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Octodor Glass Top Cigar Humidor (50-100 Cigars)

glass top cigar humidor

If you smoke cigars often, you need a place to store them. The octodor glass top cigar humidor by Case Elegance is the perfect place to stash your favorite cigars for safekeeping. Cigars require a little extra care to keep them crisp and fresh. You want to enjoy your cigars exactly how they were intended, so you have to do more than just throwing them on top of the refrigerator or leaving them in your vehicle.  

Cigars have the tendency to dry out or become stale if left out too long. You purchase them from a store that keeps them in a walk-in humidor usually, so it makes sense that you need to have something similar at home. The Case Elegance octodor humidor holds 50 – 100 of your favorite cigars depending on the size and ring gauge. That’s a lot of cigars and will likely last quite a while if you take care of them. -SHOP NOW

Large Humidor 

This is a large humidor that can hold up to 100 cigars and will keep them safe and secure with the perfect environment. It comes equipped with a digital hygrometer on the front of the humidor to ensure your cigars remain fresh. You can easily monitor their progress with a quick glance. The cigar humidor has a magnetic lid to keep it sealed for freshness and it is finished with a high-gloss black piano finish to make this a nice show-piece. This is the largest humidor by Case Elegance and makes a great addition to any office, desk, smoking room, man cave or study. 

Accessory Drawer for Supplies 

The accessory drawer is designed to store extra cigar smoking accessories such as a cigar lighter, cutters and a handy travel case so you can bring a few cigars with you. The drawer fits nicely into the bottom of the humidor and is lined with plush felt to protect from scratches and has an octagon shaped handle. It’s easy to misplace your cigar smoking accessories and this way you can keep them all together. No one wants to waste precious time searching the house or office for a cigar lighter.  

Cedar Tray is Removable 

You can remove the cedar cigar storage tray to give your box optimum airflow. Cedar makes a great interior for cigar humidors and is a staple for cigar smokers. The cedar tray helps to keep your cigars organized and ready with the movable partition. You may want to organize your cigars by shape or size and this humidor gives you plenty of options.  

Classy Look for Home or Office 

The Case Elegance octodor humidor has a classy design that’s perfect for the office or to keep a few sticks at home. The glass display top is made from tempered glass and allows you to display your cigar collection without having to constantly open your box. The rich piano finish looks stunning in any setting and adds something extra to the room itself. The Case Elegance octodor glass top cigar humidor is one of the more attractive home humidors you will find.  

Digital Hygrometer 

Digital hygrometers take the guesswork out of using a humidor. You can gauge exactly where your cigars stand and make adjustments to ensure the highest quality smokes possible. This is truly the most accurate way to make sure your cigar is performing the way it should and is seasoned just right. The digital hygrometer fits the design of the cigar humidor and has large numbers so you can easily see it from across the room.  

Dependable Humidifier System 

The Case Elegance cigar humidor is equipped with the Hydro System that provides a low maintenance cigar humidor system. It’s super easy to use and allows you to store more of your favorite cigars. The patent-pending Hydro System sustains your humidor between 65 and 70% RH which will give you the best taste for your cigars. This is easily one of the best glass top cigar humidors you will find on the market in this price range.  

Our Take 

Case Elegance makes great cigar humidors and this is a great addition to their lineup. It holds up to 100 cigars, which will last a very long time depending on how often you smoke. It’s one of the largest cigar humidors of its type. The accessory drawer is a nice touch as it helps to keep your cigar lighter, cigar cutter and travel container all in one place. If you’ve smoked for a while, you know how easy it is to misplace an essential item such as your cigar cutters. This cigar humidor has a nice black piano finish that looks classy enough for any room and the interior is made of Spanish cedar which is a staple in the best cigar humidors. It’s fully equipped with a digital hygrometer that will help you gauge how your cigars are doing and the magnetic closure ensures your cigars stay fresh and ready for a good smoke. The patent-pending Hydro System keeps your cigars right where they need to be without taking up any space in your box. Overall, this is a great cigar humidor that works well in an office setting or at home.  

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