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Best Hidden Gun Storage of 2022

Tactical Traps Freedom 52R hidden gun shelf

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By: Rome / Last Updated August 15, 2022

Hidden gun storage is a great way to conceal your firearms inside your home, office, camp or other space. You may not want everyone knowing exactly where you keep your guns, especially those that you may not fully trust. 

Most gun owners have a large gun safe in their home. It may be visible to guests, or you may keep it somewhat hidden. While there’s nothing wrong with friends and family knowing what type of guns you have and where you keep them, you may want to hide a few firearms throughout your home just in case the wrong person pays you a visit. 

We’ve written articles on large gun safes, small gun safes and everything in between and thought it was time to address how to hide your gun safe.

Hidden Gun Storage

There are many types of hidden gun storage that you can employ to scatter guns throughout your home without anyone knowing. However, you don’t want to just throw your guns in the couch cushion or under the dinner table and expect them to remain hidden. You need high-quality hidden gun storage options to ensure your firearms stay hidden and easily accessible to you. The best-hidden gun storage options will allow you quick access to your guns and will be undetectable to anyone entering your home. 

Hidden Gun Storage Deters Burglars

You can’t steal what you can’t see. Most burglars use the “grab and go” method and grab anything valuable they see and flee the area. Some burglars go straight for the gun cabinet especially if it’s left unlocked. Those that have more time may take a crack at the gun safe. This is why hidden gun storage is a great way to keep your firearms and other valuables safe. 

Hidden Gun Storage Ideas

There are numerous products on the market that can help you conceal your rifles, shotguns and pistols in what looks like ordinary furniture. You’ve probably seen movies where a guy presses a button and guns appear all over the home – you can do exactly the same thing on a smaller scale. 

Here are a few gun storage ideas that will help you conceal your guns in plain sight:

  1. Hidden Gun Safe Wall
  2. Hidden Gun Storage Furniture
  3. Hidden Gun Storage Shelf
  4. Hidden Gun Storage Coffee Table
  5. Hidden Gun Storage Cabinet
  6. Hidden Gun Storage Headboard
  7. Gun Concealment Mirrors
  8. Hidden Gun StorageBookcase

You can set up a mix of various types of hidden gun storage ideas to cover your entire home in case of a home invasion or burglary while you’re away. 

Hidden Gun Safe Furniture

Hidden gun safe furniture or gun concealment furniture is a great way to hide your guns in plain view. You can keep guns accessible in your kitchen, living room, dining room, bedrooms and no one will even know. 

Gun concealment end tables are a great example of efficient gun concealment. They’re designed with a fake drawer that drops down to reveal a firearm. These are perfect for those that want access to guns in their kitchen or dining room, but don’t want anyone to know. 

You can also find gun concealment coffee tables in different finishes to match your room or furniture without being too obvious. 

Another great option for hidden gun storage furniture are cocktail tables that can be placed in front of a couch or wall cabinets that look like paintings. Both options give you immediate access to a firearm if you need one and no one will ever know. 

Hidden Gun Safe Shelves

Hidden gun safe shelves or a shelf with hidden gun storage are wildly popular due to their aesthetics and ease of use. Not only do they look amazing over the fireplace or holding family pictures, but you can put them in a great place to grab a firearm when needed. Hidden gun safe shelves are an inexpensive way to dress up your home and gun storage. 

Gun Concealment Mirrors

Gun concealment mirrors are another great way to hide guns in plain sight. They’re easy to install and you always have room for mirrors without making it too obvious. They come with RFID locks and can be opened quickly in the event you need protection. You can find gun concealment mirrors in various sizes and finishes to match any room or decor. 

Use Multiple Hidden Gun Storage Options 

You can mix and match multiple hidden gun storage ideas to create the perfect setup for your home or office. These will ensure that you will always have quick access to firearms or to just be able to hide your guns without using a large gun safe. Many people are hesitant to store their valuable guns in a large gun safe due to increased thefts. Thieves sometimes go for the gun safe, but would have no idea that you’re using hidden gun storage to conceal your firearms throughout your home or office. 

How to Hide Gun Safe

A large gun safe may be hard to hide unless you have large unused space in your home or office. Small gun safes may not be enough to hold all of your firearms. You may need a mixture of various gun safes and hidden gun storage ideas to make sure you can adequately hide all of your gun safes. 

Many people hide their large gun safe inside their home closet. This is a great place because many thieves won’t think to look there and you can hide it with clothing. You can also access your bedroom closet quickly in the event of a home invasion during the night. 

Another option is to build a secret room to house your large gun safe. However, this may not be an option for most people. 

The best way to completely hide your guns is to use hidden gun storage and choose one that you like best. 

Here are the best products to hide your gun safes:

Tactical Traps Freedom 52R Gun Shelf with Trap Door

The Tactical Traps Freedom hidden gun safe shelves are a great way to keep your guns safe, secure, and hidden in plain sight. They come in multiple finishes such as dark walnut, white, unfinished, early American, ebony and cherry to fit any room in your home. This model features an RFID locking system that allows you immediate access to your guns when you need them. You can customize the foam to fit multiple guns such as rifles, handguns, shotguns, and extra mags. 

This gun shelf has beautiful handcrafted wood that looks exactly like expensive furniture and no one will ever know that it houses your firearms. It measures 46” x 13.5” x 5” and will match any room in your home or office. 

We like the Tactical Traps Freedom 52R shelf with hidden gun safe shelves because they look exactly like high-end furniture and come in multiple colors to fit any room and can match your furniture. 

What we like: 

I think this is a great-looking gun shelf that dresses up as a focal point in your home while providing quick access to protection. The handcrafted wood is a nice touch and looks great in a home or office. I’m going to buy a few more of these to put in various rooms and I’m considering putting one in my office due to more break-ins over the past few years. 



  • Looks great

  • Beautiful handcrafted wood

  • Large enough for multiple guns

  • RFID locking system

  • Secures rifles and shotguns

  • Price

Ace Small Concealment Shelf with RFID Lock

The Ace hidden gun storage shelf is perfect for any room and will hide your valuables and firearms. It features an RFID lock with key fob to give you easy access to your firearms. It secures one handgun and can blend into any room. You can choose from multiple colors to match your other shelves in your home or office. No one will ever know what this hidden gun safe shelf actually holds. 

It’s easy to install and can be done in less than 10 minutes without using tools. The floating shelf design is popular and the mounting bracket can hold up to 50 lbs. per stud which means it can hold your firearms plus whatever you want to put on top of the shelf. 

This isn’t a cheap looking shelf either, Timber Vaults put a great amount of work in designing these hidden gun safe shelves to ensure they properly blend in with other furniture and completely mask what’s inside. This shelf has four layers of Royal Mahogany veneer and is incredibly strong. We like the Ace hidden gun shelf because it looks amazing, can hold plenty of weight and you can choose a color to fit any room or style. 

What we like: 

I like this gun storage shelf because it’s small and incredibly strong. It also blends into any room in your house. It was easy to install even for someone like me that has zero experience. 

What we didn’t like: 

Not that this is a big deal, but the shelf was a little small for what I would normally prefer. Again, it’s perfect for what it is, but I prefer the longer shelves for gun concealment. 



  • Blends perfectly into any room

  • Incredibly tough

  • Easy to open 

  • Installs in minutes

  • A little too small for me

Tactical Traps American Flag Gun Storage with RFID Lock

American flags made out of wood are a great way to hide your gun safe in a place where no one would think to look. I really like this one since it’s made from a real oak wood distillery barrel. These flags measure 25” x 15” and feature a hidden compartment for your guns and other valuables that measures 22.5” x 10.5”. Tactical Traps makes 6 flags to choose from 4 Laws, Betsy Ross, Red and Blue, Thin Blue Line, Gadsden, Thin Red Line, and a Torched finish American Flag. These flags look amazing and perfectly hide a handful of guns that you can access immediately without running to your main gun safe. The RFID locking system is easy to use and each flag features customizable foam cutouts that can secure various guns and ammo. You can install this American Flag gun storage in a matter of minutes and it hangs by itself without adding extra support. 

What we like: 

Obviously, the American Flag looks amazing and creates a nice centerpiece for any room. Personally, I like how easy this hidden gun storage is to install and use. I keep mine in the living room because that’s where I would be if someone tried to enter my home. I also like the fact that this is a USA company that employs veterans. The fact that you can choose between multiple finishes and flags is a huge plus and you can buy a few of these and install them in different rooms, each with a different flag. 



  • Amazing craftsmanship

  • Easy to install

  • Made with real oak barrel

  • USA company

  • RFID gun safe

  • Not necessarily for everyday opening

Tactical Traps Patriot 35S Compact Gun Shelf with Trap Door

The Tactical Traps Patriot 35S is a sturdy shelf with hidden gun storage that will blend into any room and no one will know what it secures. It comes with an RFID locking system that’s incredibly easy to use. It even has built-in emergency lock-out protection just in case. You can customize the foam to fit a large number of various guns. It even has a handy LED lighting system so you can properly see what’s inside. 

The shelf itself is handcrafted wood and designed to have that high-end furniture appeal. It measures 22.5” x 10.25” on the exterior and the interior measures 17” x 8” and will fit a large number of handguns and magazines. This hidden gun storage hides 2 handguns plus magazines and comes in multiple colors to fit any style. 

We like the Tactical Traps Patriot 35S hidden gun storage shelf because it looks like high-end furniture, comes in multiple colors, and can hold plenty of weight to make it look like a regular shelf. 

What we like: 

I plan to give a few of these as gifts this year – that’s how much I recommend them. 

What we don’t like:

I didn’t experience this issue personally, but I read that some users have issues with the sensor not picking up. I don’t know if it was an issue with their individual shelf. 


This is a worthwhile addition to your concealment furniture. It costs a pretty penny but is worth it. 



  • Sturdy design

  • Makes a great gift

  • Great value for price

  • Easy wall mount

  • Some users notice sensor issues

Tactical Traps Rustic Coatrack Gun Storage with Trap Door

Concealment furniture is the best way to keep your firearms ready just in case while hiding them in plain sight. We chose this gun concealment wall shelf by Tactical Traps because it looks great and can be installed right next to your door. They did a great job at designing it to look exactly like a basic wall shelf with a rustic wood finish that fits any interior. The great thing about this gun wall shelf is that it has 3 hooks where you can hang your jackets, shirts, or keys so it actually has functional use beyond concealing your guns. A gun concealment wall shelf by the door is probably the fastest way to access your handgun when someone knocks on your door. 

This coatrack gun storage comes in 6 different finishes: Rustic Maple, Country Pine, Dark Walnut, Distressed Gray, Midnight Black, and Unfinished. I personally like the Rustic Maple because it goes with my home interior, but the other finishes are just as good. It comes with an RFID lock and is super easy to install. 

What we like: 

The rustic look matches any interior and actually looks really nice! I like having the 3 hooks to hang jackets and keys so that you get additional uses and it makes it look more authentic so that no one suspects it houses a firearm. It’s handcrafted from white pinewood by a master carpenter and is of higher quality than other gun concealment wall shelves. Overall, I really enjoy having this gun concealment wall shelf close to my front door.



  • Looks great

  • 3 jacket hooks 

  • Various finishes to choose

  • RFID lock

  • Made by master carpenter

  • None

Casual Home Kennedy Coffee Table Concealment Drawer

It’s great to have options and thankfully Casual Home makes 3 different versions of concealment tables: Coffee Table, Console Table, and End Table. I like variety when it comes to concealment furniture and you can easily scatter these throughout your home to ensure you’re protected no matter where you are. The coffee table was a great addition to my home because we use small tables often and it made sense because we use this table while we watch TV and are able to keep a firearm handy. The bottom of the hidden compartment is lined with felt to protect against scrapes and scratches. Solid wood construction goes a long way and the Kennedy Collection is designed to blend into any room. 

What we like:

I like having the option to choose between various styles of tables to fit any room I’m outfitting. I highly recommend concealing firearms in more than one room because you don’t want to be fumbling around searching for one when someone’s trying to break in. I also like the fact that this product is not made in China and is made with solid wood. 



  • 3 styles to choose from

  • Perfectly conceals

  • Solid wood

  • Easy to assemble

  • Not made in China

  • None

Tactical Traps Mirror MAX Gun Storage with Trap Door

Concealment mirrors make a great addition to your hidden gun storage furniture. No one ever looks behind a mirror, nor will anyone ever suspect that it houses your valuables. You can literally place this mirror in any room in your home or office and store rifles, handguns, magazines, cash, important documents, and more. 

This hidden gun storage mirror comes with an RFID locking system which includes a key card, RFID coin, and key fob. It’s one-piece and easy to mount. All you have to do is open the drywall to fit the mirror. It has a felt-lined back panel so you can easily house your valuables in this hidden gun safe. 

We like the gun concealment mirror by Tactical Traps because it’s easy to install, fits in any room, and gives you a great mix of furniture with hidden gun storage. 



  • Perfect way to conceal

  • Looks like regular mirro

  • Easy installation

  • Fairly expensive

American Furniture Classics Hope Chest with Gun Concealment

A large hope chest is a great way to dress up a room and store hidden items such as firearms. You can place these by your door, in the living room, or in your study to conceal them. It’s made with wood and features a removable tray that can store handguns with ammo and accessories. The main compartment can hold up to 5 rifles or shotguns and is lockable. It’s easy to assemble and can be customized to fit your needs. 

What we like: 

This is an attractive wood chest that can go in any room. I personally like the storage capacity. It can hold a handgun and 5 long guns which are plenty for what I use these for. 

What we don’t like: 

I feel like the craftsmanship could have been a little better out of the box. While it looks amazing and works just fine, I could notice a few imperfections on mine but it wasn’t a huge deal.



  • Hides rifles and handguns

  • Blends into any room

  • Nice piece of furniture

  • Craftsmanship could be improved

Langger V Biometric Hidden Wall Safe

The Langger V Biometric hidden gun safe is well-known in the community as being a great wall safe that will keep your firearms and other valuables safe and secure. It comes in two colors: black and white and is incredibly easy to install. It comes with pre-drilled holes for mounting and you can use the anchor bolts to secure it and keep it hidden between studs. It has the ability to turn off the beep to go into silent mode. 

This hidden gun storage wall safe features fingerprint accessibility and can be unlocked fast when you need it. You can also use a PIN or physical key to gain access to your valuables. This hidden gun safe wall is made with heavy-duty carbon steel and is incredibly tough. It can resist attacks from power tools to keep your items safe. A feature we really like about the Langger V biometric wall safe is the fact that the thick door is recessed from the frame which makes it harder to pry into. 

We like the Langger V biometric hidden gun safe because it’s easy to install and keeps your important items completely hidden. 



  • Smart biometric technology

  • Quick access to guns

  • Heavy duty construction

  • Easy to hide

  • Updated size

  • None

Honorable Mentions:

Timber Vaults Hidden Gun Storage Coffee Table

Timber Vaults hit a home run with their gun concealment coffee table! One look at it and you can tell that it has the ability to blend into any environment. It can hold a rifle, handgun and numerous magazines and is completely hidden even from people who use and sit right next to this hidden gun storage coffee table. 

It’s rustic, strong and makes a great conversation piece without anyone even knowing the secrets it holds. It features two faux drawers that can hold plenty of items that you want to keep hidden. This coffee table is one of our favorite pieces of furniture with hidden gun storage because it can be used as a coffee table as well as hidden gun storage. 

This gun concealment coffee table measures 54” x 25.5” x 18” and has an interior space of 41.75” x 13.5” x 2.5” and can house various firearms and other valuables. 

Timber Vaults Hidden Gun Storage Nightstand

The nightstand is one of the best places to keep your pistols because that’s likely where you will be during a home invasion at night. You can store a pistol with a magazine and flashlight in this gun concealment nightstand or use it as an end table in your living room. It features a rustic design that matches any living space and can be used in your home, office or camp to conceal your valuables. 

We like the Timber Vaults hidden gun storage nightstand and end table because you can literally place it anywhere in your home and it doesn’t look out of place. No one will ever guess what it holds. 

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