9 Best RV Camper Leveler Kits

RV Leveler

An RV leveler is a great way to ensure your RV or camper is level at all times. Many RV sites are unlevel and I’m sure you’ve encountered a few already. It’s not healthy for your RV or camper to remain unlevel and can be dangerous. An unlevel campsite can cause damage to your RV or camper that can end up costing you extra money to fix. Plus, it’s uncomfortable to attempt to sleep or walk around inside an RV or camper that’s not level. 

RV levelers should be with you at all times when you’re camping. You never know the condition of the RV site or campsite that you’re going to. An RV leveler can come in handy no matter the type of RV site you go to. They’re useful on soft ground as well as gravel that may have a slope to it. 

There are many types of RV levelers on the market and this article will explain them in detail. 

RV Leveling Blocks

RV leveling blocks are an easy way to level your RV, camper, 5th wheel or travel trailer. You can use RV leveling blocks on numerous types of trailers or vehicles and they’re incredibly reliable and easy to use. All you have to do is stack the interlocking RV leveling blocks to attain the height you need to level your rig. You can even customize your levels depending on how much you need. 

Most RV leveling blocks come in large packs so you will have plenty to spare. They’re tough, strong and made from extremely durable material. You can mix and match from other sets to get your desired height. RV leveling blocks are designed to not sink in the ground while leveling your RV or camper trailer. RV leveling blocks are affordable and will last for years even if you leave them out in the sun often. You can easily stack and store them in your RV or camper storage space to make sure you always have them with you when you go camping. 

RV Leveling Jacks or RV Stabilizers

Many people get RV leveling jacks and stabilizers confused when first starting out. There is a difference between the two and they serve different purposes. RV leveling jacks are made to level your RV and are designed with plenty of power to raise the sides of your RV. They’re heavy-duty and have plenty of lifting capacity. RV stabilizers, on the other hand, are far less powerful and sturdy and are designed to merely stabilize or keep steady your RV or camper. RV stabilizer jacks help to reduce sway or bounce while moving inside your RV, but are not designed to support the full weight of your RV.

RV Leveling System

An RV leveling system is a whole different type of product that helps keep your RV perfectly level. RV leveling systems are wireless and tell you exactly how much height you need and where you need it. You can connect them to your phone by using an app and can be used on both drivable RVs and campers that you tow behind you. These devices give you leveling date as soon as you drive into your RV site and tell you exactly where to park for the most level placement. You can even save your position so you can quickly reconnect when you need to.

The Best RV Leveling System (Wireless)

LevelMatePRO Wireless Vehicle Leveling System

The LevelMatePRO is one of the best RV leveling systems on the market. It’s a dependable and easy-to-use RV leveling device with smartphone capabilities. You never know the condition of the campsite until you get there and this device will help keep your RV perfectly level and ready to camp. 

You can use this digital smartphone Bluetooth RV leveling device to level your RV and to ensure you are secure at the campsite. It features a 3-axis digital accelerometer to perfectly calculate height and angles to help you level in even the roughest campsites. This RV leveling system works in any climate and has an amazing connection to your smartphone via Bluetooth. 

This RV leveling system is incredibly easy to setup. All you have to do is set it up one time to calibrate it to your RV. It will save the measurements to your device and not your phone just in case you misplace your phone or want to use multiple devices to level your RV. The app is simple and you won’t have any trouble trying to figure it out. 

We like the LevelMatePRO wireless RV leveling system because it’s accurate, dependable and affordable enough to be used by anyone.

The Best RV Leveling Blocks

Camco Heavy-Duty RV Leveling Blocks

Camco makes great RV and camper products and their RV leveling blocks are some of the best. They can be used to level a wide variety of RVs, campers, trailers, trucks and more. They feature a solid bottom that prevents them from sinking in soft ground. You can stack these RV leveling blocks to create the height you need. You never know what your RV site will look like until you arrive so it’s a great idea to keep these in your storage area. 

The Camco Heavy-Duty RV leveling blocks come in a 10-pack so that you will have enough to level your rig in any campsite. We like these RV leveling blocks because they’re tough, durable, easy to use and affordable.

Tri-Lynx Leveling Blocks

The Tri-Lynx RV leveling blocks are another great choice to help you level any type of vehicle or trailer. You get 10 in this pack which should be plenty to level your RV or camper in any situation. The modular design allows them to be used in just about any situation where you need to level a vehicle or trailer. They can hold plenty of weight and are super tough. 

We like these RV leveling blocks because they serve a wide variety of leveling functions. They can hold up to 40,000 lbs and are easy to arrange in patterns to help keep your rig level and secure. They come in a nice bag to keep them all together and they don’t cost a fortune. 

Curved RV Levelers

It’s important to keep your RV or camper level, especially when you camp for an extended period of time. Camper leveler kits are the easiest way to level your camper and keep it from moving. 

You have probably seen RV leveling blocks or planks of wood used to level RVs, but curved RV levelers are easier to use and more efficient in many cases. They make leveling your trailer quick and more precise than stacking blocks.

Curved RV leveler kits feature anti-slip jointing systems that have grooves that lock into each other. They’re easy to use and take the guesswork out of leveling your camper. You can use camper levelers with RV stabilizer jacks to ensure your camper stays in place.

The best Curved RV leveler kits:

Carmtek Curved RV Leveler

The Carmtek curved RV camper leveler kit comes in a 2-pack and is the perfect way to level your rig. They feature an anti-slip jointing system that gives you plenty of grip and prevents your RV leveler from sliding back. This curved RV leveling kit has heavy-duty construction and is made from super-tough polymer that will last for years. It can be used with RV or campers up to 35,000 pounds and 32” tires. 

You can level your RV or camper in under 5 minutes and with less hassle by using a curved RV leveler. They can even be cut to length in order to fit some dual axle trailers. In fact, you can trim up to 4” from the leveler in order to fit your rig if needed. 

We like the Carmtek curved RV leveler because it’s easy to use, has an anti-slip jointing system and can help you level your RV or camper in under 5 minutes. 

Beech Lane Camper Leveler

The Beech Lane camper leveler comes in a 1 or 2-pack depending on how many you need. It comes with 2 curved levelers, 2 rubber grip mats to prevent slippage, 2 chocks and a carrying bag so you will always know where your levelers are. It can hold up to 35,000 pounds and allows you to level your trailer from ½” to 4” in just a few minutes. 

These curved levelers are made with tough nylon polymer and will last forever. They won’t break or compress under your rig. The non-slip rubber grip mats are great to have and will keep your levelers in place while you position your trailer. You can even cut these levelers to fit your needs. 

The Beech Lane RV camper levelers feature a lifetime warranty so you know you can always turn to them for help if you have any issues. We like Beech Lane camper levelers because they get the job done and the company stands behind their product.

RVMate Camper Leveler 8-Piece Kit

The RVMate RV and camper leveler kit is one of the best on the market. You get two curved levelers, two chocks, two rubber grip mats and a jack pad to ensure you have everything you need to properly level your RV or camper. It comes in a handy storage bag that fits in your RV storage compartment or the back of your truck. 

This RV leveler kit is super easy to use and allows you to level your RV or camper in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is figure out the height you need and drive your trailer or RV onto your leveler. Next, just stop at the right height and place the chock under your leveler. This leveler kit is made from high-density polyethylene and will last a long time and can perform under stress. It can handle campers, RVs, Fifth wheels and travel trailers that weigh up to 35,000 lbs with a maximum tire diameter of 32 inches. 

We like the RVMate RV camper leveling kit because it’s sturdy, dependable and comes in an 8-piece kit that is super easy to use. 

Eazy2hD Camper Leveler 

The Eazy2hD curved RV leveler is a great choice for those that want a simple leveling kit that doesn’t cost a fortune. It comes with 2 curved levelers for RVs and campers, 2 chocks and 2 rubber grip mats to ensure you can level your rig with ease. You can level your trailer from ½” to 4” in any increment and can fit tires up to 32”. 

This RV camper leveler can help you level your trailer in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is drive on the leveler until you reach the desired height and then add the wheel chock. It comes with rubber mats so your RV or camper doesn’t push back your levelers. The last thing you want is your leveler to slide back while leveling your trailer. 

We like the Eazy2hD camper leveler because it comes with everything you need and will have your trailer leveled in a few minutes. 

Homeon Wheels Camper Leveler

The Homeon Wheels RV camper leveler system has a ton of positive reviews from campers who’ve used them in the field. This RV leveling kit comes with 2 curved levelers, 2 mats, a level, 2 chocks with handles and a bag to keep them in one place. You get a 2-pack that can hold up to 35,000 lbs and will support most RVs, campers and travel trailers. 

Curved levelers are a great way to keep your trailer level. Not all RV parks have level ground, especially National Parks or when camping around lakes. These can really come in handy when you need to level your trailer on an unlevel camping spot. 

These campaign leveling blocks have a handle that’s built-in and makes it easier to remove and will save you time in the long run. You also get rubber grip mats that keep the levelers in place and prevent them from sliding while in use.  

Kohree RV Camper Leveling Kit

Kohree makes a great RV camper leveling kit that’s easy to use and saves time leveling your trailer. Leveling kits are extremely useful for campers, especially if you camp often. Many RV parks aren’t as level as they could be and some national parks have rough terrain that can make it hard to park your RV or camper. Curved RV levelers can save time because you simply drive over them and stop when you get to the desired height. 

These RV levelers by Kohree are made tough and feature a non-slip design that will keep them in place while you use them. You can literally level your rig in under 5 minutes even in rough terrain. These RV levelers can hold up to 35,000 lbs and will work on most RVs and campers. 

We like the Kohree Camper Leveler Kit because it takes the guesswork out of leveling your trailer and they’re relatively cheap for a 2-pack. 

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