The 5 Best ATV/UTV Trailers of 2022

heavy-duty ATV trailer

ATV trailers are a great way to turn your ATV, UTV, lawn mower or tractor into a work horse. They can help you get more work done around the house or farm with ease. Simply hook the trailer up to your ATV and now you have a machine that can haul! 

ATV Trailer

An ATV Trailer is a great addition to your tools and can help you accomplish substantially more work with less effort. You can use an ATV trailer to haul firewood, move trash, pick up sticks in your yard and carry heavy materials back and forth across your property. You would be surprised at the number of things you can do with a sturdy ATV trailer. They’re even great to have around the hunting camp because you can move gear and wood with ease. 

ATV Trailer for Sale

You may be wondering where you can find an ATV trailer for sale. While you can probably find one in your local tractor supply or feed store, you will likely overpay by a couple of hundred dollars. You can now buy these online and save some serious money due to a competitive market. 

Side By Side Trailer

ATV trailers and side-by-side trailers are interchangeable meaning you can use the same trailers on each machine. A side-by-side trailer allows you to clean your yard or move large items without having to carry them yourself. You can also ride with people in your side-by-side trailer. 

4-Wheeler Trailers

4-wheeler trailers and ATV trailers are the same product and each model can fit a wide variety of 4-wheelers. You can turn your 4-wheeler into a working machine to help you clear property or transport heavy items to different parts of your property or camp. 

ATV Utility Trailers

ATV utility trailers are extremely durable and helpful when you need to pull a heavy item. You don’t always want to drag something behind your ATV and tear up your yard. An ATV utility trailer makes your job easier and will save your yard from ruts caused by dragging items across your yard. 

Best ATV Trailers

The best ATV trailers are able to haul significant amounts of weight and can be a huge help for a number of projects. Many of them are dump carts that feature foot-release to help you get the job faster and more efficiently. Heavy-duty ATV trailers are great for outdoor jobs such as hauling firewood around the campsite, hunting, fishing, dirt work, working on the garden and more. 

A good ATV trailer will pay for itself many times over by making your job easier. They are designed with hitch pins that will fit tons of riding machines such as ATVs, UTVs, lawn mowers, small tractors, side by sides, utility vehicles and even snowmobiles. 

Here are the best ATV trailers on the market:

MotoAlliance Impact ATV/UTV Trailer

The MotoAlliance Impact ATV trailer is one of the toughest trailers on the market. It comes in multiple sizes such as 12 and 15 cubic feet as well as various materials such as steel and high impact polyethylene tub. These rugged ATV trailers can carry up to 1,500 pounds and reach a max speed of 10 mph. The polyethylene tub version is actually lighter than the steel version and it has the same hauling capacity. You won’t want to drive them on the road, but they’re perfect around the camp, home or job site. 

This ATV trailer features a solid steel frame that has removable steel mesh side rails. You can even remove the tailgate depending on the job you need to complete. The foot dump comes in handy when you need to dump your load and you can tilt the trailer bed with ease. The tires are durable and have plenty of coverage. This is a great ATV trailer for hauling firewood, dirt or just transporting supplies from one site to the next. 

We like this ATV trailer because it features a tough steel design or an impact-resistant polyethylene tub (depending on which model you choose)  and it’s super easy to use. You’ll be happy you purchased one of these when those outdoor chores start piling up. 

Polar Trailer ATV Trailer

The Polar Trailer ATV trailer is a lightweight hauler that will transform your ATV, lawnmower, tractor or even golf cart into a working machine. The frame is all-steel and extremely durable. The extra set of tires increases the trailer’s workload, stability and ruggedness. It can easily maneuver through tough terrain to get the job done. 

The body of this ATV trailer is high-impact polyethylene that’s lightweight and tough as nails. The frame can tilt, pivot and move with ease and it has extra clearance. The quick-release tipper latch comes in handy while doing projects and will make your job substantially easier. This is probably the most versatile ATV trailer you will find. It can transport up to 1,500 pounds with 22 cubic feet making it a great choice for lawn care, home improvement and other fun projects. 

 Yutrax TX162 Heavy-Duty ATV Trailer

The Yutrax ATV trailer is a tough trailer that’s perfect for off-road use. The heavy-duty steel construction allows you to rough it up and get the job done. The 11” ground clearance is perfect for rough terrain where there may not be a road, but you need to get your project finished. The frame features a powder coat that will protect your ATV trailer from corrosion and outdoor elements to extend the life of your trailer. 

The side rails are easy to remove for projects where you may want to lay items across the frame and the tailgate comes off as well. The solid steel floor is perfect for heavy loads and the tires are perfect for absorbing shock. We like this ATV trailer because the heavy-duty construction allows you to tackle tough projects that require a little more elbow grease. 

Bannon ATV Trailer

The Bannon ATV trailer is one of the beefiest trailers you will find. It’s apparent from the thick steel frame and double axle that you can do heavy-duty work with this trailer without breaking a sweat. The frame itself measures 60” x 30” and can carry up to 1,600 pounds, which is more than nearly all other ATV trailers. It has a 24 cubic foot capacity that can make quick work of any project. You get more usable space due to the flared side panels and can stuff more items in them. The side panels are easy to remove if the task calls for a flatbed-type trailer. 

This heavy-duty ATV trailer gives you multiple options to transport items and heavy loads. It’s easy to connect to your ATV, lawn mower, tractor or golf cart with the dual-action hitch and lift alignment handle. The tailgate can be folded and used as a loading ramp for items you don’t want to lift. 

You get a lot of extras with the Bannon ATV Utility Trailer such as: 

  1. 4 tools holders
  2. 8 pneumatic tires
  3. A hardware kit
  4. 2 chainsaw holders

Other ATV/UTV trailers don’t offer those types of extras. 

We like the Bannon ATV trailer because it can carry more weight than most trailers and the dual axle design allows you to handle more tasks that require a beefier trailer. 

Polar Trailer ATV Utility Trailer

The Polar Trailer ATV trailer is a great choice for those that prefer an all-steel frame. You can carry up to 1,400 pounds with 23 cubic feet. You can put this ATV/UTV trailer through tough terrain and hard jobs that would destroy other trailers. The powder coat finish helps improve the trailer’s longevity and the removable side rails and tailgate makes it perfect for all types of tasks. The bed is one-piece welded for extra durability and has fewer parts that could break. 

The tilt and swivel frame with a quick-release tipper latch makes using this ATV trailer convenient and super easy. The steel rims and rugged tires are great for rocky and rough terrain. We like this ATV utility trailer because it can carry plenty of weight and has features that make it useful for any job on the farm or around the house. 

Pull Behind ATV Trailers

Pull behind ATV trailers can fit 4-wheelers, UTVs, a wide range of small tractors, side by sides and snowmobiles. They’re designed for heavy-duty use around your home, camp or worksite and do a great job. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great pull behind ATV trailer as many models are affordable and will last you for many years of hard labor. 

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