How Do I Choose a Ground Blind?

How do I choose a hunting blind

Catching a good-size game animal is every hunter’s dream but this takes some planning and strategies. You should look out for a good vantage and make yourself well-hidden to spot your game. This is where a perfect hunting ground blind comes into play. By hunting from the correctly placed ground blind hunters can make their hunting a great success. 

Now, you may be wondering, How do I choose a ground blind? Well, when it comes to choosing the best hunting ground blind, there are several factors that you should consider. Hey, you don’t need to worry about that, we are here to help you out. In this guide, we will cover all those things that will help you to make the best selection. So, let’s start exploring all these.   

How Do I Choose a Ground Blind?

How do I choose a hunting blind

There are different types and sizes of blinds available in the market. But the best hunting ground blinds ensure successful hunting. That is why to make the choice perfect you can follow the following things.

Type of Blind

First, decide the type of blinds you want. There are pop-up blinds, solid blinds, and tree-stand blinds. Each one has its own benefits. Pop-up blinds essentially work like an umbrella with a shell fitted over an articulated frame. They are best for offering 180 to 360 degrees of view with different window arrangements and camouflage style of hunting.

If you need something sturdier than a solid blind will be the best choice. They are more stable, water-tight, and spacious enough for two hunters. On the other side, tree blinds are very useful to get the hunter above the game’s eye level. You can use these hunting ground blinds almost anywhere. 


When you are thinking about purchasing hunting ground blinds, their size definitely matters. Well, generally, you will find different sizes of hunting ground blinds. So, you won’t find it difficult to find your desired size’s ground blind. If you are going on a long-time hunting adventure with a lot of equipment, you will definitely require the bigger one. 

In contrast, if your hunting adventure is for only a few hours then a smaller one will be enough to provide the best support. Also, don’t forget to consider how many people are going with you. As for more than one person, you will require a bigger one while for one person a smaller one will be enough.


It’s a must-consider factor that can ensure you move around easily and comfortably. Keep in mind that you will have other stuff to carry like a backpack, bow, or other accessories. You may also lookout for the features that may help in the transportation or moving process.


Usually, all the hunting blinds are Camouflage but each blind is designed for a specific location. For example, a brown wooden ground blind won’t be suitable for a location that is full of green. In the same way, a greenish hunter ground blind won’t blend with a brown environment. 

Therefore, consider the location or environment you are planning to go hunting in and also observe the colors. Only then you can find the best suitable one that will blend well into the location. 

Weapon Type

Weapon plays a vital role while selecting the hunter blinds. Let’s say if you hunt using a crossbow hunting or gun, a blind with a low window and small size will be best. It will let you sit comfortably on a chair and help you to make a good shot.

On the other hand, hunting with a bow will require a tall blind to make you stand comfortably. It will also give you a good space to move around your elbows to aim perfectly. If you hunt in different seasons with both gun and bow you can go for the taller one. In this way, you don’t have to buy a different blind in different hunting seasons. 

Weather Resistance

Make sure your ground blind is strong and stable enough to stand up strongly in any weather condition. The material and construction should be able to withstand the respective environmental conditions. It should come up with waterproof features so that you can stay warm and dry.


You will find some hunting ground blinds which are designed for general use. Others are usually meant for specific game animals like deer, turkey, etc. Remember, selecting the wrong one will end up wasting the money. On top of that, you will have a bad and ruined day.

Consider the prey, number of shooting windows, and their sizes. With few and small windows you will get a limited view and you will find it difficult to watch out for the prey from all sides. Best blinds are those which come with many small openings that hunters can close or open at their convenience.

Game You’re Hunting

Hunting animals like deer, which are very sensitive. They will stay away whenever they can suspect any strange activity in their territory. In contrast, when it comes to turkey hunting, you really don’t need a sophisticated or specific blind.    

These are the top prior considerations that will help you to select the perfect hunting ground blinds as per your requirements.

How to Set Up a Ground Blind

Now that you know how to choose the perfect ground blind let’s have a look at the setup processes. When it comes to setting up the blinds you have to think about the location. Here are the tips from which you can do this as thoroughly as possible.  

  • Find out the animals’ bedding and grazing areas and then decide the best spot for your blind. Make sure, you can see the animals clearly from the spot.
  • Before setting up, you should clean the spot first and clear all the dried leaves and branches.
  • Make the blind blend even more with nature and the environment.
  • You can use vegetation to hide it completely.
  • Place the blind downwind so that animals can’t smell your scent.
  • Keep it positioned between the sun and your target.
  • Once all these are done, get into the blind, check all the angles, and ensure your clear visibility from all sides.
  • Lastly, set up your shooting space and shooting position by placing the hunting chair if needed.

Last Thoughts

For successful hunting, ground blinds are always considered as the big part. Before hunters were used to making their own blinds. But, now, you can purchase the best one without facing any trouble. After purchasing the perfect one you will definitely feel that it is worth your investment. 

Here, we have shared all the necessary considerations which will help you to choose a better one. So, find your perfect hunting ground blind and start making successful happy hunting.

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