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Best White G-Shocks + Awesome Buyer’s Guide

Casio G-Shock Marine White series men's watch

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By: Rome / Last Updated August 23, 2022

We’ve all grown to know and love the awesome Casio G-Shock line of indestructible watches. You can wear these watches on any adventure and they keep on ticking. There are literally hundreds of G-Shock models that will fit any style. Many people collect them and have a style and color for every occasion. With a watch as highly collectable as the G-Shock, many people shop for them by color to match different wardrobes or to just have a unique time piece.  

G-Shock Watch by Casio

Casio G-Shock watches are known all over the world as some of the toughest and most dependable watches you can buy. They’ve been used in every type of environment imaginable and can be used on any job. They can be roughed up and abused and still continue to work for you. 

The Casio G-Shock line of watches are also affordable and you can choose between countless models, styles and features. This is why the legendary G-Shock watch by Casio has become a fan favorite. 

White G-Shock

The white G-Shock makes a bold statement and tells people you aren’t afraid to stand out in a crowd. You always notice the white G-Shock on someone’s wrist. It projects confidence and pairs nicely with pretty much any outfit, even a business suit. 

Don’t believe us – just Google “G-Shock with business casual,” and you will see just how well a G-Shock looks in an office setting. G-Shocks aren’t just for adventure but can help you keep time in a business setting.

A white G-Shock watch is a great addition to your watch collection because it’s a bold piece but also extremely tough and can handle the outdoors. 

Personally, we prefer to wear them instead of the classic gold or silver watches many other professionals wear to the workplace. Seeing a rugged G-Shock under a sleeve in a business meeting immediately lets me know the person sitting across from me values function and ruggedness over flashy timepieces. That person gets immediate respect from me and I may even extend an offer to hit the trails or a similar outing following the meeting. 

We’ve reviewed the best all-around G-Shocks, the best G-Shocks for under $100, the best G-Shocks for under $50 and now we present to you: the best white G-Shocks on the market.

The Best White G-Shock Watches:

Casio G-Shock Marine White series men's watch

G-Shock Marine White Series GA110MW-7A 

The GA110MW-7A G-Shock is one of the best white G-Shocks on the market. It has an analog and digital display that keeps it classy while allowing you to have the best of both worlds. This white G-Shock for men comes fully equipped with all of the specs that you’ve come to expect from a tough G-Shock.

You can wear this attractice watch on an outdoor adventure or dominate in the board room while paired with a stylish business casual outfit. The flexible resin G-Shock watch band is comfortable on your wrist and will withstand any abuse you can put it through. G-Shocks are built tough and can take a beating and that’s why we all love them.

This white G-Shock has an LED light that illuminates the digital face display so that you can see it at all times and it has a custom duration of 1.5 and 3 seconds. Using your light more often can impact the life of the battery, but the choice is yours to customize based on your needs. If you’re an active individual, you’ll be happy to know this G-Shock is water resistant up to 200 meters or 660 feet and is built with a shock-resistant design that will protect it from bumps, drops and scrapes. It’s also magnetic resistant and has numerous functions that makes the Marine White Series G-Shock one of the best white G-Shocks you will find.  

G-Shock GBA800-1A 

The GBA800-1A isn’t just another white G-Shock. It comes equipped with everything you would expect from the G-Shock brand including high-quality design, strong build and outstanding performance – but this watch gives you something extra. You can connect it to your phone to enable daily health and fitness functions that take it to the next level. It has a step-counting 3-axis accelerometer, countdown timer and memory for up to 200 lap records. You can use this white G-Shock to help you reach your fitness goals while looking nice on your wrist. Just as with all other G-Shocks, this watch looks great in an athletic setting, as well as an office setting. It pairs well with a button-down dress shirt or polo and khakis or athletic wear. The GBA800-1A white G-Shock is versatile watch that’s worthy of your hard earned dollars.  

G-Shock GA700-7ACR  

While the GA700-7ACR isn’t a completely white G-Shock, it’s worthy of an addition to this list. Besides, many people love the black and white G-Shock design as the dark face breaks up the plain white look and gives it a little additional character. I would even go as far to say you could pair this white and black G-Shock with a nice business suit, but that’s my style. The white GA700-7ACR comes fully equipped with everything you would expect from a high-end G-Shock. It’s shock resistant and water resistant up to 200 meters, but it’s not recommended that you wear it scuba diving. Sure, many people have reported no issues taking their G-Shocks scuba diving, but it could affect them long term. If you’re looking for a G-Shock for scuba diving, you may want to check out the Frogman Series. That doesn’t mean you can’t take this G-Shock swimming. It’s safe to swim in a pool or the ocean or even water sports, we’re just cautioning you against scuba diving with a G-Shock series that isn’t specifically designed for that activity.  

G-Shock GA100B-7A 

This white and blue G-Shock is a great looking watch! The band and body is white, while the dial is black with blue accent that really makes this watch pop. The resin G-Shock watch band is tough and durable and you get both analog and digital time keeping. The white hands are easy to distinguish against a dark dial and the features are organized in an easy to read manner. This is a limited-edition G-Shock, so it may be hard to find one depending on the season, but it’s worth a search. Just read a few of the reviews and you will quickly see how much people love this white and blue G-Shock watch.  

G-Shock GA-110 Garish Trending Series 

This white and black GA-110 G-Shock has a white resin band and a blacked-out dial that features analog and digital time keeping. There’s no denying the contrast between the white band and black dial makes a bold statement. This is the type of G-Shock you can wear during a daytime adventure or a night on the town. Shock resistant and water resistant up to 200 meters so you won’t have to remove your watch to get in the water. It has an LED light that illuminates the dial and the analog time display has 29 time zones with 48 cities for those who like to travel. The four daily alarms will keep you on schedule and the anti-magnetic capabilities just adds to the G-Shock durability. The battery life is around 2 years, but could last longer depending on how much you use the light.  

G-Shock GA-110 XL Series 

If you enjoy a large watch, this white and black G-Shock is perfect for you. The G-Shock watch band is bright white, while the dial is black with copper accents to give it a classy look. You get both analog and digital, which adds to the functionality of this watch. Shock resistant, water-resistant up to 200 meters and tough as nails. Feel free to program up to 5 daily alarms to manage your hectic schedule. This is a great G-Shock to add to your collection or for your first ever G-Shock. You can wear this G-Shock in the pool, shower, lake and ocean, but be sure to clean afterwards. The large dial face is easy to read and looks amazing paired with casual clothes or office wear. This G-Shock white and black watch is highly collectible and will last for years. This is one of the best white G-Shocks for under $100 if price is a deciding factor in your choice.  

G-Shock GA110C-7ACR  

The white and gray combination on this analog-digital G-Shock sport watch is definitely eye-opening! The white resin case and strap is a great contrast from the gray dial. One of the main complaints people have with white G-Shocks with dark dials is that it’s hard to see. You won’t have that problem with this white GA110 G-Shock. The light dial is easy to see with a quick glance without having to use the LED light. This model has a chronograph, stop watch, world time, dual-time display and more. You can drop this watch and the shock resistant capabilities will protect it and keep it running. You can take this watch around water with no issues. This is one of the hottest watches around. White G-Shocks may require a little extra cleaning occasionally, but nothing drastic.  

G-Shock GBD-800-7CR 

The GBD-800-7CR is one of the most heavily sought-after white G-Shocks out there and I’ll tell you why: the white on white pops, it’s tough and the dial is super clear and easy to read. The G-Shock white digital dial has less clutter. Many G-Shocks are hard to read due to numerous functions crowding the dial. You won’t have that issue with the GBD-800 model. If you’re counting your steps, this watch can help you with that. The step count function shows your step progress and graph which allows you to accurately gauge your progress. You can also link your phone through Bluetooth connection. This white G-Shock has a ton of functions and options that make it a great choice for an active lifestyle.  

G-Shock GA-100L-7A 

White and black G-Shocks are gaining in popularity – everyone wants one for their collection. The GA-100L-7A white G-Shock men’s watch delivers and by that we mean it is one of the best white G-Shocks on the market. Shock resistant, water-resistant, magnetic resistant and a tough mineral glass all serve to protect your watch and keep it functioning the way it did straight out of the box. G-Shocks last for years and years, so you may as well have a nice one that you can wear anywhere. Pair this G-Shock with a business suit and you are sure to turn heads. The white GA-100L-7A G-Shock is under $100 at the time of publishing, but that is always subject to change as these watches get more expensive. Now is a great time to start your G-Shock collection and you definitely need a white G-Shock.  

G-Shock DW6900NB-7 

The G-Shock white digital DW6900 watch is one of the best-looking white watches you will find. It goes great with just about any outfit due to the white and mirror metallic aspects of this watch. The white resin watch band and body look great surrounding the black dial. Easy to tell time due to the simplicity of this watch. You don’t have a ton of functions getting in the way of seeing the dial. One quick glance and you can see everything, even while running or participating in a rigorous activity. This white G-Shock men’s watch is a great time piece for anyone who enjoys a tough watch that looks great with anything. 

G-Shock 5600 Square 

If you’re a fan of the classic square G-Shock, the 5600 is right up your alley. The white G-Shock square model is a great style that goes with everything and has that classy appeal. We’re huge fans of the white 5600 G-Shock, there’s just something about the square G-Shocks that are incredibly appealing. Maybe it’s because we enjoy updated old school designs. This white G-Shock men’s watch is all digital and the dial is easy to read with the time, date, day and alarm laid out in an organized manner. You don’t have unnecessary functions getting in the way with this classic G-Shock. You get all the regular goodies G-Shocks come with including countdown timer, backlight with afterglow, multi-function alarms, 29 time zones, stopwatch and the usual water-resistance, shock resistance and overall toughness. If you’re a fan of white G-Shock square watches, you won’t be disappointed with the 5600 model.  

G-Shock GA100MW-7A 

If you’re looking for the perfect “white-out” G-Shock, this is the one you’re looking for. The white GA100MW-7A has a white G-Shock watch band, white dial and white hands. The hands have black tips to help differentiate from the mostly all white background. This watch looks great! One look at the pictures and you will immediately know if this is the right G-Shock for you. You may be concerned about keeping it clean since it’s all white, but don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to keep your white G-Shock looking fresh without having to baby it. We encourage you to still keep an active lifestyle and don’t worry about roughing up this beautiful watch, it can take it. Don’t forget, it’s a G-Shock and is shock proof, drop proof, water proof and magnetic proof. You can do anything in this watch and it will still look amazing.  

G-Shock G-LIDE GWX-5600C-7JF Japan Import 

Speaking of white G-Shock square models – the G-LIDE GWX-5600-7JF is absolutely stylish and functional. It has a white resin band and a black dial that creates a nice contrast. This G-Shock uses a CR2 battery that will last for years. The white won’t stain or show signs of discoloring, even if you’re rough on your watches. The glossy thermoplastic keeps stains from sticking and keeps your G-Shock looking spectacular. You can rough this watch up and put it through the ringer and it will still perform to the highest-level possible. You may be wondering why the G-LIDE G-Shock costs nearly twice as much as other G-Shocks. Here’s why: this version of the watch wasn’t sold in the U.S. and is imported from Japan. That means this isn’t a common watch that you will see every day. You will probably be the only person you know with this particular G-Shock. The white G-Shock square models are hot and in style right now.  

G-Shock White DW6900PL-7 

The G-Shock 6900 series are battle tested and will last a very long time. You don’t even have to really take care of them, they’re tough enough to withstand whatever you throw at them. Here’s the cool part – the dial is actually light blue and metallic. It stands out against the white band. This G-Shock white and blue model is actually pretty stylish and different from the others white G-Shocks. Blue and white make a great combination, especially on watches. The dial organizes the time and date in an easy to view manner and the clutter is minimized. It also has a blue-green backlight that looks great against a white watch. You’re going to love this white G-Shock.  

G-Shock GA2000S-7A Carbon Core Guard 

One look at this white G-Shock and you know you’re looking at a future classic. White on white is a great combination for those looking for the best white G-Shock. The hands are outlined in black so you can quickly glance and see the time against the white dial and the utilitarian style is easy on the eyes. The Carbon Core Guard has a large front button and a multidimensional face that gives it a bold look. If you’re concerned about the widely known issue of G-Shocks being hard to see, this model has a double LED light for the digital display and face of the watch. You can easily change the G-Shock watch band with a quick-release function if you enjoy changing your look from time to time.  

Do White G-Shocks Get Dirty Easy? 

This is an honest concern among G-Shock enthusiasts. White G-Shocks are like white tennis shoes, dirt and grime may show more on them than darker colors. The resin watch band can collect dirt and the grooves trap oils from your skin and grime from rubbing against things. It can make your beautiful white G-Shock dingy and yellow.  

How To Clean a White G-Shock Watch 

Thankfully, you can restore your white G-Shock to its former glory with a little work. Don’t worry, you won’t hurt your watch or harm its functions in any way.

  1. First, place your white G-Shock on a towel and grab a bottle of rubbing alcohol.
  2. Put a few drops on a paper towel and rub the watch down good. You may want to have a few paper towels on hand because you may go through them pretty fast.
  3. You can also use a Q-tip to get under the grooves and to clean the hard to reach places around the watch face.
  4. Rinse your watch under the sink and be sure to dry it all the way before wearing it again. Don’t worry, G-Shocks are water-resistant and a few splashes of water won’t hurt it at all.  

Can You Replace the Band on a G-Shock? 

Absolutely! It’s much easier than you think. We’ll walk you through the process of replacing your G-Shock watch band. First, you need to place your watch on something soft like a towel or wash cloth. Find the spring bars at the top of the straps. They may be exposed or covered; it depends on the G-Shock model you have. You will need to use a spring-bar removal tool to apply just enough pressure for them to release. You can remove the band from the watch and do the same for the other side. Now you just need to place the new band in the slot and you’re good to go. You can also look up videos on YouTube for a visual example of how to remove G-Shock watch bands.  

You can find G-Shock watch band replacements here 

If you enjoyed our White G-Shock article – check out our list of the best Black G-Shocks on the market. 

White G-Shock Men’s Watch

White G-Shocks make great watches for men. They’re tough and look great in any setting. Casio makes a large line of premium white G-Shock watches for men. You can choose a classic white G-Shock or one with all the bells and whistles. Casio makes a diverse line of white G-Shocks and you can even get them with Bluetooth and other features.

White G-Shock Women’s Watch

Casio also makes great G-Shocks for women. They’re just as tough as the men’s watches but designed to fit a female’s wrist. They come in all-white, pink and white and other color combinations. Women’s G-Shock watches look great for an office setting or in the outdoors.

White G-Shock Watch for Men and Women

 Casio G-Shock has white G-Shocks for both men and women. All G-Shocks can be worn by either men or women, but they make white G-Shocks designed specifically for women and many have pink features or smaller frames. 

All-White G-Shock

All-white G-Shocks are hot and make a bold statement. They pair with any outfit and can be worn anywhere. All-white Casio G-Shocks are extremely tough and versatile and have everything you could want from a watch.

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