RVMasking travel trailer RV cover is a waterproof cover that’s extremely durable and made from high-density polyester that will last for years. It features corner reinforcements where needed and double-stitch seams for additional longevity. It comes with a tongue jack cover and gutter cover and a few extras that come in handy. 

This RV cover provides your trailer with protection from all types of weather conditions and unintentional scratches. It even protects from harmful UV rays that can prematurely age your trailer. It comes with 2 windproof straps and 4 waterproof straps for more coverage. The 4 side air vents provide water to evaporate and it reduces wind stress. This is a great RV cover for anyone who wants to extend the life of their RV or camper trailer. 

Quictent Travel Trailer RV Cover 6-Ply

The Quictent travel trailer RV is made with “Super Non-Woven Plus” which is a super thick material that provides tons of benefits for your RV or camper trailer. It features 6-ply material to cover the roof and 4-ply to protect the sides. It’s more watertight and tear-resistant than other fabrics commonly used for RV covers. It also provides a high level of protection from UV rays and other harmful environmental factors that can decrease the life of your RV. 

The 2 buckle straps are attached to the fabric and provide more tear-resistant coverage. It comes with 10 adjustable fixing straps, 2 windproof straps and tension panels to give your RV cover the best fit possible and to protect it more efficiently. You get plenty of air vents on each side to alleviate moisture and to keep your RV dry. 

Umbrauto Travel Trailer RV Cover

The Umbrauto features a DuPont Tyvek fabric that protects your trailer from inclement weather and is perfect for storage or when you don’t plan on using your trailer. It provides extra protection against UV-rays, water and wind. This cover also protects against moisture that can cause serious damage to an RV. The tension panels are fully adjustable to give you a better fit and the straps make installation a breeze. 

This RV cover features zippered panels to give you immediate access to your storage areas and doors. The material is thick and doesn’t rip easily and can fit a wide variety of sizes. 

Fruno Travel Trailer RV Cover + Tire Covers

The Fruno travel trailer cover is made with high-density oxford material that’s water resistant and features an anti-UV coating that helps extend the life of your trailer. It’s highly durable and windproof. It comes with 10 straps that help fit the middle and plenty of adjustable straps to ensure this travel trailer cover fits your rig. 

The 10 air vents ensure that wind stress is reduced and moisture can evaporate. You get a lot of extras with this trailer cover including the trailer cover itself, 2 lashing straps, 4 tire covers, a jack cover, a storage bag, 6 gutter spout covers and more. We like this RV trailer cover because it fits multiple sizes, features quality materials and protects your trailer. 

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