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12 Best Gun Cleaning Kits for All Guns 2022

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By: Rome / Last Updated August 17, 2022

Owning a gun cleaning kit is important if you own guns. You have to take care of and protect your firearms or they will lose value or fail in the field. Think of your guns as an investment – you pay a lot of money for them, so it makes sense that you would want to keep them clean and working properly. A good gun cleaning kit can service a wide variety of firearms including rifles, shotguns and pistols. 

The best gun cleaning kit will have everything you need to properly care for rifles, shotguns and firearms without having to purchase each item separately. You shouldn’t need to buy multiple kits to get everything you need as the kit you choose should have plenty of accessories to get the job done. 

Cleaning your firearms is a must if you want them to last and fire properly. Guns can be a family heirloom if they’re taken care of. In fact, you probably own a gun right now that came from a family member. 

Here’s Why You Need a Gun Cleaning Kit:

  1. You need to clean your firearms periodically to avoid issues.
  2. Gun cleaning kits can service multiple types of guns such as handguns, rifles and shotguns.
  3. You get everything in one box and can keep your gun cleaning tools together. 

You will probably need more than a gun cleaning kit from Walmart to service all of your firearms. Gun cleaning kits have come a long way over the years and you need to find the best one for your needs. 

There are tons of gun cleaning kits on the market, so you have to read to see which one is best for your arsenal. These are our favorites: 

Otis Technologies FG-1000 Elite Gun Cleaning System

The Otis Technologies FG-1000 Elite is one of the best gun cleaning systems on the market. It features high-quality tools and accessories that can effectively clean all types of rifles, shotguns, pistols and inline muzzleloaders. You get 16 bronze bore brushes that are firearm-specific and in an easy-to-use pouch. 

This gun cleaning kit by Otis also has aircraft-grade Memory-Flex cables in 8”,12” and 36” sizes that allow Breech-to-Muzzle gun cleaning. This gun cleaning kit comes with a .223cal/5.56mm chamber brush, scraper, end brush, pin punch, locking lug scraper, short AP brush, straight pick and more to ensure your firearms are properly cleaned and ready to go. You also get tools for optics care, brushes, cables, patches and pretty much anything else you may need. 

This gun cleaning kit universal by Otis is probably the best gun cleaning kit for rifles that you will find in this price range. 

The Otis Technologies kit is a complete tactical gun cleaning kit that will service all of your firearms and keep them ready for the shooting range or hunting. We like the Otis gun cleaning kit because it has a wide variety of tools that will help you maintain your firearms for years. 

Gloryfire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

One look at the Gloryfire Universal gun cleaning kit and you can tell it’s a great deal. It’s affordable and comes with an assortment of tools to clean all types of guns. You can clean the most common caliber guns with this kit and store your tools in the slotted spots. The cleaning jags are made from nylon plastic that won’t break like those cheap plastic tips that other gun cleaning kits use. This one will last longer and the parts won’t break after a few uses. 

If you have multiple rifles, shotguns and handguns you may want to get a gun cleaning kit universal that has a wide variety of tools to keep your firearms in working order. 

This gun cleaning kit comes with everything you need to keep your arsenal in good shape for years. You get multiple solid brass rods for all types of rifles, shotguns, pistols and muzzleloaders. You also get an assortment of brushes, black powder jag, utility brushes, muzzle guards and tons of other useful gun cleaning items. 

Allen Company Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

The Allen Company gun cleaning kit universal is a huge kit that has 65-pieces and can clean all types of guns. If you’re looking for a comprehensive gun cleaning kit that can handle all rifles, shotguns and pistols this is the one. It features professional-grade cleaning tools and a large box to store your equipment. You get an assortment of brass jags, brass adapters, muzzle guards, bronze brushes, brass slotted tips, cleaning brushes and other tools to properly clean a gun. 

This gun cleaning kit universal will help you clean standard calibers of rifles, pistols, 20 gauge shotguns, 12 gauge shotguns and .410 bore shotguns. You would have a hard time finding a more comprehensive gun cleaning kit universal in this price range. 

Not only do you get a ton of gun cleaning supplies, but this box also has extra room for solvents, cleaning and other tools you may need and want a place to store. The trays are removable so you can space your tools out to see what you need. 

We like the Allen Company gun cleaning kit universal because it has a huge variety of tools and comes with extra storage space so you can keep all of your gun cleaning tools in one place.

Raiseek Gun Cleaning Kit

The Raiseek gun cleaning kit can help you service and clean your rifles, shotguns and pistols. It comes in a sturdy carry case. The design of their case is one of the best and makes it easier to use. Everything is labeled and you can find the right size tool with ease. It’s important that your gun cleaning kit be organized and clean so you can use it without having to search for the tool you need. 

It’s good to own a dependable gun cleaning kit universal so you can clean a wide variety of gun types. The Raiseek comes fully stocked with everything you need to clean a huge variety of calibers. A lot of users search for a gun cleaning kit for 9mm and this is a great choice to service your pistols. 

We like the Raiseek gun cleaning kit because it comes in a nice case and has everything you need to work on your rifles, pistols and shotguns to keep them in working condition.

Firegear Gun Cleaning Kit

The Firegear gun cleaning kit is universal and is designed to clean all types of rifles, shotguns and pistols effectively and efficiently. This is the perfect gun cleaning kit for hunters and those who like to keep their firearms clean and ready to go at all times. 

You get everything you need to properly clean your guns such as 3 solid brass rods for .17-.270 caliber rifles, 3 solid brass rods for .30 and larger caliber rifles plus plus black powder jag, numerous brass brushes, bore mops, utility brushes and more. This is one of the more fully developed gun cleaning kits you will find in this price range. 

The accessory adapters and rods are designed to last a long time and won’t cause damage to your firearms. The carrying case is tough and is easy to carry with you. It also makes your gun cleaning tools easy to store. You can purchase extra gun cleaning accessories to go with this kit when you use them up. 

We like the Firegear gun cleaning kit because it provides comprehensive gun cleaning tools that can service your rifles, pistols and shotguns to keep them in performance shape.

RamRodz Universal Gun Cleaning System

The RamRodz Universal Gun Cleaning System is one of the more detailed and precise gun cleaning kits on the market. The components such as swabs and brushes are designed to match rifles in the .22 – .45 caliber range and 12 and 20 gauge shotguns.You get long reaching micro tube brushes, bore brushes for each specific caliber, specialty brushes that really get in there, interlocking-claw tweezers and tons of other gun cleaning tools. 

This gun cleaning kit also comes with a chemical resistant cleaning mat because accidents do happen, a portable work tray so you can clean your firearms anywhere, cleaning solutions, lubricating oil and tons of swabs. This is a nice box that will protect your gun cleaning supplies. 

Gloryfire Elite Gun Cleaning Kit

The Gloryfire Elite gun cleaning kit goes a few steps further than your regular gun cleaning kit. You get more options for guns you can clean with this kit with more calibers added. The rods are reinforced and lengthened and made of stronger materials so you can clean longer barrels without breakage. The brass brushes are high quality and the cores are made with iron. The bristles won’t shed and you can save time because every brush is the same caliber except for the .17. 

The case for this gun cleaning kit is tougher and won’t be damaged and it gives you an easy way to keep your tools in one place. 

Mossy Oak Gun Cleaning Kit Universal

The Mossy Oak gun cleaning kit is a great choice for gun owners that want a portable case that can service rifles, shotguns and pistols. It’s easy to use and comes in an organized case that has various slots to keep everything in the right place. This is a great travel case as well and makes it easy to transport your shooting supplies. Each slot is marked with the caliber so you know exactly where everything goes and don’t have to guess. 

The gun cleaning tools in this kit are made with high-quality components and will last a long time. This is a comprehensive gun cleaning kit universal that can handle a wide range of firearms. Everyone knows Mossy Oak makes great products and their gun cleaning kit is perfect in this price range.

GuardTech Plus Universal Gun Cleaning Kit 

The GuardTech Plus gun cleaning kit can clean all types of firearms including pistols, handguns, shotguns, rifles and even airsoft guns. The cleaning tools are made from high quality materials and feature solid brass rods, slotted tips and brass jigs that won’t break. The bore snake is handy and made to last for years. You can clean your firearms without worry because solid brass components won’t break like cheap plastic. 

This gun cleaning kit gives you more than 60 components with 130 pieces in total such as utility brushes, jags, slotted tips, patches and other essential items. You even get a bore snake that’s incredibly helpful. This is a tough kit that you can take anywhere and the parts won’t bend or break even with regular heavy-duty use. This is the best way to keep your gun cleaning components organized and where you can always find them. You never know when you will need to clean your guns or take your kit with you on the go. 

Hoppe’s No. 9 Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit Universal

Every gun enthusiast has heard of Hoppe’s gun cleaning kit as they’ve been around for a long time. This is a sturdy little box that comes with everything you need to service your firearms. The wooden box is a nice throwback to the classics. It has a beautiful dark stain that looks great on your shelf and it will last a long time thanks to the quality of the materials and the strong finger joints. 

This gun cleaning kit by Hoppe’s has a ton of positive reviews and is known as one of the best you can get. Here’s what you get in this kit: 

  1. 3-piece brass rod
  2. Lubricating oil
  3. Phosphor bronze brushes
  4. Hoppe’s BoreSnake
  5. Lead-B-Gone skin cleaning wipes
  6. Hoppe’s No.9 gun bore cleaner
  7. Gun medic cleaner

The Hoppe’s No.9 gun cleaning kit can clean rifles, shotguns and pistols and comes with the Hoppe’s “Guide to Gun Care” booklet that can give you some pointers. 

We like the gun cleaning kit by Hoppe’s because it’s a nice piece that looks amazing and gets the job done.

Gloryfire Gun Cleaning Kit for Handgun

This zippered compact gun cleaning kit from Gloryfire is one of the best selling handgun kits on the market. It’s perfect for cleaning pistols and comes with 18 pieces in a highly organized pouch. You get everything you need to fully clean your guns and can stash it in the handy case. 

Gloryfire is known for making the best gun cleaning kit for pistols and this is a great choice for users who want a compact and lightweight case.

These are high-quality cleaning parts and every single cleaning jag and the slotted tip is designed from CNC precision-machined brass. It cleans your pistols without damaging them. You get tools to clean .22Cal., .357Cal./9mM, .40Cal., and .45Cal. Plus a 10” brass gun cleaning rod that comes in 2 segments, nylon brush, metal gun cleaning pick, 200 gun cleaning patches and more. You even get empty bottles. This easy to carry zippered compact pistol cleaning case is one of the best you will find. 

Otis Tactical Cleaning System for Rifles, Pistols and Shotguns

This compact gun cleaning system by Otis Tactical can handle all types of guns including shotguns, pistols and rifles. It comes with everything you need to properly clean your firearms in a compact carry case. You get brushes, components, lubricant, chamber flag and more. The brushes are caliber-specific and can handle .22 cal, .27 cal, .30 cal, .38 cal, .45 cal and 12 gauge. The aircraft grade Memory-Flex cables allow for proper Breech-to-Muzzle cleaning and come in 8” and 30” sizes to give you more options.

Otis Tactical makes the best gun cleaning kit for pistols due to its compact size. 

We like this gun cleaning kit by Otis Tactical because they make great products and their reviews are stellar. 

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