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Case Elegance Glass Cigar Humidor Review

best cigar humidor with digital hygrometer

If you’re in the market for a nice tabletop cigar humidor with a digital hygrometer, the Case Elegance humidor is right up your alley. This is the type of cigar humidor you can display in your office or home and it improves the room. The Case Elegance can hold anywhere from 25 – 50 of your favorite cigars for safekeeping and will keep them fresh for when you need a quick smoke break. 

It’s important to get the best cigar humidor you can find if you plan on keeping more than a few cigars fresh and ready to smoke at a moment’s notice. A dry cigar is no fun, especially when you pay good money for cigars. A high-quality cigar humidor can store your cigars and provide a few extra amenities to improve your smoke and ensure you always have fresh cigars on hand. -CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Digital Hygrometer 

The Case Elegance cigar humidor has a built-in digital hygrometer. A hygrometer is the best way to monitor your humidor’s effectiveness and to keep your cigars healthy. The hygrometer is located on the front of the humidor so you can always keep track of your humidity levels. It truly creates the best environment for your expensive cigars.  

Spanish Cedar Interior 

If you’ve researched cigar humidors, you already know about Spanish cedar. The interior is inlayed with real Spanish cedar that helps lock in moisture and keeps your cigars in prime condition. Plus, Spanish cedar gives your humidor an attractive appearance.  

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Built-In Storage for Cigar Accessories 

We love the fact that you can store your cigar accessories directly inside the humidor without taking up cigar space. There’s plenty of room for a cigar lighter, cigar cutters and a cigar travel case in case you want to grab a handful of cigars and go for a walk or quick road trip. Keep in mind, the cigar accessories are not included with the humidor, but It’s good to know you will have a clean place to store your essentials. The accessory drawer closes flush and doesn’t take up extra space.  

Glass Top So You Can Display Your Cigars 

The top is designed with tempered glass that allows you to show off your growing collection of cigars. The glass top dresses up the humidor and give it a classy edge. Glass gives humidors a classy look and let’s people know it’s more than just a box.

Built-In Humidor 

The Case Elegance’s built-in humidification system keeps your favorite smokes moist, fresh and perfectly seasoned. The RH stays between 65% to 70% to give you a perfect smoke every time. No more dry cigars. It’s recommended that you use Case Elegance Humidor Solution to ensure you’re getting the best for your favorite smokes.  

Magnetically Sealed Enclosure 

Case Elegance humidors are known for their high-quality design and magnetically sealed enclosures. This creates a tight seal that will lock in moisture and protect your smokes. Case Elegance includes their own hydro sticks and humidifying gel to keep your cigars seasoned perfectly and in top-shelf shape. All you have to do is wet the hydro sticks with water or propylene glycol before placing inside your new humidor. Many humidors don’t seal properly and you can tell when you light up your cigars. Case Elegance humidors take a different approach and employ magnetic seals that make all the difference in the world.  

Monogrammed Option 

Case Elegance gives you the option to have your humidor personalized with your name or other design. This cigar humidor makes the perfect gift.  


The Case Elegance humidor measures 9” x 8.5” x 5.4” and uses 1 CR2 battery.

How to Use 

To season your humidor, all you have to do is leave the hydro tray inside the humidor with no lid. Then, fill it with solution. Once 14 days have passed, add the wooden tray and your favorite cigars. After another 14 days have passed, add the gel solution and it will be complete. Keep your humidor between 65% to 70% humidity for the best smoke.  

Holds 25-50 Cigars 

The Case Elegance humidor can hold anywhere from 25 to 50 cigars. It all depends on the size and thickness of the cigars you choose as to how many your humidor can store. Mix them up and build a decent collection to give yourself a different smoke every time. This gives you the chance to experiment with different cigars to determine which ones you enjoy the most.  

Our Take 

If you’re looking for an attractive humidor that has loads of extra features, the Case Elegance is one of the best cigar humidors on the market. The glass top is a great way to display your smokes and the built-in digital hygrometer is an easy way to monitor your humidor. The hidden cigar accessory drawer is top-notch and makes this an awesome buy. Overall, this humidor has tons of positive reviews and is highly recommended for cigar smokers.  

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