GearWrench 3 Piece Indexing Pry Bar Set

best indexing pry bar set

If you use pry bars often and always find yourself searching for one with the perfect angle – you will want to check out this 3-piece indexing pry bar set by GearWrench. You don’t always need a pry bar, but when you do, you need the right size with the right angle. Perfect for diesel mechanics, millwrights, manual laborers and anyone who uses pry bars on the jobsite or around the house.  

You never know when you’ll need to move iron or put pressure on a large item to shift it or move from one place to another. Most people have a standard pry bar in their tool shed, but a pro always looks for ways to improve their tool arsenal. Indexing pry bars are a great way to ensure you have exactly what you need for every job. GearWrench knew you could use various sizes and are now selling this set that includes an 8”, 10” and 16” indexing pry bar that will help you on any jobsite or project. -Shop Now

GearWrench indexing pry bars allow you to reach spots that a fixed head tool just can’t reach. The rotating heads definitely come in handy with their 180-degree span. They come equipped with 14 locking positions to give you ultimate leverage in any spot. GearWrench indexing pry bars have a compact design that comes in handy for tight spots and hard to reach crevices. The smooth head profile allows you to squeeze into low access spots to get the greatest amount of leverage possible so you can do your job more efficiently.  

The GearWrench 3-piece indexing pry bar set is perfect for millwrights, demolition jobs, heavy-duty mechanics, auto techs, rearranging engines, repositioning heavy equipment, accessing hard to reach places, aligning heavy steel parts and more.  

Rust Resistant 

The tool itself is coated with black phosphate which is rust and corrosion resistant and will prolong the life of your tool. These indexing pry bars will last an incredibly long time with little maintenance.  

Push Button Indexing 

Equipped with push-button indexing, you can change the head position on the fly and finish your job faster. The head has a 180-degree range with 14 locking positions for maximum control. Be sure to check that the button for indexing is all the way out before you put weight on it. It’s also a good idea to unscrew the button and clean the tool occasionally to keep it working properly. You can use an Allen wrench to remove the button and it may be helpful to place a dab of oil.  


GearWrench is known for making high-quality tools that stand the test of time. They’re tough, dependable and perfect for any tool chest. The indexing pry bars will meet or exceed ASME specifications and will get you through the toughest jobsites.

Best Leverage 

Indexing pry bars give you absolute control over your tool. With a indexing head and long handle, you can place the pry bar exactly in the spot you need for maximum leverage and control. They can reach tight spots that standard pry bars can’t.  

3 Sizes in One Set 

There’s nothing worse than needing a tool and not having it close by. You never know what size pry bar you will need, but thankfully this set has 3 sizes that should cover your needs entirely. It comes with an 8”, 10” and 16” indexing pry bar that will cover every project and job site you are likely to encounter.  


If you work hard, you need the right tools. GearWrench makes tough tools that are affordable and will get the job done. Their indexing pry bar set covers the bases and make a great addition to your home garage or work site. You can read hundreds of positive reviews by mechanics, millwrights, equipment operators and other hard-working individuals that require high-quality tools.  

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