The 6 Best RV Keyless Entry Door Locks of 2022

RVLock V4 RV keyless entry

RV keyless entry locks are a great way to secure your RV or camper while giving you an easy way to enter. These are programmable and are designed with heavy-duty steel cores for additional security. The last thing you want is for someone to break into your RV or camper while you’re away. Keyless entry keypads for RVs are simple, yet effective in protecting your valuables. 

RV Door

Your RV door is the one thing that keeps your valuables safe. You want to make sure your RV door is tough enough to keep people out and easy for you to access. You’ve probably experienced an RV door that doesn’t open easily with the keys. They either get stuck or you have to wiggle them to get your RV door to open. I’ve personally experienced this with every camper I’ve owned. 

RV Keyless Entry

An RV keyless entry door lock makes protecting your valuables easier and more convenient. You don’t have to worry about your keys getting stuck in the door while you have your hands full. A good RV keyless entry door lock makes it super easy to enter your RV or camper even when your hands are full. You will want to shop around to find the best RV keyless entry door lock to fit your specific RV or camper.

Fits Most RVs and Campers

Keyless entry locks fit most trailers, 5th wheels, horse trailers and cargo trailers. You get tons of features with RV keyless entry pads such as a keyless handle, remote key fob, millions of possible codes and the convenience of using keyless entry for your trailer. Always check to be sure the particular keypad you’re looking at will fit your RV or trailer. 

Keyless entry locks for RV are important for the security of your RV similar to RV surge protectors. 

Here are 3 reasons you need an RV keyless entry door lock: 

  1. They secure your RV or camper trailer
  2. You can open your door quickly without searching for your keys
  3. You can leave your keys in your RV or camper without worrying about them

There are tons of keyless entry pads available for RVs and campers, here are the best: 

RVLock V4 Keyless Entry Handle with Integrated Keypad and Fob

The RVLock V4 is one of the most secure keyless RV handles on the market. It’s made from alloy steel and features a powder coat that gives it extra protection. The teardrop design is durable and made with a metal alloy that’s tough and reliable. It features a hardened steel core that will protect your valuables and still gives you the convenience of keyless entry. It’s easy to lock quickly by simply pressing a button to activate the deadbolt. 

You can sync up to 10 wireless key fobs that can be used on multiple locks by programming them. You can also have all locks on your RV or trailer keyed alike for easier use. RVLock is the only keyless RV lock that offers that feature. 

The RVLock will fit most RVs and travel trailers, but it’s always a good idea to check first. The beeping noise on the keypad can be silenced for quiet entry and lock. We like the RVLock V4 keyless entry because it’s reliable, you can key multiple locks alike and they’re easy to use. 

RVLock Key Fob and RH Compact Keyless Entry Keypad

The RVLock keyless entry keypad is perfect for RVs, 5th wheels and other types of campers. It’s made from alloy steel with a powder-coated finish that will protect your valuables on trips or while parked at home. It’s programmable and gives you instant access to your trailer without fumbling around for your keys. It draws less attention due to its compact size. 

This RV keyless entry door lock gives you plenty of options such as a keyless handle, remote key fobs, keypad with a million possible rolling codes and mechanical keys. It’s easy to install and you can have it up and running in under 10 minutes. You get multiple ways to unlock your RV or trailer such as using the keypad, wireless fobs or mechanical keys. 

We like the RVLock because it gives you peace of mind while traveling and allows easy access to your RV or trailer. 

Elite RV Security RV Keyless Entry 

The Elite RV Security RV keyless entry lock is a great choice for those wanting a 100% metal RV door lock for additional security. It’s built rugged and will keep people from accessing your RV or camper. It’s well known that many camper trailer locks can be opened easily due to them being common keyed. A hefty RV lock is the best way to deter criminals looking for an easy RV or camper to break into. 

You get 2 key fobs that you can use from a distance or you can use your own 4-8 digit passcode to access your RV or camper. These are great to have if you don’t like fumbling with your keys. You also don’t have to worry about bringing keys with you everywhere you go because you can simply use the passcode. This is great if you plan on going in the water or want to run on the trail and don’t want to risk losing keys. 

The Elite RV Security RV keyless entry lock has a backlit keypad so you can see at night without a flashlight or having to leave your outside light on. It’s also super easy to install onto your RV or camper without the need for specialized tools. Keep in mind that this product may not fit all RVs or campers, so you will want to be sure before you purchase. 

We like the Elite RV keyless RV lock because it’s easy to use, easy to install and gives you an additional level of security for your camper or RV.

Carmtek RV Keyless Entry Door Lock

Carmtek makes great keyless entry locks for RVs and trailers. They’re dependable, tough and easy to use. This keypad is made with a heavy-duty construction of premium zinc-alloy and flame-retardant nylon material and will through heavy use. It has a fire protection rating of UL-94 V2 and an IP65 waterproof rating. Needless to say, this RV keypad is tough!

The keyless entry is perfect for those who prefer to leave their RV without carrying around a set of keys. It makes vacations and trips carefree and less stressful trying to remember if you brought your keys to the pool or hiking trail. You get 3 options to unlock your RV or trailer: mechanical keys, keypad or wireless key fobs. 

You can install the Carmtek keyless RV entry pad in roughly 5 minutes. It comes with the keyless RV door lock, mounting hardware set for installation, 2 wireless remote key fobs, batteries, 2 physical keys and a lifetime warranty. 

We like the Carmtek RV keyless entry because it’s made with heavy-duty materials and gives you multiple ways to lock your RV or trailer. 

Latch.It 2 RV Keyless Entry Door Lock

The Latch.It RV keyless entry door locks come with everything you need to install it to your RV or camper trailer. You can buy a single lock or a double lock that’s keyes alike so you won’t have to make different codes for each door. Latch.It is compatible with all types of campers, 5th wheels, horse trailers and bumper-pulls. 

This RV keyless entry keypad is made from 100% metal and is IP67 waterproof so you know that nothing is getting in. The keypad features back-lit lighting so you can see what you’re doing at night and you can silence the beeping on the keypad. You may not want your neighbors to know when you leave or return. 

This package comes with 2 keyed alike RV door lock sets that can be installed in less than 10 minutes. It even comes with a lifetime guarantee just in case something goes wrong with your locks. 

We like the Latch.It RV door locking systems because they’re dependable, all-metal design and waterproof even in the most severe weather. 

MKing RV Keyless Entry Lock

The MKing RV lock gives you 3 ways to open your RV doors: physical key, keypad or wireless key fob. It features backlit buttons so you can see it at night or early in the morning. It’s also waterproof and dustproof so you don’t have to worry about environmental factors damaging your lock. The double lock tongue design gives you extra protection. 

This RV lock will fit RVs, trucks, trailers, horse trailers and more. The wireless key fobs are a handy way to open your lock when you don’t feel like carrying your keychain. This is extremely helpful when you want to go on a quick hike or swim at the pool without your keys. You can install this keyless entry RV lock in a matter of minutes.   

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